Brunnalm – The Majestic Valley of Snow


Well, winters are here, and the grandeur of festivities surrounds us. Sipping hot tea and basking in the sun can be a lot of fun. However, adventure is the newcomer in the season of the snow. In the wake of the dropping temperatures, the glory of snow can be measured through an array of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. One can experience the descending slopes with the skier’s shoes and climb the melting snow through hiking trails. If you wish to wander along the deepening valley, try the snowboard. There is guaranteed fun for all!

The shining getaway of Austria welcomes you with a promise of enduring snow and sharpening slopes. As a hotspot of winter activities, Austria has some out of the world experience to offer its guests. The high rising mountains and the glaring valleys, the picturesque rivers, and the bohemian air, a lot comes to your redress, once you decide to step out of your ordinary to embrace the thrill and fun of winters.

St. Jakob im Defereggental- Brunnalm is our chosen location. The ski resort is situated in the Defereggental valley (East Tyrol), Austria. Away from the crowded ski spots of Austria, Brunnalm is proud of its quiet atmosphere and close to nature environment. Located in the depths of the Defereggental valley, the resort is equipped with beautifully groomed slopes and modern amenities.




Interesting facts about Brunnalm

Brunnalm Statistics

Base Elevation: 1400 m

Summit Elevation: 2525 m

Vertical Drop: 1125 m

There is a lot that can be said and written about when it comes to the serene adventures of western Austria. The glorious histories and combating traditions of western Austria strike anyone who visits this place. Ski resort Brunnalm stands well an example of Austrian wilderness and its modern variation. Here a look at some of the amazing features of Brunnalm.

The average height of the resort is 2,525 meters (1.56 miles), while the base elevation is about 1,400 meters (0.86 miles). Once you reach the top, at about 2,500 meters (1.55 miles) is the view of the National Park Hohe Tauern.

The “Tyrolean Slope quality seal” promises a great adventure on the pristine slopes weather for professionals or children. The total length of the slopes is about 17 kilometers (10.56 miles) with a good number of 7 lifts available for the guests.



The grand total of 7 lifts is a comforting number for any skier. Equipped with modern facilities and weather protectors, these lifts offer a traffic free transport to the guests. Here is a short description of the lifts available at the resort.

The Brunnalm gondola carries six persons/ hour to the ski resort. For traveling to the slopes a 6 – person, Weissspitz lift is available along with a 3-person Mooserberg lift. Some other lifts are Almspitz t-bar and the two t-bars near the slope.

Given the average capacity of the seven lifts i.e. 10455 persons/hour and a total length of 6.8 kilometers, every guest shall feel at ease and safe in the resort.



Levels of Difficulty


Slopes are what we here for! The beautifully crafted slopes at Brunnalm are a delight to any professional or a newcomer. Most of the slopes are suited for the intermediate player, while a few exceptions are groomed for the novices and the experts.

The total run of the slopes is 17 kilometers (10.56 miles), containing the two valley runs that slide through the forested area.  Let us have a look at the kind of slopes and their length in some detail.

Novices- For the beginners, we offer 4.7 kilometers (2.92 miles) worth of elegant run. The slope is wide and moderate ideal for the newcomers in the game. In the Valley area, you can find some practicing slopes as well. Most of the easy runs are located in the upper part if the resort, bordering the treeline.

Semi- Pros- Brunnalm is a paradise for the intermediate player. A total of 11.1 kilometers (6.89 miles) worth of run is devoted to wide and carving slopes. The elegantly groomed fields are ideal for the less experienced, you can explore, learn and innovate!

Pros- The beautiful valley run promises a memorable adventure to the professional player. For the pros, we have 1.2 kilometers (0.74 miles) of hand crafted runs. Here the adventurer can free himself from the worldly surroundings and enjoy the thrill!

Facts worth knowing!

The resort is capable of producing artificial snow through its 83 snow cannons. Thereby, 80 % of the slopes can work by artificial snow. Given that two valley runs exist in the area, one is devoted to the intermediate player while the other is for the advanced persons.  Let us not forget that the resort owns a public race course which offers free rides (except for sometimes).

Longest run- With a length of 6.8 kilometers (4.22 miles) the run from Almspitz lift to the very root of the valley is a tremendous flow. The elevation difference for the slope is marked at 1125 meters (0.69 miles).

Most difficult slope- Called the “Black Valley run” with 2.5 kilometers (1.55 miles) length, the slope down the valley through the forest is an adventurer wish!




Snowboarding- While skiing may be for some, snowboarding is for everyone. From children to the old can try the snowboard and slide into the depth of the valley. The wide and easy slopes are built for a beautiful experience without the need for any expert training.

Hiking- There is nothing better than walking on the white snow and exploring the rustic surroundings of nature. The Defereggental valley is divided into three villages, St. Jakob, St. Veit and Hopfgarten- you can walk through the corners of the local cuisine and culture while grabbing some local drinks.



The prices for the lift tickets vary according to the duration of time and season. For the premium season the average prices for the tickets are €45.00 ($48.13) for an adult, €22.50 ($24.07) for a youth and €22.50 ($24.07) for a child.

The high season is observed from early December to late April, and the opening timings are between 9 hours to 16 hours. It is important to remember that both the season and the operational timings are dependent on the external conditions like snowfall and weather reports.



The quiet wilderness of the place blends well with the comfortable stay at the ski rentals. The living histories of the region and its deep culture can be experienced through the local cuisine and drinks. If you wish for some luxury, try the high-end hotels and houses, for those, who want to travel moderately, choose the low priced accommodations away from the ski region.

How To Get Here?


Well, we believe that you should not compromise on traveling, especially if your destination demands a high level of energy and devotion. Relaxing travel is always helpful- however, we cannot go astray on the budget.

When traveling though cars choose the Felbertauer Tunnel while coming down from the north if you start from the south travel through Lienz and you should reach your destination at the Defereggental valley. Important to remember that the route ends at the valley during winters, while the route is open till the Staller Sattel during summers.

The nearest airports are Innsbruck (INN), Austria at an approximate distance of 193 kilometers (119.92 miles) from the resort, Klagenfurt (KLU), Austria is located at a distance of 189 kilometers (117.43 miles) from the resort. Whereas Munich (MUC), Germany is at a distance of approximately 260 kilometers (161.55 miles) from the ski resort. The nearest railway station is Lienz, located at approximately 40 kilometers (24.85 miles) from the ski resort. You can use the bus for the travel from the station to the resort.

At Brunnalm you will feel one with nature, the not so crowded environment of the ski resort is inviting and comforting. The Brunnalm has something on offer for everyone. Right from skiing and snowboarding to a number of other fun activities, you and your dear ones can enjoy the vacations to the fullest. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, pack your gear and head out for Brunnalm with your near and dear ones and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. Get your family or travel alone; there is fun in every slope of Austria!

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