Buchberg Goldegg-Austria

Skiing at Buchberg - The Best Feeling for any Ski Lover!

Winters are here, and while some people are busy exploring awesome places, others prefer to stay at home and enjoy their favorite TV shows. Although both these activities are great, experiencing the thrill of a winter sport out there in the open is something which is beyond description. Yes, we are talking about skiing and related sports here. It gives a great adrenaline rush through your body and offers a completely surreal experience. So, the next thing you need to do is look up for an excellent skiing resort that is capable of offering that experience and thrill you are looking for. Buchberg is definitely the place you are looking for.

For skiing and snowboarding, this place got everything one needs. From trails to elevations to comfortable accommodations, this place has everything people want to have. There is 1.8 km (0.86 miles) of slopes available, the number of high technique lifts that transport people and a lot more. Here, most of the resorts have winter sports areas situated between elevations of 380 meters (0.23 miles) and 460 meters (0.28 miles). Small, picturesque and manageable is the best way of describing skiing here. In this charming place, there is no trail of stress and hectic pistes.


About the Ski Place

Buchberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 832 m

Summit Elevation: 1225 m

Vertical Drop: 390 m

An authentic family ski area, it is most suitable for starters or beginners and for those who ski for fun and wants to stay away from congestion. However, if you wish to pursue one of the most popular winter sports here, this place will give you a large area. Also, every resort gives you a benefit of free bus service which will take you to the skiing area and would then drop you back at the end of the day.


Talking about the Resort


This place has a ski lift system which has three to four lifts with beginner’s lift. This resort has pistes which families like most. It has a facility of ski school which is just located next to beginner’s lift. Relaxed and cozy atmosphere are most suitable for families. The 68 km long trail leads you from Atterson through the Attergau and back again.



What Trails Offer Here!


This trail gives one an amazing experience. The trail begins from Atterson hall, where you ready yourself for a wild adventure of woods, which is given by Forest Adventure Trail in the northeast direction. Here the trails will let you lose yourself in the beauty of nature and its amazement. After a while, the trail will take you to cross-way which is situated near Berg in Attergau heading towards Alkersdorf to left side. From that place, you will pass Palmdorf to reach the south side of Mount Buchberg. You will definitely enjoy the panoramic view from the back of Mount Schlossberg. Here you will get a little history, as you will find the ruins of refuge, which takes you back to the middle ages. In the end, you are again taken to Forest Adventure or Woods Adventure trail and the Sconnleiten trail to return to the trailhead.

Ski area of Buchberg is few minutes’ drive away from almost all hotels and resorts. Moreover, 356 slopes await you at the Ski-made resort, with next piste only 12 km (7.45 miles) away. Having lunch at a ski in the chalet is must do. In Kathi-Alm a rustic place in Buchberg Mountain in Goldegg or if your preference is elevated when it comes to service, in Weitmoset Schlossalm a restaurant is waiting for you.


Specialty of Skiing Here


There are no lines and stress on the slopes which makes skiing without any obstruction. There are snowboards and ski schools for adults present along with cross-country ski courses. Good quality equipment is always available for rent. Facility of off-piste skiing. Ski-mountaineering is also available which is one of the most special and adventurous skiing.






It offers nearly 356 slopes in various ski areas. The distance from Salzburger Sportwelt is just ten minutes, which means you have everything located near to this place. To reach Gastein Valley, one just needs 20 minutes while Hochkönig’s Winterreich is a 30-minute drive. According to the ratings, people recommend taking the Schlissalm funicular at Bad Hofgastein do lunch at Weitmoser Schlossalm restaurant in the ski area.


Gastein Schlossalm - Get Your Ski Kick


Just hit the circuit connect of the ski area in the valley of Gastein Valley which is just nearly 25 km (15.53 miles) away from accommodation Hotel Zur Poor in Goldegg. At up to 2300 meters (1.42 miles), 8.6 kilometers (5.34 miles) of slopes above the level of the sea is what this area is pleasantly offering. For the most expert skier’s recommendation is sloped with more than 2100 meters (1.30 miles) elevation difference. Moreover, for other skiers’ recommendation is fun like free-riding areas, fun slopes, kids’ zones and also Weitmoser Schlossalm restaurant for eating.




It ranges from 860 m (0.53 mile) to 2,300 m (1.42 miles) above the sea level. This place offers slopes with over 1,000 meters (0.62 miles) of elevation difference like the one of Hohe Scharte Nord. At the Ski Centre Angertal, there is Gasti Snow Park for beginners. It also has 140m long suspension bridge and observation deck at Stubnerkogel Mountain.


Benefits of choosing Buchenberg for skiing


It offers world class skiing and riding in the authentic mining town. It offers more number of events as compared to any other place, and the accommodation facility here are superior. Also, slopes here are best, and the snow conditions last longer than any other place of skiing. As more and more people opt for family holidays during winters, this place provides special care for children below five years. Resorts here have specially trained staffs to look after little ones, while members go out for skiing and other activities. It is not a burden for them to take their children with them if it is not convenient for them.

Also, skiing equipment for children below ten years are special here; they consist of special signal belts, which glow automatically if children have problems in skiing. Some of the examples of such problems include when a child gets lost, these signals help find location. It also helps check their physical condition like blood pressure and heartbeat, when they get ready for skiing. Also, for beginners, trainers always ski with them side by side to provide them help they need as a beginner. Sometimes, snacks are served for free.

Different types of competitions and events regarding skiing activity are also held at regular intervals to arouse excitement and interest among people. And as these offer prizes, more and more people get attracted. For children, there are special events which are separated from that of adults, so it carries special attraction for children.

As this place have a high number of people, opting for holidays, it makes enormous profits. Due to which facilities provided to the people are in abundance. Sometimes selective people visiting here are given free stays of one to two days. Skiing and snowboarding equipment are of latest and high quality yet inexpensive, so people get high-quality products at low pricing. The safety system of this place is very meticulously designed. Rescue workers are always present during skiing activity and also no skier is left alone to ski. The path for skiing is well charted and tested every day to avoid any kind of mishaps. In addition to this, medical facilities are available at all times. The extra sturdy helmet is provided to the skiers to add to their safety. All these facts make Buchenberg an ideal place for spending holidays and especially skiing holidays to opt for.

With so much on offer, fun is guaranteed at the Buchberg Ski Resort. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, plan your trip and visit Buchberg with your family and friends this winter. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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