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The luxury life at the Buching-Buchenberg Ski Resort



Winter! The time of crystal cold rain and crispy snow hills that are bound to give you a chilly feel of the pleasantries that this season has on offer. The possibilities are enormous as this festive holiday season offers several opportunities to spend time with family and friends. Other than that imagine the various number of things that you can try out in winter as there are so many spectacular activities that you can tick off from your bucket list. Don’t be held back by the hustle and bustle of city life and begin packing right away, because the fun you can have in summer is nothing compared to the thrilling winter has in store for you. There are so many destinations like Switzerland, Austria or even Germany, for you to visit with your family and friends which are sure to give you an ice-packed vacation you will never forget.


About the resort

Buching-Buchenberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 805 m

Summit Elevation: 1140 m

Vertical Drop: 335 m

When you are out on vacation there are several forms of winter sports that you can try out such as skiing, sledging, snowboarding, ice-skating, togging and so many options to try out. The beautiful scenes of Germany with its subtle hills covered with snow presents a wondrous picturesque location to visit. The Ski Resort of Buchenberg-Buching which located in Ostallgau (Germany, Bavaria) is the perfect place to accommodate yourself and your family for a friendly and soothing skiing trip. All sorts of people visit this place from enthusiastic travellers to professional skiers in order to indulge themselves in a luxurious skiing experience. The slopes are natural and well maintained, and it offers a beautiful view through its Valley ski runs. With a total of 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) of skiing pastes, it offers a variety slopes for skiers of different skill sets. The ski resort of Buchenberg-Buching is elevated at 334 meters (1099 feet) at the vertical drop, whereas its summit level is 1139 meters (3740 feet) while the resort’s altitude is 804 meters (2641 feet). On a more moderate basis, the resort is situated between the elevations 810 meters (2657 feet) and 1140 meters (3740 feet), elevation difference being 330 meters (1082 feet). The resort also features a total of three ski lifts that serves the transportation need of its visitors.


Skiing and snowboarding statistics:

The Buchenberg Ski resort boasts of its impressive 334 meters (1099 feet) vertical drop as well as its 6 kilometres of well-groomed skiing runs. Its pistes are well groomed and are ideal for skiers of all difficulty levels to try their hand at the sport or to train in order to further sharpen their skills at their winter’s sport of choice. Although this Bavarian village may be small nothing comes near to the thrilling experience that you can have by skiing on the Buchenberg Mountain. Then again the ski trails are located at low altitudes which mean the density of snow may vary.

For beginners:

From the total of 6 kilometres (3.7 miles), 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) is provided specifically for the beginners. Representing 33% of the available pistes these slopes are relatively easy with lesser obstacles allowing new skiers to train their budding skills at the sport in a comparatively safe environment.

For intermediates:

Out of 6 kilometres, 4 kilometres (2.4 miles) are available to the intermediate skiers who gathered considerable experience at the sport and are willing to push a step further towards becoming a pro. These slopes are also well groomed in order to reasonably suit the needs of the skiers. The fact that the Buchenberg Ski resort is situated a comparatively low altitude it provides the perfect slopes for low and moderately skilled skiers and snowboarders to put their abilities through the trial and error phrase which allows them to gradually grow the sport. It is the best resort to be given priority while choosing as it offers the safest environment for all of your loved ones.


Ski lifts:



You will not be able to ski down the slopes unless you reach the top of the mountain and what better way to travel up the trails but to use the available ski lifts. The Ski resort of Buchenberg facilitates a total of 3 ski lifts with the total passenger capacity if 2800 persons per hour and they can extend up to 2.6 kilometres (1.6 miles) approximately. There is a fixed grip chair lift with the length of 1046 meters (3431 feet) and can take up to 2 persons at a time as well as 2 T-bar lifts extending to 800 meters (2624 feet) each, with the carrying capacity of 800 people per hour. The cost of lift tickets is reasonably priced at 25 Euros for adults, 22 Euros for the young adults and 18 Euros for children only.

Accommodation and lodging facilities:

The accommodation available at the Ski resort of Buching is variant as well as they are luxurious. Feel free to spoil yourself with vibrant living facilities of housing cabins, private villas and cosy hotels available just a few kilometres away from the resort itself. The rooms are assured to have all the modern amenities and facilities that will make you feel more than just at home. Their rooms feature fully furnished bedrooms and lounges, the kitchens are equipped with all the tools you need, and the view is just snowy and also spectacular.

Hanusel Hof Hotel:

Extremely modern design with a traditional German framework the hotel offers luxurious living at it finest. Extremely classy and comfortable interior designing of the rooms, as well as other parts of t5he hotel like the lobby or the dining area, is going to leave you to spell bound. Enjoy wide open space and luscious fields that fill your lungs with fresh air you need along with the heart spoiling furnishing, cosy and comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, television, modern bathroom. Living at the Hanusel gives you the experience of the fines German hospitality.

Landhotel Goldenes Kreuz:

Classy lifestyle with state of the art interior with Germany’s most exquisite cuisine serving as the cherry on top. The outdoor and indoor feel at the Goldenes Kreuz will make you never want to leave this place for sure. The rooms and suites available at the hotel are both ravishing as well as soothing. The architecture is meant to provide the ultimate luxuriated comfortable living to all of their guests. They inculcate several top notch features that the best hotel is expected to provide and even more. While you are there don’t forget to visit the restaurant or to take a dip in their indoor pool. Rest assured that the Ski Resort of Buchenberg is one of the best destinations for skiing and also to luxuriate in the German lifestyle along with family and friends.

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