Buronskilifte - A Family Paradise



Around the vacation season, everybody wants to venture out from their routine life to something exciting and impressive. One such exciting and awesome venture is being in the snow caped mountains. They have the most jaw dropping serenity to offer. The views in such beautiful places are just like the one we see in a National Geographic magazine that gives you goose bumps. The mountains act as a charm to a vacation. Wander into the mountains and try skiing the way through the slopes with heavenly views on the sides. Most people enjoy skiing because it is challenging and thrilling. It gives you a sense of freedom. Located in the midst of the great Oberallgau Alps, The Family Paradise, BuronSkilifte is at a 900 m altitude. The prime location is surrounded by the beauty of nature with meadows and streams. Its natural blemish attracts a lot of families to spend their vacations with their children here in BuronSkilifte. It is located at Grosser SchleppliftBuron 1, Buronlift 1, 87497Wertach, Germany. Being situated on the river Wertach, it has a unique touch of nature where you can enjoy the wintry nature of alpine trees. Other available activities in Buronskilifte are ice skating, horse sleigh riding and winter hiking trails.


Resort Details

Buronskilifte Statistics

Base Elevation: 900 m

Summit Elevation: 1300 m

Vertical Drop: 400 m



The BuronSkilifteski resort is perched at a mid range elevation of 400 meters (1312 feet) at the vertical drop, 1300 meters (4265 feet) at the highest lift and 900 meters (2953 feet) being the resort altitude. According to a much more accurate statistic, the resort is situated between the altitudes of 900 meters (2953 feet) and 1400 meters (4593 feet). BuronWintersport is a true winter paradise for a family on vacation and one of the most favorable ski resorts in the Allgäu.


Ski lifts

Ski lifts are an essential component of any ski resort because they let you travel the slope up and down, The BuronSkilifte provides a total of four lifts which have a total capacity of carrying 3300 passengers per hour and a total lift length of 2.9 km (1.8 miles). Three T bar lifts with lengths of 1650 m, 950 m and 250 m and carrying capacities of 1000, 1000 and 800 persons per hour and one rope tow lift with a length of 60m and capacity of 500 persons per hour. The lift ticket prices at Buronskilifte are $21.4 (20 Euros) for adults, $19.2 (18 Euros) for seniors and $18.2 (17 Euros) for children.


Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

The Buron ski resort offers ski slopes and trails which are apt for beginners and families and satisfies it’s every guest and tourists. With a total of 8 km(4.9 miles) of ski slopes,three 15 km (9.32 miles) classic cross country ski trails and three 15 km (9.32 miles) skating loops. Here’s a list of skiing areas with their levels of difficulties Beginners- A total of 4.5 km (2.79 miles) of easy slopes and runs are allotted to the beginners and amateurs. Such slopes and trails help them safely get into learning how to ski. Intermediates- A total of 2.5 km (1.55 miles) of slopes are allocated to the intermediates who wish to develop their skills for the winter sport. Experts- Out of 8 km (4.9 miles),1 km (0.62 miles) of slopes are reserved for use by athletic skiers who can handle the dangerous twists and curves available in this trail. Beginners use small tow lift to gain experience in lifts and then go to the longest ski tow in Algau to the middle station and practice to improve their swings on one of the two blue runs. Long natural toboggan runs at the middle station of the large surface lift which should definitely not be missed. The black slope region is for athletic skiers. After the skiing, the Buron hut invites you to the middle station where one can have a cozy stop off at Buron-barn.

How to Reach

The Buron ski area can be reached quickly and optimally. Coming from the A7 from Kempten / Ulm, take the exit Oy-Mittelberg / Wertach, drive towards Nesselwang and turn before the village turn right towards Wertach from. From the highway, it is only a few minutes to the buron ski area. Coming from B17, take the exit at Nesselwang via Fussen and turn left to Wertach. The ski resort is not far from there. Enough parking space is available in the stone parking lot at Buronskilifte.

Learn to ski



If you don’t know how to ski, you need not worry. You’ve just come to the right place. Buronskilifte has various courses for all kinds of people. An ideal terrain is available for the youngest skiers who want to make their first attempt at skiing. A separate children’s area is there to ensure an optimal learning progress. Group courses of 2 days or 3 days are available and private courses are also available. Dwarf lessons of children in groups of four per ski instructor for 2 days cost 70 Euros. Holiday courses of groups of children, youth and adult courses for three days start from 95 Euros. Weekend courses for two days start from 68 Euros. Private lessons for children, adolescents and adults cost 40 Euros, 75 Euros, 110 Euros, 140 Euros for 1,2,3 and 4 hours respectively.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

BuronSkilifte has a very prime location in Wertach. There are great options available for accommodation in the vicinity. These lodges and apartments provide all the amenities that one would wish for on vacation. They offer spectacular views of the surrounding area. They are readily available for bookings. AlpenhofReuterwanne– The hotel AlphenhofReuterwanne offers accommodation and lodging facilities. It has rooms with spectacular views of the serene surroundings. It provides you with very homely feelings and is an excellent choice for family stays. It has all the modern amenities of free Wi-Fi, cozy rooms, garage parking and multi-cuisine restaurants Now that you know all the wonderful joys BuronSkilifte has to offer book your stays, pack your bags and get ready to have a great vacation.

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