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Great Reasons To Ski In Quebec, Canada

When you are in Quebec, then not going for Skiing would be a very regretful mistake! Skiing is one of the best snow sports. If you are a sports enthusiast, you cannot think of any other thing more exciting than skiing down the snowy hills. Here in Gatineau Hills, skiing and snowboarding have been a huge attraction point. When it comes to ski resorts, you got to choose one of the most popular ski resorts in the Canada so that you can get the idea of what to expect when you plan for an adventurous ski vacation at Camp Fortune.

The Camp Fortune Ski Resort is an Alpine Ski Centre, situated in the borough of Chelsea, Gatineau Hills approximately fifteen minutes drive from Downtown Ottawa, Ontario. Camp Fortune is the highest ski resort in the area, built on three sides. The joint of Pineault, Clifford and Alexander are referred as “The Valley” which hosts the easier slopes of the Ski resort at around Three hundred and sixty feet. Whereas Meech is referred as the medium level difficulty, terrain with five hundred and twelve feet vertical height and the skyline is for the pros, it’s the advanced terrain with a whopping five hundred and ninety feet vertically high. The total of Skiable area is around 95 acres with a total of twenty runs.

Camp Fortune Statistics

Base Elevation: 23ft

Summit Elevation: 650ft

Vertical Drop: 627ft

Once in the Camp Fortune, you will have the best ski vacation ever. If you didn’t have the best ski vacation even here, you might think about changing the sport. The Camp Fortune Ski Resort offers accommodations, with elegant dining, entertainment and obviously that best in the class skiing experience.  With a wide variety of ranges and styles for all types of visitors. The Luxurious ski resort has a number of comforts and accommodations too. The gourmet dining, access to amazing shopping and many entertainment choices. Camp Fortune has something for every human being on this planet. However, There is a lot more than accommodations to plan a trip here.

The Main reason why one should at least once take a trip to the Camp Fortune Ski Resort is because skiing is just wonderful with plenty of things to do with it. There are arrangements for all levels of skiing opportunities. Whether you are hitting the snowy slopes for the first time and you need some beginner lessons, or you are a skiing expert or professional or just an intermediate skier, you will surely find a place for you here.

Some of the skiing areas in the Camp Fortune ski resort are so thrilling, they are frequently visited by the professional skiers. The Top tier Ski athletes have often been seen practicing skiing in these mountain slopes. Well, not everyone is up to the global competitive level of skiing, but loves the thrilling experience and eagerly go for such challenges. If you stay in a place that offers very easy skiing and focuses on beginners and recreational skiers, then you will surely make a visit to this ski resort, which has an abundance of challenging slopes and paths.

Another virtue of choosing a Camp Fortune ski resort is the weather here usually, cooperates with your ski trip plans. Although many ski resorts are capable of making their own snowy slopes, and an intermediate skier can easily tell you if that snow is natural or not. Luckily, Quebec has a high level of snowfall, especially at the higher altitudes, where our Camp Fortune ski resort is located. The snowfall season here is nine to ten months long. The temperature here is suitable for skiing most of the time. Even when the snow is falling, it creates the perfect skiing conditions. The best thing about Quebec weather is that, even if it is snowy and chilled up in the higher altitudes, you can still roam around in the town area in your shorts, and enjoy the sun.

In addition to Skiing, there are many other fun things to do. The great dining accommodations offered here have a wide range of dishes to choose from for everyone, either you want a quick bite or a full appetizer. The natural landscape is well and alive all throughout the resort area, so there are lots of other things to do and experience. Whether you want to see some eye pleasing art gallery, or an adventurous hiking in the local park, or just an evening in the theater with fine dining and dancing, you won’t have to look out of the Camp Fortune Ski Resort area.

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