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Canada Olympic Park: The Pride of Canada!

Canada Olympic Park is also otherwise, rather formally known as the Paskapoo Ski Hills. It is situated in the city of Calgary which is further located in the province of Alberta in western Canada. This magnificent destination is operated by the Calgary Olympic Development (CODA) authority and it functions not only as a training center for high performing athletes but also as a recreational facility wherein the general public can access their services.

The Canada Olympic Park was the prime feature during 1988 Winter Olympics. It was used as the main venue for ski jumping, bobsleigh and luge. Keeping on with the tradition WinSport Canada even today maintains and operates these very facilities for the purpose if training and as a setting for competitions. Furthermore, during the winter season particularly this park is used for sports activities such as downhill skiing, snowboarding or even cross country skiing, and much more. Also, this area is not limited to winter fun time alone. During summers, Canada Olympic Park plays host to another line of sports activities that are prevalent at the time of warmer seasons such as the enthralling – mountain biking. Now, to facilitate these activities the park offers about 16 miles or 25 kilometers worth of bike trails along with being a site for numerous aspects of summer festivities. Here you can also find courses being conducted on summer challenges, zip lining and other activities. Dedicated summer camps are also conducted here on an annual basis.

Canada Olympic Park Statistics

Base Elevation: 3707 ft

Summit Elevation: 4101 ft

Vertical Drop: 394 ft

Back in 2010 when the Vancouver Olympics was scheduled to be conducted the Canada Olympic Park underwent large scale additions and improvements. Within this very expansion project was the installation of 3 ice surfaces that were utilized by the legendary Hockey Calgary and other groups as well. You might be surprised by at this location there also exists a restaurant. These expansion projects were conducted in phases the second of which was initiated in 2011 and in this project installation of the 4th of the Olympic size ice surface was culminated. It was large enough to house as many as 3,800 fans. A year later in 2012 the third phase was initiated and complied with. The third stage included the refurbishment and expansion of the gym facilities, construction of the public fitness center, public sports development center and more importantly a high-intensity training center, particularly for the athletes.

This entire facility came to be known as the Athletic and Ice Complex and is located right in front and slightly on the side of the Ice House – a sliding sports training center. Its tracks are also visible from the upper floor corridor of the arena. To take a macro view, western Calgary is where this park is situated which is further situated in the southern section of the Tans-Canada Highway, it is also located in the north of the Cougar Ridge area and finally, towards its east, you will find Bowness.

It is also important to note that Canada Olympic Park is not just the destination which has hosted numerous Olympic level events or facilitated snow lovers. This facility in its totality is a heritage and probably the most well known across Canada. Canada Olympic Park’s legacy so to say begins with the 1988 Winter Olympics. Calgary was the main location for the XV Olympic Winter Games that year and Canada Olympic Park was thus to become the main venue for hosting bobsleigh, luge, Nordic combination, ski jumping, and freestyle skiing events.

Secondly, Canada Olympic Park poses a considerable amount of warm attraction for the general public too. Visitors come here each year during the winters to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Driving out into the mountains is also another exciting option but it is less taken. Moreover, when it comes to the main hill it is divided into 3 sections – the downhill racing section, the casual section and the terrain park.

Another attraction here is the terrain park and it truly matches the international standards and some even go on to say that the terrain park at Canada Olympic Park is a matter of standard in itself. In the year 2006 the halfpipe underwent a massive enlargement program and it upon completion became an exact replica of the halfpipe which was featured during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Among the other features of this terrain park include – spines, handrails and tables.

Quick facts and figures

  • Elevation: The Canada Olympic Park has a top elevation of 1,250 meters or 4,100 feet whereas its base elevation is measured to be at 1,130 meters or 3,710 feet.
  • Area: The total skiable area of Canada Olympic Park is 0.4 square kilometers or 0.15 square miles.
  • Runs: There are 3 runs in total here and they can be further classified in the following –
    • Beginners: About 25% of its runs are dedicated to beginners,
    • Intermediate: These guys can access the majority of the terrain as 55% of them are dedicated for their purposes,
    • Terrain Park: About 20% of the area is specifically dedicated for the terrain park wherein individuals of all skill levels can come, sharpen their existing skills or simply flaunt them.
  • Longest run: The longest run at Canada Olympic Park measures 639 meters or 2,096 feet in length.
  • Lifts: There are 7 of them in total and can further be classified as follows –
    • Chairlifts: 3
    • Magic Carpets: 4
  • Snowfall: Annually the region receives about 1.14 meters or 3.7 feet of the greatest snowfall on earth.

Mountain Biking

As it was mentioned above, Canada Olympic Park is not just the feature of winters alone. Summer time is equally fun if not more. If you are into mountain biking and all then this is the place to be. Once you are here all that is required that you take the high-speed chairlift which has dedicated bike racks right on the chairs and then just get on top of any of the trails here. The west side of the hill particularly has some great trails with the stunts and jumps being at the minimum that can be accessed. The downhill course of Canada Olympic Park is also exceptional because it is able to hold the competitions throughout the summers. Something more about the chairs, they are designed in such a manner that they facilitate all kinds of riding abilities. Additionally, Canada Olympic Park has a large enough dirt jump and trails park. To facilitate folks with nascent skill levels or for those also who just want to improve upon their skill sports camps are organized annually here and they include activities such as luge, ski jumping and others.

The Hall of Fame

Back in October 2008, Calgary was chosen from nine other Canadian cities as a permanent host for the nation’s main sports hall of fame. A brand new facility was constructed in this regard on a large piece of land which was donated by the Calgary Olympic Development Authority. This facility was christened to be Canadian Winter Sports Institute or WinSport Canada in short. It was later also opened for the general population on the 1st of July 2011. It also coincides with the festivities of Canada Day.

More Details

Canada Olympic Park or as it is generally known, the Paskapoo Ski Hill has been a cherished national treasure ever since the 1988 Winter Olympics. Today you can find high performing athletes along with numerous tourists flocking to this region of the country almost throughout the year for a hard round of preparations and of-course fun and recreation.

It is one of the best-known destinations in the country where one can engage in outdoor activities. Therefore adventure seekers and thrill enthusiasts come here year on year. One of the major unique selling points so to say of this region has been one of their offerings which enable individuals to either ski, snowboard or bobsleigh right in the middle of the city.

Furthermore, the hill, the central focal point of the area is subdivided into three sections – the casual section, the downhill racing section and the terrain park. Each of these sections has their own speciality and enabling factors. They have also been designed in such a manner that they equally facilitate people and their varied skill types. There is indeed something for each of oneself. Now, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as one could say. During summers the region literally transforms and the changing terrain acts as the foci for mountain biking, zip lining, summer bobsleigh rides, mini golf, mountain hiking and much more. Opportunities exist far and wide all one is limited by is the selves imagination. So, just let yourself loose and explore as much as you can.

Additionally, they also have a dedicated area for children which include opportunities such as that of – wall climbing, spider web, euro bunjy among others. There is also something which is known as – Skyline Luge. It is a 1.8-kilometer long track on the wheeled ride which goes downhill. This sure is one thrilling journey which your kids are bound to enjoy.

Also, Canada Olympic Park or the Paskapoo Ski Hill is a major center for summer or winter camps for children and adults as well. The programs that are offered here are unique and specially designed to include individuals of all learning capacities. Further, these events are organized primarily during both the seasons and since the number of applicants are greater as compared to the seats available you must move fast to get yourself registered. Finally, if you wish to familiarize yourself with the various events that they organize you will have to keep a tab on their website or request for a register online, even a phone call can do the job.

Reaching Canada Olympic Park

The Canada Olympic Park is broadly situated in the western section of Calgary which is further in the south of the Trans Canada Highway. Furthermore, it is in the north of the Cougar Ridge area and straight to the west of Bowness Park. For exact map locations you can log on to their website and they have a neat map.

If you are travelling here from Calgary International Airport then follow the mentioned below instructions:

  • You will have to go on the Deerfoot right from the Airport Road,
  • Next, you will have to exit onto the Stoney Trail,
  • Again exit on to the AB – 1 and follow the Canada Olympic Road,
  • Finally, turn right onto the Canada Olympic Road in the south west and in no time you will be at your destination.


Next, if you are travelling from Downtown follow the mentioned below instructions:

  • You will have to begin by taking the Take 6 and follow the signs for Bow Trail in the South West,
  • Next, go straight on the Bow Trail in the south west and then take the right turn leading on to the Sarcee Trail in the south west,
  • Take the right lane to take AB – 1 and then lead W/Trans Canada Hwy ramp to Banff,
  • Lastly, you will have to take the left which leads to Canada Olympic Road.

Secondly, if you are travelling on your own the Canada Olympic Park can be reached by taking Route 408 – Valley Ridge. It does not take over an hour if you are travelling from the nearest city. Canada Olympic Park is an ideal location for families and / or individuals. Here you will find numerous activities to engage with. For children as well the park has a dedicated facility which is the Skyline Luge. The charges for the Skyline Luge are as follows:

  • Single Luge ride: $15
  • Three Luge rides: $23
  • Five Luge rides: $32
  • Family Luge rides: $46 (for a family of 4)
  • Family Luge rides: $64 (for a family of 8)
  • Family Luge rides: $80 (for a family of 12)
  • Pee Wee Luge ride: $3 (this facility can be used by children who are 6 years old or below can also use it, however, it is contingent upon the presence of an adult individual with them at all times)
  • Calgary co-op: Ski and Ride tickets are priced at $49 wherein the first day is free.

You can also use various coupons purchased from the website – to further your preferred activities and engagement. Lastly, you can also utilize any of your preferred payment methods as most of them are accepted here.

Ideal visiting times

Well, to be precise there is no ideal time to visit Canada Olympic Park because of the sheer volume of activities that take place here round the year. Secondly, the visiting hours of the park also keep on varying primarily because of prevalent weather conditions. Therefore all the visitors must be cautious while planning their respective visits. You can also keep a check on the daily local weather reports.

However, the typical opening hours of the Olympic Park Gate are as follows:

  • Hill Road: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Main Gate: 5:00 am to 1:00 am

If you wish to visit the Main Ski Hill, in that case, keep in mind the mentioned below schedule:

  • Weekdays: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
  • Weekends: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Saturdays and Sundays)

Now, if you are visiting the Skyline Luge then the May long weekend to October is so to say the perfect time. It is open 7 days a week during summer days – 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. The hours reduce as late spring approaches and during early fall.

Major events

The major events that are organized here at the park are as follows:

  • Odysseo by Cavalia
  • Generation of Hope: Family Fun Day
  • MEC Calgary Big Wild Challenge

Canada Olympic Park carries an international reputation. It is also a matter of envy for most of the other similar facilities. For close to 25 odd years now this park has made Canada proud.

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