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What is a good winter vacation without all the fun and frolicking that comes along with snow! Whether you want to perfect your technique on piste or just want to catch sun-kissed glow, Carlsfeld Ski resort would be your ideal vacation spot. Situated in the beautiful Ore Mountains, Carlsfeld is the perfect spot for family holidays. It is one of the newest to found in Upper-Western Ore mountains. Specialising in Cross-country skiing, Carlsfeld is a rich winter sports area, located in Saxony, Germany. For an ethereal alpine experience, Carlsfeld is your desired place. In summers, you can absolutely relish the excellent hiking and biking trails, riding in the calm, green surroundings.



Carlsfeld Statistics

Base Elevation: 2838 ft

Summit Elevation: 3100 ft

Vertical Drop: 262 ft



A place nestled in large natural reserves, Carlsfeld, lies at the height of about 900 m (2952.76 ft) AMSL. It has a snow score of 17, which maybe average as compared to other resorts in Germany. The active area for winter sports lies between altitudes of 860 m – 950 m (262ft –289 ft). For the love of adventure, this resort offers off-piste (out of bounds) adventuring. The resort is equipped with modern technology, taking pride in well-functioning snowmaking equipment, night-time skiing under floodlight and, a double-skidding lift! The annual Carnival here and the Bandoneon festival in October is a huge tourist attraction along with other festivals like a Fish Festival. There are also fun snow parks for the tiny snow lover in all of us! Other than your regular-flavoured adventures, you have got other exciting stuff like Snow tubing, Paragliding, Helicopter Skiing, Ice Skating, Snow kitten, Curling, Sleigh trip, High-altitude hiking trails and Winter hiking trails.



The resort has 0.4 km (0.24 miles) of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding. There is a 450 metre (1476 ft) long, medium-heavy descent situated northern slope, the Hirschkopf, with a difference of 95 m (311 ft). It is the hub of annual ski championships. This is a snow-safe ski slope, which accommodates all levels from easy to difficult. Beginners can easily start their journey here. The total length of trails here, constitute about 5 km (3 miles). Carlsfeld is more suited to more advanced skiers, in this respect. The mountain in Carlsfeld is at mere79.85 metres (262 feet), which is ideal for a beginner. The easy terrain for pistes starts at 200 km (124.2 miles) and the medium level at 450 km (279.6 miles). A very convenient Valley-run is available in Carlsfeld. The terrain caters to 20% intermediate runs and 80% advanced runs. For the people who love fun more, there is awesome tobogganing to satiate your need for crazy adventure. A slope adjacent to the ski slope, “Am Hirschkopf” is available for tobogganing, where you can ride to your heart’s content. Skigaud, a bar and snack at the mountain station, is open throughout to end of March. Here, the skier gets the cosy, informal atmosphere to help him renew and refresh himself for new descents.


One of the most beautiful ski-run in Carlsfeld, The Kammloipe, is snow-safe cross-country ski runs in Germany. It is the proud owner of the “most-excellent track” award. With a length of 36 km (22 miles), this track makes it possible for all the newbies in cross-country skiing to enjoy without much hassle and caution. A worth mentioning aspect of Kammloipe is that the connecting cross-country ski runs into the Czech Republic. The ski-run has connecting loops of approximately 90 km (55 miles). A regular cross-country plan goes down the slope like this: Starting from Kammloipe, at a distance of 25 km (15.5 miles), one moves to Anschlussloipen and then Talsperrenloipe, distance of 7 km (4.3 miles), moving to Schneehubelloipe at 5 km (3.1 miles) and finally Sonnenloipe at a distance of 2.5 km (1.5 miles).


What is a ski resort without the necessary essential ski lift! Carlsfeld has an efficient ski lifting system. There are total two lifts. These are double surface lifts and T-bar lifts. The capacity of each ski-lift is 800 passengers per hour. The total lift length comes out to be 0.3 km (0.186 miles). The ski lift prices vary from 1,00 € to 150,00 € for adults depending on winter season and individual travel. For children, trainees and students the price ranges from 0.70 € to 100,00 €. The opening hours of ski lift are 10am-5pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on weekends.




There is abundance of accommodation facilities here. One can choose from a variety of lodgings like local holiday homes, hotel, apartments, or guest houses.


A perfect holiday apartment for two people. The price varies from € 14,00 to € 16,00 per night.


Travelling with your squad? This comfortable holiday home houses six people in 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The basic price of lodging starts from € 110,00/ night. EVENTS

Bored with your itinerary? Add an event from Carlsfeld to give that dying list a new life!

Carlsfelder Manifest: Every 1st of May, the Carlsfelder Clubs celebrate the start of May with Mai Baum. This event is a perfect occasion of cheer and traditional celebrations. You can enjoy this amazing fest with family and friends and make the most of your vacation time. Carlsfelder Bandoneon Festival: Traditionally started to organise a Bandoneon meeting it now caters to a major tourist attraction with the wonderful renaissance of Bandoneon music. It is an annual October event. You can visit the resort with near and dear ones as it has something on offer for people from all age groups, making it a family-friendly place. From adventure and adrenaline-pumping sports like skiing to leisure activities, this resort offers many amenities. So go ahead and plan your stay, and visit this place to live some of the unforgettable days of your life. In a nutshell, if you want to make your hiatus worthwhile and all the fun in the world, Carlsfeld is your destination. Now go ahead and book your perfect holiday at Carlsfeld! You won’t regret it, we promise!

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