Castle Mountain-Canada

Castle Mountain: The Best in Alberta

If one is asked a question concerning the very passion – the elemental force which drives the lives of every individual what is the one answer that you get? Well, there is no definite solution to that because the passion for each individual is different. But, keep that very thought in mind and ask the same question to a skier or a snowboarder or just somebody who loves snow so very much. If you are a Canadian then we can assume the answer will be Castle Mountain Resort.

Frankly, it is not the biggest or the loudest or even the grandest of the different ski resorts out there in the world. So why is it that the Castle Mountain Resort is loved to the highest degree by snow enthusiasts? The answer is very simple here – it is not operated by a conglomerate but everyday individuals who just have snow and snow sports at heart. It is them who run the area as a non-profit. All of this might seem farcical but this is the very spirit which forms the fabric of an institution and more often than not its absence ruins the place. You will not find one individual who works here to not love skiing or any of the associated sports. There have been various magazine articles out in the media which talk a great deal about the resort. Some of them have mentioned a unique combination of love and passion with respect to snow which exists here which further, in turn, provide a dramatic unique experience which is none like any other. People who live, work or visit Castle Mountain Resort has nothing but silky smooth snow in their hearts and minds. This is what true driving passion is all about.

Castle Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 4626ft

Summit Elevation: 7457ft

Vertical Drop: 2831ft

Castle Mountain Resort takes its trade quite seriously. They have been working towards breaking down barriers between downhill fanatics and some of Canada’s most natural and challenging terrain structures. They have gone as far as claiming to be working towards making themselves like the holy grail for individuals whose real passion in life is all about downhill skiing.

Their journey has been quite interesting in itself. Back in 1965 is when the passion of a much close knitted group of powder hounds was materialised. It was in the summer of this year that the first of the T-Bar lifts were installed here. Along with this lift a base lodge fashioned in Swiss styles was also constructed. Slowly and steadily the resort area grew and the rest, as they say, is history.

The year 1996 is considered to be the next most important year in Castle Mountain’s history. This is because it was purchased by a core group and the name of the ski area was changed to Castle Mountain Resort Inc. In no time the initial share offering was launched and the money that it generated resulted in the installation of first, the triple chair at the base then came in the second snowcat and a double chair lift.

Despite the public offering the Castle Mountain Resort still operates with the same passion and fiery snow in its heart. Its future looks quite bright. It has managed to capture the market of southern Alberta and attracts visitors from across the country.

Quick facts and figures

  • Elevation: The elevation at Castle Mountain ranges between 4,630 feet or 1,410 meters (of the base) to 7,463 feet or 2,273 meters (of the summit)
  • Vertical Drop: Castle Mountain Resort has a vertical drop of 2,831 feet
  • Trails: The various trails at the Castle Mountain Resort can be classified as –
    • Beginners: 15%
    • Intermediate: 40%
    • Advanced: 35%
    • Advanced: 10%
  • Lifts: There are a total of 7 lifts at Castle Mountain Resort
    • Ticket rates: The lift tickets can cost anywhere between CAD $29 and CAD $ 74
  • Runs: There are a total of 79 runs the longest of which is 3 miles in length
  • Terrain Park: There are 3 terrain park at Castle Mountain Resort
  • Area: Castle Mountain Resort has a skiable terrain measuring in total at 3,592 acres
  • Snowfall: Annually the region receives about 900 centimeters or 354 inches worth of snowfall.
  • Mountains: There are 2 mountains that feature under the Castle Mountain Resort
  • Bowls: There are 8 alpine bowls at the resort

The operation hours of the various facilities at the Castle Mountain Resort can be listed below:

  • Guest service and office: Between Mondays and Fridays they are operational between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm
  • Lift Hours: Between Saturdays and Sundays they remain operational between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm
  • Snow School: This facility remains operational between 8:50 am and 4:00 pm

About the Lifts

They can be listed as:

  • Tamarack (Red) Chair,
  • Sundance (Blue) Chair,
  • Buckaroo Magic Carpet,
  • Barney Handle Tow,
  • Green Chair,
  • Huckleberry Chair,
  • T-Rex T-bar.

About the Trails

  1. South Bow
  2. Last 100 Turns
  3. North Star
  4. North Bowl
  5. Double Exposure
  6. Northern Delight
  7. Siwash
  8. Harker’s Highway
  9. Goat Run
  10. Bandito
  11. Outlaw
  12. Sheriff
  13. Deputy
  14. Tamarack
  15. Tamarack Bowl
  16. Showboat
  17. Huckleberry Ridge
  18. Skyline traverse
  19. Off Ramp
  20. Easy Ramp
  21. High Plains
  22. OK Corral
  23. Showdown
  24. Call Girl
  25. Being There
  26. Side Show
  27. Drifter
  28. Easy Out
  29. Cinch Sluffs
  30. Gambler
  31. High Noon

About the Terrain Park

Castle Mountain’s terrain park – the Rawhide Terrain Park is another major reason as to why people like coming here. The Rawhide Terrain Park has been designed in such a manner that it is dedicated to the riders and designed by riders themselves. Further, beginners are always more than welcome here to try out their skills. It is also important to note that the design of the park is unique and professionally sound. That is to say, it has all the enabling factors through which beginners can build their foundations of skiing snowboarding and other activities. You can also find visitors happily challenging each other and engaging in friendly competitions.

Now, how does one reach this park? Well, the easiest way to locate it is to reach the lower Tumbleweed. It has access to the jump line from the Upper Lone Ranger and access to the easier trails from Tumbleweed.

Lastly, the opening season of the park commences as soon as there is adequate snowfall and safety measures have been observed to the fullest. The Rawhide Terrain Park is quite a dynamic place because each year you will find newer additions taking place here. You are also advised to visit their Huckleberry Chair or the Guest Services if you require more information about the opening hours and conditions of the park.

About the Environment

The Castle Mountain facilities and family is extremely cautious when it comes to its environment and ecological practices in general. They take conscious measures to ensure the preservation and maintenance of optimal conditions at least around their region. After all this very natural surrounding is their greatest asset so to say. Now, secondly, they are committed when it comes to the conservation and protection of the mountain ranges, river valleys, wetlands and the surrounding areas along with the surroundings wildlife quite seriously. Furthermore, as a part of this very commitment they –

  • Engage in environmental studies
  • Promote resource conservation
  • Encourage recycling
  • Practice erosion control and minimal site disturbance during slope grooming
  • Replace machines with more efficient engines

Also, as a part of the third part ecological studies program they do the following:

  • Wild Plant Study Conducted by Clark EcoDynamics Inc. Bragg Creek, Alberta
  • Bear & Birds of Prey Study Conducted by Matrix Solutions Inc.
  • Aquatic Study Conducted by MATRIX SOLUTIONS INC.

Finally, if you require any degrees of confirmation concerning environmental practices you can contact Brad at – The office will be more than happy to provide you with any desired information.

Important information: Safety

With any sports, activity comes a whole round of safety measures which one is required to observe and maintain. All the skiers who come here are required to conform to the norms presented by the Alpine Responsibility Code on the Mountain. Along with the code, various units of Ski Patrol monitor the region. The Ski Patrol is also authorized to stop skiers and educate them about the various norms if they find any violations.

Now, it is equally important to note that following the Alpine Responsibility Code is mandatory and in case one fails to do so then the consequence can vary from moderate to servicer. Violators depending on their severity of their violation might have to take up a one on one awareness seminar or the extreme punishment involves a lifetime suspension from the Castle Mountain. This is not to scare you in any manner. Everyone wants to just have a great time with their families and friends so one can and must do that while being cautious of one’s surrounding.

The Castle Mountain Resort has well-defined boundaries even in the case of Backcountry Skiing. The gears and related equipment that you will find here are of top notch quality and at all time strict standards are maintained.

Avalanche Safety Training

This is another important section adherence to which might just be the best thing that you do today. People tend to go out of hand when they go on and explore the Backcountry region of various ski destinations. However, most of such destinations do not provide the required training for such explorations. Here at Castle Mountain Resort you will be provided with an option of training and even if you have taken the same program but at an earlier time it never really hurts to refresh all that knowledge. Remember it is not only your life which is at stake here many others such as your peers, family members or who so ever is accompanying you on this trip it is their lives that you are responsible for.

The tuition cost of this program is listed below:

  • Avalanche Safety Test (AST 1): CAD $200 + GST
  • Companion Rescue Skills (CRS): CAD $100 + GST
  • Managing Avalanche Tertian (MAT): CAD $100 + GST
  • AST lift tickets: CAD $15 (if applicable)
  • Transciever, probe, shovel and pack rental (from Castle Mountain Pro-Shop): CAD $35 (reservation is required)

The Avalanche Rescue Dog Program

Just as it was mentioned above the avalanche rescue dog program which is a result of the initiatives undertaken by Castle Mountain and the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association (CARDA) this program as well is point blank dedicated to saving lives of avalanche victims.

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