Catamount Ski Resort: A Promising Ski Experience



It is that time of the year when everybody is prepped up for the festive season. All those boots and jackets lying in the attic come out for the chilly weather outside. Everybody is in the mood for some fun and frolic during the winters and skiing on top of a mountain could be a very good idea after all. The month of November just begun and slowly the weather has started changing, and soon the snowy weather will start to set in. Most of the time people prefer cuddling up in their beds, watching movies on Netflix and chilling out with a hot mug of cocoa despite all the festivities due to the laziness that engulfed them. For all those lazy heads out there, a visit to the Catamount Ski Resort on the Taconic Mountains is all that they need to redirect their moods.

A fun trip with a bunch of family members and friends to relax. Further, living in a busy city like New York there is no time to pamper oneself. Moreover, there are tall skyscrapers everywhere and people in large numbers at subways and roads so located far away from all the noise and crowd of the city, this ski resort which is hardly a few miles away from the central part of the city, and it would be a welcome change for all. New Yorkers have lived a hectic life and day in day out they work on tight schedules, so one way to relax is to get away from all the work and holiday at the ski resort.


Catamount Statistics

Base Elevation: 1000 feet

Summit Elevation: 2000 feet

Vertical Drop: 1000 feet

Skiing is said to rid people of emotional distress, instability of thoughts and tension as it is an engaging activity that makes you forget all your sorrows and participate in some action. It is a good way to relax your otherwise engrossed minds and also helps you stretch your body while skiing. Then it is not just skiing there are mountain hiking facilities, snowboarding and chair car as well to keep you entertained throughout your trip at the resort.

This resort is like another home away from home because all the facilities provided here are similar to what most of us normally have at home, so it does not let you go back home without a memorable time out there. The mountains offer an enticing view and some kick ass action for all the visitors. If you want a break free from your monotonous work schedule and have fun for a chance, then a visit to this resort is a good idea.




Catamount Ski Resort is located 7.5 miles away from the city of Great Barrington,

Massachusetts; about 53 miles from Poughkeepsie, New York; 83 miles from New Havens, Connecticut and around 129 km from New York city. This resort is accessible by road; you can drive up to this place they have good parking facilities. The main resort is situated on Mount Fray in Hillsdale New York and South Egremont, Massachusetts region.

This Catamount has one of the largest skiable areas in the Taconic Mountain region and this attracts thousands of visitors every week who enjoy skiing and a host of other fun activities on offer at the resort.

Catamount is one of the few ski resort area that is family owned in the entire New England area. They offer 119 acres of skiable terrain for the sports enthusiasts with lots of challenging and fun tasks as well.




The mountains extend from the base up to 2,000 feet on the top which also provides with a steep vertical drop of 1,000 feet for all the skiers. Also due to the height of the mountain for ensuring the safety of all visitors the ski resort does not allow uphill traffic, snowshoeing, no cross country skiing or drones. These activities generally require a wider terrain which isn’t available at Catamount hence they do not offer any of these activities.



There are seven lifts in total and are divided into a quad chair, a triple chair, two double chairs and three wonder carpets. These lifts help the passengers commute from the bottom of the mountain to the base of the resort where all activities are held. The lifts are further categorized into Surface Lifts which includes the Wonder Carpet and the Kid Cats Carpet; the Fixed Grip Triplet has the meadows triplets; the Grip Quads includes the Ridge Quad, and the Fixed Grip Doubles includes the Catamount Double and Glade Double. All these lifts function differently but basically are a ride for the visitors to and fro the resort.


Catamount houses 36 runs which are further divided into three subparts which includes 12 for beginners or the novice level, 13 intermediate level and the rest of the 11 which are comparatively more difficult and the last set of trails for experts and professionals which requires extreme caution. The longest run measures up to 2.5 miles and begins from the Ridge Run and ends at Lower Promenade. The runs offer an amazing skiing experience that makes it one of the best places to spend time with your family and friends; skiing down the slopes of this grand peak. And thanks to its amazing runs, Catamount attracts a large number of visitors during the winters – the numbers swelling up every year.




This area receives 75’’ snowfall that covers 98% of the trails, and due to sufficient natural snow, there are no artificial ways of snowmaking used at Catamount. The resort has night skiing for people who wish to ski below the moon and stars. The experience at night is worth a try because it seems like a dream where everything looks perfect and is a memorable experience.


Catamount is in the heart of the Northeastern region and is the most attractive place.  The mesmerizing view is what makes the journey click, and all the picturesque scenes can be enjoyed from the top. To indulge in the activities and all the fun this area has some of the best lodging and boarding facilities at great deals available for all.


The resort organizes special coaching lessons for kids as well as adults; anybody who wishes to learn the art of skiing can do so under the guidance of professional tutors. Also, all the specialized equipment are available in the stores to in case if one needs to purchase anything.

Other Activities

Skiing and snowboarding form the two major sports enjoyed here at the Catamount, but there are also many fun activities for families and kids and even thrift shopping stores from where you can purchase your trip memorabilia. There are special schemes and offers for early bird booking and book today to avail the best deals. Also, there are supermarkets, movie halls, antique stores and galleries in the Catamount region which one can explore during their visit here.


You do not have to worry about your meals here at the Catamount as there are good restaurants nearby serving top quality food items available. With lip-smacking cuisines cooked by some of the best chefs out there, you can enjoy a sumptuous meal after a day filled with fun and adventures.

Winter has set in, the resort has opened up for visitors in the 2016-2017 year, all the fun is just a booking away. Plan a weekend off with your family or your colleges to rejuvenate. Experience some of the best moments of your life that you will cherish forever. With so many activities to try out and have fun with your family and friends, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting the Catamount this upcoming winters. So go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight to this amazing resort where you can have the experience of a lifetime and return with memories to cherish forever. Visit Catamount!

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