Christlum – Ski Lover’s Delight!


Finding a destination for a perfect vacation can never be any less than a severe mind-boggling headache. People will come across hundreds of places on the internet. They would research on the selective ones. They might even recommend others a few places for vacationing. But, when it comes to choosing an idol place for themselves, they might just bang their heads on the wall as they still haven’t figured out ‘the’ place.

Selecting over a few favourite ones, because there is never one favourite as every family member likes different place, will be hectic. And then you also must choose as per the seasons. Winters are going to have its own list of places and so will the rest of the seasons.

When it comes to winters, people often choose places which can give you the two following things:

A good, comfortable and cozy

The best of snow-covered mountain peaks.

If you are planning a vacation for winters, you might just give a try to Christlum in Austria. The two basic requirements to have a blissful vacation week that is mentioned above are taken care of in Christlum. Fun, comfort and adventure are 100% guaranteed to you.

Christlum is surrounded by several mountains that are covered in snow. This deems it as a good spot that has a good connection of trails for cross-country ski lovers and skiers alike. It has beautiful panorama, and the mesmerizing natural snow is literally everything that you could ever ask for.



Things To Know About Christlum

Christlum Statistics

Base Elevation: 950 m

Summit Elevation: 1800 m

Vertical Drop: 850 m


Christlum is a small but majestic and worthy ski resort in Austria and is famously recognised for its tobogganing runs. It is also known for giving its visitors a magnificent, breath-taking view of the whole resort and the surrounding areas that one will never forget. It leaves a mental impression that lasts long enough, if not forever.




It has an elevation of 950 meters (3116.8 ft.) to 1800 meters (5905 ft.).

You have three categories of slopes which you choose per your level of skiing and other winter sports.

Easy slopes stretch up to 6 kilometers (3.72 miles). If you are a beginner who hasn’t tried much of any winter sports, this category is best suited for you.

Intermediate slopes stretch up to 16 kilometers (9.94 miles). These are best suited for all those people who know how to ski or are into some other winter sport.

Difficult slopes stretch up to 5 kilometers (3.10 miles). It is recommended for those who are experts in skiing and other winter sports. This category falls for those who are used to bumpy and rough slopes, obstacles included.

The above figures give you a total of 27 kilometers (16.77 miles) of pistes to have the awesome fun that awaits you in Christlum. There are finely-groomed slopes for all types of people, children and adults alike. All levels of skiers are welcomed on the slopes.

You get choices of lifts to reach winter sports area:

4 Chairlifts

4 T-Bar or Button lifts

3 Rope Tow or Beginner lift

In addition, you there are also special Sunkid moving carpets (2).

The above transportation facility gives you a chance to marvel on the view of snow- covered grounds and peaks. All the beautiful white sheets of snow spreading to long distances are one kind of view.


Artificial snow-making techniques are also available in Christlum so that you get 100% snow-covered land everywhere you step foot.

The longest run is 4 kilometers (2.48 miles) and is an elevation difference of 830 meters (2723 ft.).

Halfpipes are set for those who like to show off their skills in winter sports.

50 kilometers of cross-country ski runs.





Cross-country skiing is an amazing winter sport. It is loved by almost everyone as it gives people a good space to try and push their limits in skiing. Of course, you have the best of your lives too; given the weather conditions are favorable. If you are an adventure lover or someone who loves distances and varieties, the place has a calling for you. Christlum offers its tourists a cross-country trail of 50 kilometers (31.06 miles). Not only will you have a large area to yourself but you will have an overwhelming emotion alongside that nerve- tingling adrenaline as you ski through amazing set of view of nature.



Skiing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us simply don’t get accustomed to the sport no matter how much practice we had or how many instructors we change. One might just fall on his or back since it is a very challenging sport to learn. But then again, no one wants to waste away the opportunity to have a gala time in a place such as Hinterstoder itself. What can be done? Just go for snowshoeing. It is very much like hiking, but gives your body more work and is a lot more fun. Snowshoeing is a sport for all ages. And let’s just admit it, it is very trendy! The non-skiers will never miss out the fun that the ski trails have.



The very old traditional but loved by all ages winter sports. Skiing is the most indulged in sports of all time. Don’t you agree? Every time you come across a place which has snow fall and there’s beautiful snow everywhere, the first thing that comes to your mind is skiing. The classic skiing will be a great time for all ages, child or adult. You get 27 kilometers (16.77 miles) of ski runs. Specific ski runs are present for all levels of skiers so that everyone gets the fun they deserve. The ever-lasting snow spreading throughout the region not just gives you a remarkable adventure but also a breath-taking view as snow-capped peaks surround you.

If you do not know how to ski, you must not throttle down the excitement. Brief ski lessons are also provided in the resort so that you don’t miss out the fun of the classic winter sport. If you do not know whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a pro, the coaches there will guide you with it so that you have a joyous and safe ski adventure.




The everyday workload has buried people under a stressful burden of responsibilities. One prays to have at least one chance a day to forget everything and just have fun, even if it lasts for a moment quite brief. Sleigh Ride is just what these people need, to forget the office documents and relive their younger days. Have a great time with friends and family, bond as much as you wish as your mind opens to all the beauty. Your head will be turning everywhere as you slowly try to take in the scene that surrounds you. Having a closer look makes you realize how much of an astounding destination you have selected for spending your vacations at.



Take skiing to a whole new level. Snowkite is one of the most undaunted sports of all time! It has become increasingly popular in Austria. The sport is a complete load of fun and thrill. The surface for snowkiting is smoothened and is without any hurdles and obstacles. The setting of the location always lies where the wind blows freely. No one can afford to miss a sport like this. Christlum simply adds up more and more for your vacation album.



Along with a captivating view, snowboarding will definitely make you feel younger and the young ones as pros. To get high on the adventure, you also get to try your skills on fast Broader Cross Track, obstacles, a huge half-pipe and a freestyle Jump laid for you. All in all, a row of superb evenings awaits you.

With all these amazing fun activities on offer, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. Go ahead, plan your schedule, book your tickets and head out for this fantastic winter destination along with your near and dear ones and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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