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Chur Brambruesch – The Perfect Ski Destination for Adventure Lovers!

If you are a travel enthusiast, vacationer or an informed tourist, it is a given that Switzerland finds its place on your bucket list. Touted as “The Heaven on Earth”, it is a beautiful amalgamation of picturesque scenery, culinary delights, helpful hosts, altogether contributing to the experience of a lifetime. Not surprisingly, tourism accounts for about 3% of Switzerland’s GDP. Come winter season, and people flock to this amazing country in order to have an otherworldly fun filled experience. Chur regularly features as one of the most recommended and sought after “must-visit” places of Switzerland.  Its local mountain, Brambruesch, boasts of hosting winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world.


Situated in the Grisonian Rhine Valley, at a distance of about 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Zurich, Chur is the capital of the Swiss Canton of Graubunden. With a total area of 28.09 square kilometers (10.85 square miles), of which 52.1% is a forested area, it is one of the few places which give a humbling experience by forcing you to juxtapose the effects of human civilization in megacities with the lush green pristine environment of Chur. The crystal clear spring waters are a sight to behold. It is situated at an elevation of 593 meters (1946 feet) above the sea level.  

Chur Brambruesch Statistics

Base Elevation: 1170 m

Summit Elevation: 2176 m

Vertical Drop: 1006 m

The average summer temperature hovers around 25 degree Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), whereas the average winter temperature is around 5 degree Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). Chur records an average annual snowfall of 101.7 centimeters (40.04 inches), with January receiving the highest average monthly snowfall of 34 centimeters (13.4 inches). Chur has its own Ice Hockey team, the EHC Chur, which plays in the Swiss 1. Liga. Travelers can visit the four libraries, three churches, art gallery and a natural history museum in Chur.


Arguably the pride of Chur, Brambruesch is the local mountain for which Chur is famous. It is a paradise for bikers, hikers, ski lovers, and winter sports fans. Once visited, you are sure to revisit the mountains for the sheer tranquility it provides. The hospitality of lodges, the range of culinary delights, and skiing experience is second to none. It rejuvenates your mind and soul alike, making for a truly memorable experience. Brambruesch is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Add it to your photo albums and make your friends jealous!

General Information:  Brambruesch has an altitude of 2174 meters (7132.546 feet). It records the highest footfall in the winter season from December to March. Dreibundenstein is the winter sports area, whereas The Alpine Bike Park was the venue for the 2009 Swiss Bike Championship. The difference between the start and the end of this bike trail is an amazing 1 kilometer (0.621 miles). The Old town of Chur is only accessible to pedestrians and cyclists.

Fun Filled Activities: Brambreusch gives you more fun filled activities than your wildest expectations! Intermediates and pros can relish in the experience of hiking up the mountain, following the snowshoe trails, skiing, bike boarding, mountain boarding, dirt surfing, free ride action with 4 trails, etc. Brambruesch has something for everyone! For beginners, the AIS Sports School provides courses and rental. It has a well-known kids skiing area, with easy hiking routes.

Accessibility: From Chur, the funicular railways provide a path up the mountains, where tourists can soak in the picturesque view of the mountains engulfed in snow extending to the horizon. As an alternative, going up the mountains up to an altitude of 1600 meters (5249.344 feet) in a cable car for only 25 Swiss Francs goes easy on your pocket, but gives you an even more mesmerizing bird’s eye view of the topography beneath. 

It can be followed up with a trip in a gondola, which accommodates 2 people, and then a moderate walk which gives ample time to view the colossal Alps. The 13 kilometers (8.07miles) round-trip hike to Feldis gives an exhilarating view of the flora, woods, and lakes. Ski lift and chairlift are also accessible for reaching altitudes of 2200 meters (7217.848 feet). Rented toboggans are available at only 8 Swiss Francs per day and can be sledged back to the cable car station. Plenty of biking and mountain cycle trails can be seen on the flattish routes. The “steep side” or the backsides of the mountains offer a spectacular view of the areas beyond Chur.


Brambruesch has a total of 5 lifts, totaling 5.2 kilometers (3.23 miles) in length, having a robust carrying capacity of 3300 passengers per hour. The aerial tramway connecting Chur to Kanzeli caters to 45 persons at a time. It has a length of 1098 meters (3602.362 feet) and carrying capacity of 600 persons per hour. A gondola lift or mono cable circulating ropeway connects Kanzeli to Brambruesch. It has a length of 1390 meters (4560.367 feet), can seat 4 persons and has a carrying capacity of 650 persons per hour.

The distance between Brambruesch to Huhnerkopfe can be traversed with the help of a T-bar/Platter/Button lift. It has a length of 1600 meters (5249.344 feet) and a carrying capacity of 850 persons per hour. A 2-person chairlift can be used to go from Huhnerkopfe to Fuggabuel. It has a length of 1027 meters (3369.423 feet) and a carrying capacity of 700 people per hour. A rope tow/beginner lift takes you from Kinderlift to Brambruesch. It has a length of 100 meters (328.084 feet) and has a carrying capacity of 700 persons per hour.

Hotels:  All those hiking and freeriding activities at such high altitude must have taken a toll on you. Brambruesch has the perfect solution for a gargantuan hunger! The mountain huts and Alpine lodges serve mouth-watering local cuisines like capuns, maluns, Swiss barley soup, and pizzochels. Hotels like the Malixerhof Panorama Hotel provide overnight stays for groups. The Alplibar and Berg-Baiz are some of the restaurants to hang out and fill your appetite. 

A trip to Chur-Brambruesch can be termed as a truly holistic and fulfilling experience of a lifetime. Its reputation can be gauged from the fact that it owes its popularity to word of mouth. Highly rated and recommended in almost all travel journals, Chur-Brambruesch is an integral part of the rich tourism industry of Switzerland. Away from the hullabaloo of the city life, it provides a humble abode for the people seeking some quality time. So the next time you pack your bags searching for a winter wonderland, you know where to go!

Hiking Trails:

The distance from Bram bru Esch to Churwalden via Pradaschier is 6.5 km (4.03miles) and it takes 2hrs.the panoramic hiking tour starts at the mountain station of the aerial cableway in Brambuesch. Walking through the dense forest you can find several fireplaces and alpine flora to the Malixer Alp next to the Barenalp through Galtialp finally to the Pradaschieralp where you can stay in a restaurant with large terrace. The longest toboggan in the world runs to Churwalden. 

You can book a round-trip ticket from the Chur-Dreibundenstein mountain railways for the uphill ride. You can also take the chairlift or walk to Churwalden and a post bus present there takes you back to Chur in 30 minutes. The aerial cableway works in duration of every 20mins.depending upon the weather conditions it works on weekends only. During summer season aerial cableways work in duration of 30mins. You will also find small winter sports resort for skiing, tobagganning, winter hiking and snowshoeing. Chur city is a place where you can relieve your stress from a monotonous life.

Right from skiing, snowboarding and a wide array of other winter sports on offer, you can truly have a great time here at Chur Brambruesch. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your bags and visit this amazing place with your family and friends and make the most of the winters. Have fun!

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