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Devour into The Most Entertaining Activities in the Land of Cooper and Have an Ultimate Vacation



It is downright annoying to spend time just sitting around in the vacations. The summer days seem to drag on and on when you want some thrilling adventure in your life. Well, the safest activity to calm you down and ensure a lot of thrill and fun is skiing. Skier or not, the skiing areas in Colorado offering skiing lessons and snowboarding options makes one love the bumps and trails of snow. So, spend your time breathing in the fresh air of the Colorado Mountains and racing in the snow.

Where should you go in Colorado?



Now, since you are going on a vacation, don’t you want it to be hassle free and away from the crowd? After all, to stay away from the crowd and get some alone time is a reason why you take a vacation. Colorado is the ski hub for all skiers, so if you do not choose the right skiing resort, your vacation might just be spent in the waiting lines for rentals and lifts. Colorado can be a huge area when it comes to skiing. There are so many sites available to ski on, but it is necessary that you choose the right resort or skiing area to make the most out of your trip. The best place for skiing would be Ski Cooper, with its 400 in-bound acres to ski on freely.

The most authentic ski experience providing resort, Cooper is situated in the heart of the Colorado Mountains. The resort is located just a few miles off from one of Colorado’s unique mining town Leadmill and a short distance from the Summit County and Eagle County/ Vail areas. The resort provides a scenic view of Colorado’s highest peaks that is of Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert.

Some interesting facts about Cooper Ski to make you understand why it is the ultimate site for skiing and snowboarding-

Cooper Statistics

Base Elevation: 10500 feet

Summit Elevation: 11700 feet

Vertical Drop: 1300 feet

No matter when you decide to visit Cooper, the skiing area is never crowded. Not because there are such less number of visitors but because of their excellent service and massive space to ski, you will never have to wait in long lines. The soft natural snow at Cooper is a delight to ride on. Here you have an unparalleled skiing experience on the 400 inbound acres, and if you want more, you have 2,600 acres of glades and bowls to explore too. The resort provides 39 trails for sliding and bumping along with two terrain parks. Moreover, Cooper is blessed with natural snow that is soft and a pleasure to enjoy! The trails are 28% beginners’ level, 36% intermediate, and 36% advanced. The resort is supported with four lifts. The summit elevation of the mountain is 11,700 feet with a base elevation of 10,500 feet and a vertical drop of 1,200 feet.

What is so special about the place?



  • The resort promises a vacation full of thrill and adventure. The most astonishing part is the price you will pay for your vacation. The skiing area is very cheap. So, now you can even plan a family holiday here. It becomes very costly for one to ski along with a family. All the lift tickets, skiing rentals, food, and accommodation add up to a significant amount of money. However, the Cooper provides quality time for fewer prices.  
  • Even for people who do not know skiing, it is equally fun. They can easily learn to ski there by taking skiing lessons. These lessons are fun with the friendly instructors they provide. They are well-trained and helpful in every way. For different age groups, there are different classes held. There are children’s private lessons and group lessons and adult private and group lessons. Also, they provide cheap rentals. Once you master your classes you’d be ready to conquer the Cooper Mountains!

  • The magic of the mountain lies in its very special and natural snow. If you are a local, you will know that the snow at Cooper’s is the softest and makes it a delight for every tourist. Unlike other skiing resort or skiing areas, Cooper does not believe in making artificial snow. Mother Nature blesses Cooper with an average of 260 inches thick snow every year which is fluffy and smooth. Moreover, with their unique grooming technique, they rotate the grooming terrain which results in the softest snow surface you will ever see.
  • The staff that you will come in contact here is extremely helpful and friendly. At Cooper, they do not believe in tourists, if you visit there, you will become a part of the family. That is how warm and welcoming they are.
  • If you are in for more adventure, you can always go on a Chicago Ridge Snowcat Tour. It is operated in San Isabel and White River National Forests. The area under the tour is almost 2600 acres of timber, glades, and powder. As you ascend the mountain, you will spot various high peaks of Colorado. It is a beautiful sight to see and leaves all the tourists spellbound. The slopes that you ride on are bumpy and may vary from 3,300 feet to 10,000 feet in length. Two Bombardier snowcats are sent along with 12 people to the permitted area. The guides sent help the tourists to have fun while ensuring their safety. The tour takes a whole day, and it includes a sizzling lunch in their backcountry yurt. Though the trip is fun, it is also very advanced in level. Only expert skiers or riders have a great time there.
  • Picturesque tours are also departed from Cooper. It is usually a two-hour tour which allows the tourist to venture into the backcountry of Chicago Ridge. The trip is full of breathtaking views of Colorado’s highest peaks. Also, one can witness the historically famous land where the Tenth Mountain Division trained for multiple wars during World War II. Tag your friends along and don’t forget to capture all the scenic views in your cameras.
  • After all the adventure, you will be famished. To treat you with a healthy diet, the cafeterias in Cooper have everything ranging from burgers to pasta to coffee. They provide food that keeps you energized for your outdoor activities and treat your taste buds.



For those who have been to Cooper Ski, they know how amazing their trip went. The hospitable staff, scenic views, thrilling slides, and mouthwatering food made their trip a memorable one. To have a lively experience do visit Cooper Ski once in your life.

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