Coronavirus leaves many seasonal employees out of work as ski resorts close down-News

Posted On: 19 Mar 2020

It’s not a good time for ski resort employees in Utah. The unforeseen closure of almost every ski resort across the state has left the seasonal employees practically jobless. The decision to close down the ski resorts has been ruled in favor to prevent the spread of dreaded Coronavirus or COVID-19. But the ruling didn’t come without its consequences. Thousands of ski resort employees are left with no work in their hands. This has become a major concern for many who are classified as seasonal workers.

Not just the ski resorts, the entire hospitality industry has taken a hit. The government and authorities have instructed the closedown of almost every social gathering spots like restaurants, taverns, cafes, and so on. For the time being, ski resorts are letting their employees to stay till the end of the month. The payments are made through online portals, but it is just a quick fix. By the end of the month, the employees will have to find new means to sustain themselves. According to many workers, the current scenario has left them pretty close to being homeless.

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