Covid-19 Enters in “Ischgl Ski Resort”-Austria-News

Posted On: 6 Mar 2020

After Iran, South Korea, China, and Italy one more name has been enter into the list of Covid-19 pompous areas. Yes, you heard it right,

Ischgl ski resort is added later in the pompous area of covid-19 by the chief medical scientist in Iceland.

Adding this spot to the list is a clear indication for the peoples who are in this resort from the last 5 days, they are advised to not go outside of the resort for the next 14 days and contact their health checkup center after that.

For peoples who are in the Ischgl ski area and feeling flu-like symptoms then they are asked to wear a veil and use sanitizers and immediately call on medical helpline no:1700.

For callers with the overseas numbers, they are asked to contact +354 544-4113 and follow the command.

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