Crans Montana-Switzerland

Crans Montana – The Perfect Break

Being covered thrice by the British-based broadcasting newspaper Telegraph, Cras Montana has already well-publicized everything amazing it has got to offer. It is located in the canton of Valais, right at the heart of the Swiss Alps and is genuinely known to be a sunny plateau. The fusion of Crans and Montana, bring together everything comfortable and sport. Hence, this place is definitely worth a visit.

Crans Montana Statistics

Base Elevation: 1510 m

Summit Elevation: 2927 m

Vertical Drop: 1417 m

The former areas have been merged recently to form this bigger ski resort and have a blend of each of the place’s culture. The place is known to be a golfing Mecca and draws the attention of a numerous people to this ski resort. Alongside chain of gigantic peaks from the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc, the view is simply breath-taking. There’s no time to wait for, pack your bags and run for this place. The season starts in the middle of November till the middle of April.

Ways to Reach Cras Montana

This ski resort can be reached by any mode of transportation.

The mountain road leads via A9 Autoroute du Rhône and exits at the end of Autoroute near Sierre. It is 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) away and takes approximately 24 minutes to reach the destination. The other route is via A9 Autoroute du Rhône and exit at the Sion-est. It is 22kilometers(13.6 miles) away and takes approximately 28 minutes to reach the destination. There is limited parking space available and is hence tarred. The roads go cutting through the mountains but are well-developed with maintained side roads.

Free shuttle service runs throughout the ski resort and is scheduled for ease. The Sienne station is approximately 45 minutes away whereas the Sierre station is approximately 35 minutes away.

The Sierre train station has a direct connection; from there a funicular takes passengers up to Montana.

If you are planning on rather flying, there are 3 nearby airports available. Airport Bernis is 184 kilometers (114.3 miles) away. It takes 2 hours 11 minutes of driving time. Airport Geneva is 180 kilometers (111.8 miles) away. It takes 2 hours and 7 minutes of driving time. Airport Milano is 218 kilometers (135.4 miles) away. It takes 3 hours 9 minutes of driving time. 

Availability of lifts -

The elevation rises from 1510 meters (4954 feet) to 2883 meters (9459 feet), leaving height of 1373 meters. 19 ski lifts are available, which is distributed into 1, funicular, 4 circulating ropeways, 6 chairlifts and 8 platter/button lifts. All of these together make it possible to carry 29620 passengers in an hour’s time. The lift covers a total length of 28kilometers. Read on to know in detail.

One 120 people’s funicular.
One 30 people’s funitel.
One 10 people’s gondola lift.
One 8 people’s gondola lift.
One 6 people’s gondola lift.
One 6 people’s high-speed chairlift with bubble.
Two 6 people’s high-speed chairlift.
Three4 people’s high-speed chairlift.
One T-bar lift.
Seven J-bar lifts.

Slopes -

At Crans-Montana, well-maintained slopes of 140 kilometers (86.9 miles) are accessible for all the skiing people would like to do. With different altitude levels, this place gives you one hell of a ride. 35% of the slopes have snowmaking capabilities. So everything else besides, snow is a sure thing. The run locations are a glacier, under tree lines and above tree lines.

o 39% of the trails are available for the beginners with enthusiasm for learning how to ski. If the ski board is going to be under your feet for the first time, this trail shall be the best for the start. Get an instructor easily from around here and confide in him to get you learn this skill to the best.
o 50% of the trails of intermediate level are for skiers with better skills than beginners. The instructors would always be available for help anyway. If you know the art of skiing already, this trail shall help you enhance your skills. 
o 11% of the trails are for advanced level skiers. This is for the ones craving for the rush in their veins and feeling sweat in the icy cold weather. People with no or less experience are not advised to roam around here. Slopes with high steepness can be dangerous.

Ski Rentals -

The ski rental facility is apparently available here, so if you don’t have the perfect equipment or if you fantasize of skiing on the most modern equipment, here’s your chance. Don’t miss it. The rental station is named at Montana and is supplied by Alpineresorts and Skiset. Avail attractive discounts on ordering online. Your stuff will be kept ready before you set foot to this place.

Highlights to be known -

The Cras Montana has a Snowpark, a Wakepark as well as a Bike Park. So is there anything left? We don’t think so. With all the most modern obstacles around, anyone would love to be here. Tickets and suitable timings can be found online on their main website and your itinerary for a day can be easily scheduled.

Accommodation - If you’re a person who’d love to have a varied choice of living, you’re at the right place. The comfy accommodation places here are spread everywhere, be it in the woods, by the lake, over the mountain, on an alpine pasture or be it a vineyard. The home service staff is much passionate about their work as possible. Book online and get lucky to avail discounts and offers.

Mountain Walks - Get your snowshoe on, because there’s no fun compared to walking on the snow covered peaks. With the help of confident and experienced instructors, mountain walking here is no longer a big deal. It is perfect for a family outing and safe for your little kids.

Indoor Sports - There’s no limit to the fun here, even when you are inside away from the snow. Make sure all your day’s energy is not wasted inside the resort with spectacular playing areas for sports like table tennis, badminton, chess, curling, snooker, bowling, bridge, table football and of course, a gym.

Ski Touring - The Aminona sector provides this amazing experience with every Monday throughout the season. The visit to Crans Montana is incomplete without a ski tour and fine dining at the top of the peak, with the most delicious and yummy food cuisines you’d have ever found in your lifetime.

Night Excursions - Who would not love to have long walks under the starry sky or moonlit snow covering the whole peak? So many routes to choose from and each of them are as beautiful and challenging to each other. It’s really a hard decision to make. Why not go on one each day you stay there?

Outdoor Sports - Not everything here is all snowy in nature. With numerous sports to choose from, the outdoor sports available here are the best in their nature. They provide you with the ultimate experience and never letting you miss out on anything. There is an ice rink, sledge dogs, shooting range, paintball with laser, fun forest, riding and even running.

Gastronomy - Okay, let us warn you. Try not to waste all your money on the finest of cuisines you’d find here. And not just main course, there are pastries, cakes, and everything is freshly made. With so much to choose from, you’d never want to leave this place at all. Your taste buds would only crave for more. All of those cafes and restaurants are there, waiting for you to magically disappear in their aromas.

Shopping - No trip is complete without shopping from the souvenir shops or buying something as a memory. The shopping possibilities here are enormously large to the expectations and the best artists help make the perfect gift for you.

After reading all the above information and details which make it so convenient for your vacation here at Crans Montana, can you resist such a beautiful opportunity to visit this paradise? If not, then do not waste any more time and get going! Because with so much on offer and so many things to enjoy here at the Crans Montana, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. So, go ahead, grab your passes, pack your ski gear and heat out for this awesome ski resort with your family and friends; returning with memories to cherish forever. Have fun! You won’t regret it, we promise!

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