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Crotched Mountains: A Vacation Rediscovered



All of us have those long vacations we kept postponing. Sometimes it was the presentation that must be on the boss’s table as soon as possible, at times it was a little financial crunch, sometimes too many responsibilities had to be shouldered. Parent, children, guardian, sibling, spouse; we have had to assume so many roles in our life to such an extent that we almost forget to be ourselves. Enjoyment seems like just another errand to run; self-indulgence seems like selfishness.

However, taking care of yourself- mind, soul, and body is as important as it is to take care of others. Self-indulgence is a responsibility as important as the others. Because you are your own self before you are anyone else’s parent or a child. The best way to be our self is to indulge a little in those things that make us really happy, those thrills, those adventures, that rushing feeling of happiness bursting through our body.


Crotched Mountains Statistics

Base Elevation: 1050feet

Summit Elevation: 2066 feet

Vertical Drop: 1016 feet

So it istime to be ourselves. It is time to stop postponing that vacation, pack our bags and leave for a destination that will give you serenity, scenic beauty, the slumbering altitudes of mountains, the peace of snow, and great adventure, all at once. It is time to leave for Crotched Mountains.

Where is the Crotched Mountains?



An isolated, small Mountain, Crotched Mountain is located on the western side of Hillsborough County which is in New Hampshire in the United States. Crotched Mountain, many travelers, have remarked, has a floral geography. The reason is that the  629 m (2,063-foot) peak of the mountain is in the town of Francistown, whereas the western slopes and the western peaks of the mountain are situated in the town of Bennington, while a long southern ridge of Crotched mountains rises in Greenfield, resembling the petals of a flower.

Another interesting story is the reason behind its name. Originally, it was called due to its physical appearance when seen from an aerial point of view. Early nomads, who later become settlers in this uncharted vicinity thought that the V-shaped peaks of the mountains physically resembled the fork of a tree. The fork of a tree in their colloquial language was called the “Crotch” of a tree.


The Crotched Mountain’s special Ski & Ride facility is located in the upper portions of the mountain, that is, they occupy the northern slopes of the mountain. It has 267 m (875 feet) of vertical drop, and 25 trails, and five chairlifts. The Rehabilitation Centre at the Crotched Mountain occupies the mountain’s southern ridge partially in Greenfield.

Reasons behind the Perfection of the Crotched Mountains



Impeccable and groomed grounds, terrains decorated with tree glades, steeps that challenge the adventurer in you; these are reasons enough behind the perfection of the mountains. However, various other factors add to the brilliance of this place.

Now, numbering an endless list is no mean feat, but these are the highlights of the advantages that will be magnetic to your inner traveler.

The Heights We Must Scale

Speaking regarding the statistics of the place, Crotched Mountains has the top elevation of 2066 ft. (630 m) and a base elevation of 1050 ft. (320 m). It has a total skiable area of 75 acres (300,000 square m). It also possesses a total of 23 runs, the longest of them being 2 miles. Its lift system comprises one quad, 1 HSQ, one triple, one magic carpet and one double.

Out of its 23 runs, 32% is for the beginners, 36% are dedicated to those who are a little more comfortable with winter sports, and another 32% are dedicated to the experts.

One of the things that differentiate Crotched from other ski resorts is its record of 100% snowmaking and the largest per acre capacity of production. The maximum capacity of production ensures the best service to their customers. Along with the glade acreage of 80 acres, they also have three terrain parks and 25 trails.

Money Can Buy Happiness



It is very necessary, and quite common for travelers to keep in mind a budget before they embark on their journey. To assist you in that endeavor here is a rough idea of how much you might have to spend on this trip. The average ski package that includes skis, boots and poles cost about $35. A snowboard package including boards and boots costs $35, whereas telemark skis with skis, boots and poles cost $39. Helmets cost $10; Snowboards cost $29, and boots cost the same as Snowboards. However, to save more money and simultaneously have more fun, you may book a three-day rental. It is a cost-cutting deal because you have to pay on $87 for three days.

Fun at the Parks

The site of their annual Block Party and various other signature events is the Crotched Mountains Terrain Park. It is also one of their most famous parks; tourists enjoy a large number of jibs and jumps that cater to the ones who wish to sharpen the technical side of the rail tracks. So there is not only a place for adventures, but there is also a place for practicing so that you can indulge in safer experiences.

Why You Must Go There Right Now

Midnight Madness, the most recent skiing event in New England is beginning at the end of this year on Friday, 30th of December. From 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. this event of 6 hours of madness, skiing and riding will keep you enthralled. There will be live entertainment, beer, and drinks, unique cocktails to jazz up the night. Also, they are punching New Years with Midnight Madness!

Woodbound, Hancock, and Jack Daniel Motors



Crotched Mountains boasts of some amazing places for lodging and eating. To begin with, they have the Crotched Mountain Resort located in Francistown, New Hampshire. It offers a truly breathtaking and phenomenal view of the mountains, condo-suites that are very spacious, and restaurants and fireplaces. The best part about it is that it is only at a distance of 1 mile from the slope.

Then there is the Woodbound Inn. Located in Rindge of New Hampshire, it is in the center of Monadnock Region. There are lakeside accommodations available near Lake Contoocook and facilities for four seasons of delicious dining and innumerable fun activities.

Hancock Inn is the progenitor of the bed and breakfast tradition and the oldest inn in New Hampshire.

However, the crowning glory of Crotched Mountains is the Jack Daniel Motor Inn. As intoxicating as its name, this prime lodging choice of many tourists overlooks the Contoocook River and is seated at the heart of Monadnock Region, Southern New Hampshire. It is at a walking distance from Peterborough and has a peaceful, serene and cozy place to offer. There are spacious, private rooms for families, tourists and even the ones traveling on business.

Even phone booking facilities are available.

Inebriate of Snow

One of the major tourist attractions located there is the Onset Pub and Lounge.  It is a place to stay warm and enjoy lip-smacking food, microbrews of New England and great prices for breakfast lunch and dinner are available. A major bonus for health conscious people, and also for the rest because in an adventure like this it is important you stay healthy and there is an option for gluten free food. Organic and Vegan choices are also available.

All of us have had this experience of losing touch with a friend because meeting up was a hard thing to schedule, so we kept on postponing this reunion until we pushed it so far away that we forgot about it completely. Very similarly, we have been delaying this vacation for far too long, pushing it across the dates in our busy calendar. This vacation is that friend we have lost touch with.

However, reunions are important, because they remind us of whom we used to be before responsibilities weighed us down. It is high time we contact this friend, this vacation. You deserve this vacation, because you have worked so hard. So, let those responsibilities relax for a few days and treat yourself to a vacation. Reunite with your old friends. With so much on offer, Crotched Mountains is the best place to visit with your family and friends and have a memorable vacation. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, visit this amazing skiing resort and return with memories to cherish forever. Have fun!

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