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Dachstein West: A Destination For Pure Fun!

Have you planned your vacations yet? The mundane city life hardly gives us the time or the enthusiasm to plan for a beautiful vacation. Gone are the days when holidays were overwhelming and absolute fun. But now it is the time to turn the tables upside down and re-develop the lost enthusiasm. There is an amazing activity for you to do in the next holiday season. This is just the right activity to regenerate yourself. You should definitely go Skiing. There is not one but several reasons that explain why skiing the best activity to do in recent times.

Skiing down through the breath-taking landscapes is one of the finest ways to divert your mind and thoughts from the worldly worries. Gliding over the sparkling snow is totally an overwhelming experience. Also, Skiing is a very beneficial exercise. Skiing leads to learning many new skills. For those who like to travel a lot and explore new places, they should definitely visit a Ski resort. With huge terrains to explore as you Ski, you simply cannot ask for anything more. Ultimately you can become one with nature and feel the calmness of nature within you.

About Dachstein West

Dachstein West Statistics

Base Elevation: 780 m

Summit Elevation: 1620 m

Vertical Drop: 870 m

The choice of the place where you choose to Ski is equally important. With countless ski resorts around, finding that ideal resort for yourself can be a very hectic task. However, there is a Ski resort which cannot bypass your attention. That magnificent Ski region is known by the name Dachstein West, located at the heart of Europe in central Austria. This Ski resort comprises of three core locations, Gosau, Russbach, and Annaberg. Dachstein West is well equipped with some world class facilities. With endless slopes extending up to 55 kilometres and numerous lifts to transport a huge number of guests, you should witness the awesomeness of this place with your own eyes. The main action region stands at a height varying from 780 meters to 1620 meters. Rated as one of the most user-friendly resort, many events take place in and around.

One can elegantly immerse themselves in the mesmerizing atmosphere of the resort. This majestic place is a must visit whether with family or friends or alone. You will have loads of fun. Those paying their first visit to a Ski Resort will be completely swept off their feet by its majestic nature. Even those with a lot of skiing experience will find something exciting and new here. Apart from Skiing, the resort acts as a gateway to many other related events. Dachstein West is an epic place to go to for a perfect holiday adventure.

Explore the Humongous Terrain

than enough for beginners to peacefully practice and hone their skills. The Intermediate level slopes are 33 Km long which account for about 65% of the total. This stretch offers a decent challenge to skiers but is still widely considered as easy to ski on. There is a 3 Kilometre of the stretch that is difficult. The slopes have the sufficient versatility to satisfy all types of skiers.

Parts of the difficult run provide some of the greatest steepness in Austria. Artificial snowmaking facilities and valley run are available. The slopes are equipped with a total of 163 snow cannons. Night skiing is also offered. There is a freestyle snow park when one can try out various tricks. Other interesting facilities include a speed measurement course offered free of cost. There is also a public race course with time measurement which is accessible to everyone free of cost.

The Wide Range of Ski Lifts

The Ski lifts range from a variety of models. The maximum transport capacity is about 32938 passengers per hour and the total lift length extends up to 21.6 Km. One prominent facility, Network, and connectivity are provided within the main lifts. The varieties in models are as follows, three gondola lifts, 8 Chairlifts, and 12 T-bar type lift. A special eight-person gondola lift is used transport guests from Annaberg to the Ski resort. Other uphill transport mechanisms include the ‘people mover’. All the lifts successfully help in hassle-free transport and provide proper connectivity across the resort. One can get a clear view of the beautiful surrounding sceneries as they travel through these lifts.

The Condition of the Snow

The Snow quality and quantity are properly maintained. After all, Snow is the most integral part of a Ski resort, the depth at the base is maintained at 95 cm while at the mountain it is 115 cm. This depth is sufficient enough to carry out all activities comfortably. There is plenty of snow available with which you can do some snow modelling or have a friendly snowball fight.

How much is the Ski Pass?

Dachstein West offers various type of Ski tickets for sale. Various categories include half day tickets, full day tickets and multiple day tickets along with the season’s pass. They even provide facility to book your tickets online. The prices are comparatively inexpensive with about 34 Euro for adults and 14 Euro for children per day. A season pass would be more economical in case of a long vacation stay. Special offers are available for families. If three tickets are purchased, one for parent and two for elder children, the other younger kids of the family get a free pass. Gift vouchers and other offers are also available.

The Extra Activities Available in the Resort

There are several exciting things to do here. One can try the special Panoronda Ski circuit. There are various snow parks and fun parks for you to visit and chill out. Also for enhancing your Skiing experience, special fun pistes are available. Apart from that, there are 3 Ski schools located in the region. These schools are excellent places to learn some new skills in Snowboarding and Skiing along with other winter sports.

Another interesting activity to participate here is the Ski geocaching. If you ever fantasized yourself as a treasure hunter, you are sure to enjoy this. About 30 geocaches have been hidden across the region. Kids can hang out in the Kids Club which was exclusively created for children to interact and play among themselves. The other sports activities in which anyone can take part include the horse-drawn Sleigh ride, tobogganing, cross country Skiing, Snowshoe hiking, Ice Climbing and Ice Diving. All these unique activities take place along with skiing.

Additional Information about the Place

The transportation connectivity of the resort to the major cities around is good. The nearest airport is at Salzburg which is takes about an hour to reach from the resort. Another close by the airport is at Lenz which is a two-hour drive. The Ski resort can also be reached through road comfortably from major cities like Munich, Vienna, and Prague. Additionally, you can avail the services of free Ski buses which operate in and around the region. All you need to show is your Ski tickets. The general operation times of the Ski lifts are from 9 AM to 4 PM while the ticket offices remain opened from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Weather and the availability of snow can change the scheduled timings.

With the enormous number of fun activities, Dachstein West is one of the best winter tourism spots. You can come along with your family or friends and spend some exhilarating moments here, skiing down the amazing slopes as you witness the ultimate beauty of nature. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, pack your bags and head out for this amazing skiing destination with your near and dear ones. Enjoy the winters in true sense this year and return home with memories to cherish forever!

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