Darlux Bergun-Switzerland

Darlux Bergun: The Fun Awaits

Winter can bring out a different personality in everyone. While some people enjoy the cold breeze under the sun, others seek shelter in their warm jackets or blankets. Everyone appreciates the snowy winter landscape, be it an out-going person or a laid-back person. Snow attracts everyone to come out of their cozy house and embrace the beauty of nature. Snowman, snowball fights and snow angels are cherished by the children whereas they bring back the childhood memories for adults. So, why not plan a trip to a ski resort this winter and enjoy various winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and so on. Unleash the child in you and enjoy the serene winter landscapes this winter. 

About the Place

Located at Bergun Filisur in Graubunden, Switzerland, the ski resort Darlux Bergun is enveloped by the majestic Alps from all sides. The base elevation is 1388 m (4553.8 ft.) and the summit goes as high as 2569 m (8428 ft.). It has a total vertical drop of 1181 m (3874.6 ft.) which ensures great twists and turns in the ski runs. The ski resort has 23 km (14.3 mi) of slopes for skiing. Various winter activities are offered at the resort which ensures a great leisure time for visitors.

Darlux Bergun Statistics

Base Elevation: 1388 m

Summit Elevation: 2569 m

Vertical Drop: 1181 m

There are 3 ski lifts in the resort that transport guests to various parts of the resort. Of these, there are 2 chairlifts and 1 T-bar lift. The chairlifts can carry 2 persons per ride. The total lift length is 3.4 km (2.11 mi). The lifts have a total capacity of 2120 passengers per hour; this ensures a small waiting time in the queue. A ride in these lifts with the Alps in the backdrop is a truly mesmerizing experience. Plan a trip to this ski resort this winter and have a fun and adventurous trip. 


Tobogganing is a major highlight of this ski resort. If you love tobogganing, DarluxBergun is the perfect destination for you this winter. Get your toboggans ready and ride down the slopes. The toboggan runs are located at an altitude of 1400 m (4593 ft.). There are 6 local pistes in the area with an average surface area of 0.50 km2 (50 hectares). These pistes cover a total distance of 25 km (15.5 mi). The toboggan runs of Darlux-Bergun are sporty. They will thrill you to the core and set your heart racing. Take a chairlift to reach the starting location. The majestic view from the apex is truly captivating. You can either enjoy the delicacies offered at the Bergrestaurant or directly plunge into tobogganing.

For all the bold toboggan enthusiasts, the toboggan run Preda offers the steep curves and twists that will pump up your adrenaline. It stretches over 4 km (2.5 mi) and offers steep curving. Plastic bobs are not recommended for this course. The bumpy route can be tracked with toboggans and wooden sleds. Carry the necessary equipment like a helmet, ski goggles, ski suit, back protector and good shoes, and get ready to have an adventurous tobogganing session. Bring your own toboggan or rent one from the toboggan rental shop; you are now ready to have loads of fun tobogganing.
Night tobogganing- For all the night owls, the ski resort offers night tobogganing facilities. Enjoy sliding down the slopes in your toboggan. The starry sky and white fluffy snow add beauty to your thrilling experience. The night tobogganing is offered from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 to 23:00hours at the Bergun-Preda run. The toboggan runs are illuminated at night with an ample number of flood lights for safe tobogganing. On Mondays, the runs are open until 5 pm only. The other toboggan runs in Darlux are open from 9:00 to 16:30 every day.


There are 23 km (14.3 mi) of slopes available for skiing. 43% (10 km/ 6.2 mi) of these slopes are ideal for beginners. The blue slopes are wide, easy and ideal for people who wish to learn skiing. Almost half of the slopes are of the intermediate level. 12 km (7.45 mi) of the slopes come under the category of red slopes. These slopes are just perfect for those who want some challenge while skiing. And the remaining 1 km (0.62 mi) is a black slope. The black slopes are worth your money and ideal for the experienced skiers. Touring regions and skiing variations are also offered in the ski resort.

There is a ski and snowboarding school at the ski resort where you can learn skiing under the professional guidance of trained instructors. Even if you know how to ski, you ca learn some new moves or enhance your ski skills at this ski school. You can choose from group lessons, class teaching and private lessons for ski lessons. For snowboard lessons, you can opt from private or group lessons as per your choice.

Cross-country Skiing

The snow-covered fairytale forests and wild-romantic landscapes in the region are waiting for you to discover them. The cross-country ski run in DarluxBergun stretches over 7 km (4.3 mi). The enchanting beauty of the snow-laden mountains and pure winter beauty are something that you cannot afford to miss. The serene beauty of winter gives you peace in solitude. It refreshes your mind and captivates your soul. The cross country run is also suitable for skating. Glide along the powdered white snow and take in the beauty of the panoramic vistas.

Winter Hiking Trails

For all the non-skiers and nature enthusiasts, DarluxBergun offers 24 km (15 mi) of hiking trails. Winter hiking is a source of strength, peace, and pure relaxation. The smell of snow, a faint crackling under your shoes, a feeling of pure vitality and a trip in the beautiful winter landscape of Bergun is an enchanting experience. The winter hiking trails are groomed and have signposts at regular positions. The idyllic landscapes, snow-covered forests, quiet and relaxing moments away from the ski resort, and breathtaking views will rekindle your soul. Cherish the pure, serene beauty of winter and the peaceful solitude as you tread along the splendid slopes. Discover the untrodden parts of the slopes along your journey. 

Miscellaneous Fun Activities

Apart from the common winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking and tobogganing, the ski resort offers various fun activities for visitors. Flying like a bird has been a childhood dream of almost everyone. The ski resort offers paragliding facilities.You must try this adventure-sport if you have a thirst for the thrill. You can also try out ice skating in the natural ice rink located at Schulhausplatz near the Kurhaus. The ice rink is available from December end to February end. The Curling Club in Bergun offers workshops and courses for beginners. The enticing snow-clad peaks and pristine slopes attract visitors to go for ski tours. An experienced tour leader guides the ski tours; this ensures you get to see the undiscovered and raw beauty of these slopes. The ski resort also offers facilities for snowshoeing.

Special culinary delights

Apart from various mountain huts and restaurants in the region, the major highlights of Darlux Bergun are the Cervelatbarbecue and outdoor cheese fondue. You can enjoy the Cervelatbarbecue in a cozy atmosphere in the evenings. Expert assistance and equipment are provided by the ski resort. Campfire in the snowy evenings is an unforgettable experience and fun is guaranteed in these barbecues. The cheese fondue is prepared over an ablazing fire outdoors. This mouth-watering delicacy is eaten with extra-long forks. Fun and excitement are guaranteed at these gatherings.

The ski resort offers a wide variety of winter activities from peaceful winter hiking to thrilling paragliding and tobogganing. The majestic snow-covered mountains in the backdrop add to the fun and thrill of these winter activities. If you want a vacation that is thrilling and peaceful at the same, visit this ski resort this upcoming winter.  You won’t regret it, we promise!

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