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Deer Valley Resort: The Resort That Rules Them All



In the Wasatch Range, about 36 miles or 56 kilometers in the east of Salt Lake City is the near fantastical Deer Valley, an Alpine ski resort. The Deer Valley Resort is well equipped and retrofitted with all sorts of modern day upscale amenities. Precisely, for these reasons it is listed among the best-known skiing resorts in North America.

The best-known privileges that the Deer Valley Resort had was in the year 2002 when it played host to the Winter Olympics. Among the few of the events that the resort hosted was freestyle moguls, aerial and alpine slalom events. Even today you will find it featuring in the news as it quite frequently hosts competitions and events for the International Ski Federation.

Profiling Deer Valley Resort



Well, it is true that there are a number of resorts in the nearby area, so how does Deer Valley stand out and compete? The answer to this question is fairly simple. Deer Valley Resort follows a rather targeted approach. They have been able to carve out their very own niche in the world of snow. When it comes to the customers who come to the Deer Valley Resort, they are not your usual crowd, but the uptown and glamorous individuals. Moreover, it is to them that the resort provides facilities such as ski valets, parking shuttles free of charge, a complete fine dining experience and boutique shopping. Stein Eriksen of the Stein Eriksen Lodge is the acting director of the resort and also the main host at the property.


Deer Valley Statistics

Base Elevation: 6570 feet

Summit Elevation: 9570 feet

Vertical Drop: 3000 feet

When compared with other resorts in the Wasatch ski area, Deer Valley Resort utilises a great many grooming equipment’s and also has a limited access policy through which they are able to minimise overcrowding. It is due to this reason that the sales of tickets are limited to only 7,500 on a per day basis.

The managers of Deer Valley Resort have been able to achieve something crucial and challenging at the same time. They are able to manage as many as 50,470 skiers on an hourly basis on their uphill lifts. This means that they have 50 % greater capacity than the very next in competition. Here at the resort, you will find a total of 21 chairlifts, 12 of which are of high-speed detachable quad capacity and 4 are personalized enclosed gondolas.

Flakes of History



The formative years

Back in the 1930s the region used to host Park City Winter Carnivals and it is through these events that the Deer Valley Resort came about into existence. Between the year 1936 and 1937 the resort was able to build first of their trails and in the year 1946 came about their first lifts. Robert Emmett Burns, Sr. and Otto Carpenter are credited for constructing both of them. It is said that they utilised lodgepole pines from the nearby forest into constructing the lifts. The lodgepole pine or shore pines are quite common in North Americas. Among its other subspecies are the – Bolander pines, shore pine, and tamarack pine. These trees can grow as high as 40 to 50 meters or 130 to 160 feet.

Between 1946 and 1969 the Deer Valley Resort was known as the Snow Park Ski Area. Later on, in 1981, Edgar Stein came through and founded the Deer Valley Resort. Since that point in time, this resort has grown to accommodate as many as 6 mountains, 6 bowls, whopping 930 acres or 380 hectares of land for glade skiing and an additional 670 acres or 270 hectares of land which is blanketed with man-made snow. In total, the entire resort spans across an area of 2,026 acres or 820 hectares of land area.

The developments

In the year 1981, Deer Valley opened up the Bald Eagle and Bald Mountains. These mountains were then fitted with 5 of the most advanced lifts made by employing Lift Engineering or Yan. Today, however, you will only find one of those 5 surviving. It is known as the Burns Double and among the others are the Carpenter Homestake, the Sultan and the Wasatch Triple Chairs. A year later, in 1982 the Sterling lift was added and a year forth came the Clipper. The first of the major terrain expansions came about in the year 1984. 1984 was also the same year when major expansions of the terrain were taking place. The result of which was the Mayflower lift on Bald Mountain.

First, of the high-speed quads, the Carpenter Express was installed in the year 1991 on the Bald Eagle Mountain. In that same year, the resort expanded on the Flagstaff Mountain. This particular mountain is famous for its red clouds and Viking lifts. In the due course came about the intermediate and advanced mogul runs. Thereon came about the Crown Point lift. Even more, expansion projects were undertaken and by the year 1993, the Northside Express lifts were added. They would go on to become the most popular lifts of the region.

The Carpenter Express and Wasatch lifts were replaced in the year 1996 with two of the Garaventa CTEC high-speed quads. They were latest in terms of technology and sophistication. Deer Crest was another such lift along with the Quincy lift that was installed on the mountain consecutively.

In the season of 1998/99 the second round of expansion commenced and this time, two more mountains were added to the Deer Valley Resorts portfolio. On one of them, the Little Baldy Peak, the Crest Lift and the Jordanelle Express Gondola were started. They had 8 runs in total which included 2 green, 3 blue and 3 black. The Empire Canyon saw the inclusion of the Empire Express high-speed quad and the Ruby fixed quad. Expert and advanced terrains which further included 2 blue runs, 4 blacks and three expert bowl areas were also added. Many of the new lifts that can be seen today were installed in the decade of the 2000s in the Deer Valley Resorts. The Silver Strike Express along with the Judge lifts were added on to the Flagstaff Mountain and the Sultan Express, installed in 2005 was meant to replace the Original Sultan.

Later in 2007 the Deer Valley Resort took charge of its sixth mountain – the Lady Morgan. This particular peak is equipped with 9 runs including – 5 greens, 1 blue, and 3 black in addition to the massive glazed area named as the Centennial. Furthermore, with the addition of the Lady Morgan Express chairlift the access to Flagstaff Mountain and also the Empire Canyon became streamlined. The Lady Morgan was also an important addition to the Deer Valley Resort because with it the valleys skiing terrain added nearly 200 more acres of skiable area. The vertical rise of the lift is about 1,150 feet or 350 meters.

Among the more recent additions include the Mountaineer Express, a high-speed quad which was earlier known as the Deer Crest chairlift. Also, 2014 an agreement was signed between Solitude Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort through which the administration of Deer Mountain Resort would now take charge of its operations beginning from the 1st of May 2015.

5-Star Services

The Deer Valley Resort is famous for the treatments and services that they offer for their guests. It is in fact among the first resorts that offer a ski valets who accompany their guests and carry their skiing gear. At the same time, they also offer a state of the art, certified child-care facility along with employees who roam around in uniforms. You will also find tissues in the while you are in the lift lines, and also you will notice that each of their personnel refer to customers as guests and provide with an overnight ski check service which is complimentary.

International features

Deer Valley Resort first came into international limelight when it played host to the 2002 Winter Olympics games. Among the main events that they hosted included freestyle moguls and aerials, and alpine men’s and women’s slalom events. During that season the resort had specially prepared three of its runs – the Champion which was the site for the freestyle moguls, the Know you Don’t which was used for the Alpine Shalom and the White Owl which featured as a site for the freestyle aerials competing. For the same competition, temporary stadiums were erected at the end of each of the runs which were almost 12 stories tall and were equipped to seat as many as 10,000 guests. Standing areas for the spectators were also specially prepared and in total 13,300 spectators could easily be present during each of the events. Despite the sale of 99.4% of the tickets and somewhere around 96,980 guests about 95% of the resort was still open to receive guests for the usual season.

The resort also played host to the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships twice, first in 2003 and second in 2011. Thus it became the first place to be the venue for such sporting competitions twice. Deer Valley Resort has been hosting other FIS World Cup events since the year 2000 with just two exceptions – 2003 and 04.

Accreditations and Awards

The Deer Valley over the years has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for the exceptional services that they provide. Between 2007 and 2011 it was placed on the number one spot for being the best ski resort. The prestigious SKI Magazine in 2015 undertook a people’s survey and the result of which was that the Deer Valley received an overall ranking of 3.

A few Statistics

  • Nearest city: The closest city to the resort is Park City, Utah.
  • Vertical: The vertical elevation of the resort is of 3,000 ft. or 910 m.
  • Top elevation: The resort has a top elevation of 9,570 ft. or 2,920 m.
  • Base elevation: Its base elevation is 6,570 ft. or 2,000 m.
  • Skiable area: The resort will provide you with a total skiable area of 2,026 acres or 820 ha.
  • Runs: In total, there are 101 runs at the resort.
  • Lift system: There are 24 in total which include:

o    1 Gondola

o    12 High-speed quad chairlifts

o    1 Fixed-grip quad chairlift

o    5 Triple chairlifts

o    2 Double chairlifts

o    4 Magic carpets

  • Lift capacity: The resort has a lift capacity of 50,470 skiers per hour.
  • Snowfall: The resort receives about 300 inches or 760 cm. of snowfall.
  • Snowmaking: Apart from the natural snowfalls, the resort is able to cover an area of over 660 acres or 270 ha through man-made varieties.

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