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The human body is a real example of how hard work shows results over time. If you put in efforts, maintain discipline, not get tempted too much and you get the desired results. The result that comes up in the form of a healthy and fit body. Now who does not want that? Sports play an important part in keeping human body healthy and happy. By playing sports, you not only burn calories and stay healthy but also it helps release stress. This saves anyone from being away from a lot of health issues. So why do humans tend to cuddle with their blankets during winters? Instead, Winters are the time that we should be carrying out additional physical activities like sports to keep the body more active. Now summer sports cannot be played during winters, but that is why nature gifted us with snow. Along with snow comes the snow sports like skiing, snowboarding, ski mountaineering and much more.

Diamond Peak Statistics

Base Elevation: 6700 feet

Summit Elevation: 8540 feet

Vertical Drop: 1840 feet

When you are ready to spend your weekend getting fired up in the snow, then Diamond Peak is just the resort for you. Diamond Peak Ski Resort is located in Incline Village in Nevada, US. The place has a vertical height of 1840 feet. The place has a top elevation of 8540 feet and a base elevation of 6700 feet. The place is truly a winter land. The resort offers 655 acres of skiing area. The resort is proud of its six chairlifts. Out of which 1 is Lakeview Quad, 1 is School House, 1 is Red Fox, 1 is Ridge, 1 is Lodgepole Quad, and 1 is Crystal Express. The unique feature of lift Lakeview Quad is that it gives the guests the pleasure of having the mesmerizing view of Lake Tahoe during the lift ascents.

Terrain on offer



The place has a terrain meant for all. Apart from one Terrain Park the resort has 30 runs. Out of these runs, 18 % are meant for beginners. It is easy, and the beginners find the freedom to ski at their will. They not only can learn to ski but also have fun in the snow. Out of the 30 runs, 46 % are of intermediate level. Not only can the skiers show off what they have got and also learn something new. Out of the 36 % runs are of the experienced level. This is where it gets the toughest, but the feeling of adventure gets to a dangerous level.

Lift Tickets and their cost



Lift Tickets for a single day for the season 2016 – 2017 depend on the age of the visitor and whether it’s being availed for a full day or a half. For the adults, a half day ticket will cost $69; full day tickets are available at $74. Youth who belong to the age group of 13 to 23 will be charged at $9 for half day while $54 for a full day. This same rate applies for senior citizens as well. Kids under the age of 6 and people over the age of 80 will get a free entry in the resort. The prices for children who are aged between 7 and 12 can get an entry pass for $29 for a one full day. All these prices are for standard days while during the holidays, the prices are slightly on the higher side. The holidays recognized by the Resort are: December 19, 2016 – January 1, 2017; January 14-15, 2017; February 18-26, 2017

At Diamond Peak, the resort owners believe in family time. Other exciting offers by Diamond ski resort for skiers are also very tempting. So, to motivate the families to come together there are various discounts on lift tickets for the family. A family having a couple of adult members, and two kids can get a discounted pass at $148 on normal days and $158 on holidays. Similarly, there are other great passes available for various groups. More savings, more fun and an unforgettable family trip on the slopes.


The purchase of first time beginner packages which are meant for ages 7+ are available at the ticket window, and it includes everything a beginner could need. Reservations for these packages are not accepted so it is suggested that guests should arrive at least an hour or two before the lesson time, and earlier during holidays.

The Child Ski Center is meant to provide an environment filled with fun but also safety for kids of age 3-7 and is meant for children of all abilities. The center has different places to learning skiing, a surface lift, and an instructor to child ratio of 1:5. Your children will receive the attention they are worthy of and in an uncrowded and fun environment.

Group and private lessons are also available. Children from the age bracket of 4 to 7 years are accepted, but for three year olds only private lessons are available.

The prices are affordable too, and The pricing mentioned below includes regular days and holidays rates for the 2016-17 ski season. The holiday periods included are December 19, 2016 – January 1, 2017; January 14-15, 2017; February 18-26, 2017

Beginner Group Lessons (ages 13+)

The beginner group lessons start at 10 am and 2 pm and are of 1 hour 45 minute. You can register at any ticket window. The package gives the privilege of using the lift ticket and equipment for the entire day. The group only lessons are priced at $114 during the holidays and $94 during regular days.

Intermediate/Advanced Group Lessons (ages 13+)

The package includes 1 hour 45 minute intermediate/advanced ski/snowboard group lesson. It starts at 12 noon. This lesson is priced at $125 on regular days and $140 on holidays.

The lessons start at 10 am and go on until 4 p.m. The package offers morning and afternoon group lesson, lift ticket, equipment rental, and supervised lunch.

Sierra Scout Group Lessons (ages 7 - 12)

The package includes 1 hour 45-minute group lessons starting at 10 am and 2 pm. The Sierra Scout lessons are offered at $94 on regular days while the rates go up to $114 during holidays.

Lodging facilities



There are multiple accommodation options available here at the Diamond Ski Peak. From lakeside hotels to luxury resort hotels and condo rentals, you can get an accommodation to suit your budget. Hyatt High Sierra Lodge and Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort are located within one and half mile distance from Diamond Peak. Parkside Inn is another great place to stay, and is located at a distance of 1.2 miles from the Diamond Peak and has a total of 38 cozy and comfortable rooms for visitors. Club Tahoe and Vacation Station are also quite popular lodging places that are located within a close range of Diamond Peak Ski Resort.

Apart from comfortable stay, you can also enjoy delicious meals at the Diamond Peak which you will cherish forever. Thus, you can easily enjoy your stay at this beautiful ski resort and have fun indulging in various fun activities and snow sports that are here on offer. So, go ahead and get your gears ready because winter is coming and you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place!

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