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What if you got a chance to take a break from your daily routines of life and watch the white snow-capped mountains? Will it be a yes or a no? Yes, would be the definite answer. Saying no to this chance would mean you are in a lot of stress. You can get rid of that stress even if you go to a place called “Diedamskopf”. Even if you go there with your family, all the family issues will come to a halt. The scenic view of this fascinating place gives you the best moment of your life. A newly married couple can have an amazing start to their life it they go there. It is one of the beautiful places in the world.



About The Place


Diedamskopf Statistics

Base Elevation: 850 m

Summit Elevation: 2060 m

Vertical Drop: 1210 m

The Diedamskopf is the Hausberg ( the German word for a hill or a mountain) of Schoppernau. Schoppernau is located in the state of Vorarlberg in Austria. Austria is located in central Europe where everyone prefers speaking German. Coming back to the Diedamskopf, it is 2,090 m (6,856 feet) high. The total vertical drop of Diedamskopf is 3,970 feet (1210. 05 m). Diedamskopf base elevation is about 2,789 feet (850 m) while the summit elevates at about 6,758 feet (2059.83 m). Quite high, isn’t it?

To the north-east and south-east of Diedamskopf lie the mountains named as Hofen-Ifen and Üntschenspitze respectively. In the southwest, Schoppernau is the place to go. The valley of Bregenzer Ach also lies in that same region. A mountain named as Hirschberg lies in the west. So if you go to Diedamskopf, there will be other places to visit too. But in the lovely weather of winter, Diedamskopf is the place that should be on the top of every tourist’s list.


Ski Area

Are you an adventurous person who likes to ski? Then you will be pleased to go to Diedamskopf. Even if you are afraid that you might have a fractured leg after skiing, then your belief will be mistaken after you get a look at this place. Nothing is more safe and secure than the ski areas of Diedamskopf. There are ski buses to make travel between ski resorts a lot easier.




There are four different categories according to which the skiing ticket prices are decided. Seniors, youth, children, and Schneemann are the categories according to which your ticket prices and the offer will be decided. If you ought to be in the senior category then you will have to be born before 1952. Being a youth means you have to be born between the years of 1998-2000 or you have to be a student. An apprentice till 1991 or being in military or civil services also meant that you are in the youth category. For being in the children category, you have to be born at the start of the century (2001-2010). To be a Schneemann, you have to be just six years old or less. All the ticket prices come along with 10% VAT. The euro currency works for all this purpose. If you are planning a group trip with your family or friends, then your skiing rates will be extremely low. Diedamskopf also gives you an extremely amazing offer if you are traveling this place for the third consecutive time. All these offers are mouth-watering, aren’t they?



Traveling by the lifts make you watch the scenic beauty with comfort. Watching the white paradise while you are sitting with your wife and a kid or with your friends will give you some of the best moments of your life. So booking your tickets for this place right now will not be a bad decision. The gondola daily lift driving starts in the month of December just two days before the Christmas i.e. 23 December. The Gondola lift drive commences in the month of April on the 17th. There is also another lift i.e. exercise maple lift.

The operating time is on a daily basis from the 17th December to 17th April. Maple lift operates from 9:00-12:00 and from 13:00-16:30 daily. Exercise Grunholz lift is also another one to travel by. It starts operating one day before Christmas i.e. from 24 December until mid of March. 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00 are the time in which you will be able to experience the travel of Grunholz lift. If you want to travel and watch all the scenic views in the evening, you can do it by Grunholz lift. You can do so from the 4th of January every Wednesday and Friday until mid of March.

Out of the total area of the region, 40 km (24.85 miles) is the skiable trail on which you can definitely enjoy the adventure of skiing. These trails operate from 17th December till 17th April. The 13 km (8.07 miles) are the trails for the beginners. Intermediates can enjoy their skiing adventure on 18 km of the trail. While the experts can do it in a more professional manner on the 9 km (5.59 miles) of the trail.

Coming back to the lifts, there are total 8 mountain lifts. Gondola lifts cover the 25% of the number of total lifts i.e. two gondola lifts are available for your experience. Surface lifts are 5 out of the total eight lifts while the remaining two lifts are the chair lifts. Excitement might be running in your veins after reading all this. It’s ok!



Hiking Park

The hiking park operates on a weekly basis i.e. from 25th of May to 28th of the month. You can have a view of the park while you are driving and you can do it on a daily basis from 3rd of June until 8th of October. Want to have a morning breakfast? You can do that in the Hiking Park too. July 4th to September 12th every Tuesday and August 2nd to September 6th every Wednesday is the time to have your mountain morning breakfast. The most scenic view in this world is watching the sun set behind the mountains. This can be done from 6th July to 14thSepftember every Thursday.


Culinary Activities

“Fresh Mountain Air Makes You Hungry” is what is said at Diedamskopf. Want to enjoy the panoramic view or have a chance to enjoy the regional delicacies? Quite a tough choice. Most people would have preferred the former option had it not been Diedamskopf. But here it is a really very tough choice. You get in a dilemma when you get these choices when you are at 2,020m elevation. Wow! It is the only word that comes to one’s mind when you imagine these things. You can also celebrate your birthday or your anniversary with your loved ones. All you have to do is contact the restaurant manager.

Pack your bags, get a DSLR camera and get some tickets. Plan your trip to Diedamskopf. Contact the Austrian embassy in your country or if you are an Austrian then what are you waiting for. A lovely winter trip to Diedamskopf will get rid you of your daily problems. It will also make your life partner realize how much you are in love with them if you spent your money to bring them to this place. So go and enjoy!

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