Discovery Ski Area-USA

Discovery Ski Area



Everyone on this earth wants to have new experiences from time to time. This has made us look for different entertainment and recreational options. Skiing is one of the most active and refreshing types of sources of recreation. A lot of advancements have taken place in the recent times in the different skiing areas across the world. If you want to see the interesting aspects of skiing then discovery ski area is a perfect place for you.

Discovery ski area is located in Philipsburg, Montana in the United States. It is an alpine ski are located opposite Georgetown lake. It is a beautiful, eye-pleasing place to visit for fun experiences. The mountain has been modified in such a way that visitors can explore different activities here. This provides a boon for the ski lovers visiting here. Nature can be well appreciated from here.

Why visit Discovery Ski Area?



Ø Discovery day lounge is been built for the visitors at the ski area. In the morning, this place is best to visit. There are lockers, tables, and benches to make the place comfortable for visitors. Also, there are doors directly paving a way to the base of the mountain. This saves lot of time of the visitors too.

Ø Refreshment area of different types has been built here. Tap ‘er Lite is one of the best places to recharge yourself. You can have fresh Montana micro brew which is a well-known drink of this place. Also, you can sip Irish coffee to relief yourself from cold. This makes the place a lovely break from the long skiing sessions at the Discovery Ski Area.


Discovery Statistics

Base Elevation: 5770 feet

Summit Elevation: 8150 feet

Vertical Drop: 2380 feet

Ø Kinderski is the place for the little ones. It has many recreational items for young kids visiting here. Moreover, parents can find many interesting activities specially designed for children at Kinderski.

Ø The Noel shop has been made in order to provide the required materials for the skiing. You can relax and rely on the Noel Shop for the required clothing and gear before skiing sessions. Also, you will find repairing facilities at Discovery Ski Area. This will help you to fix damaged items before or after skiing.

Ø After the tiring skiing sessions, you can have good eating sessions. Sandwiches, fries, burgers and beverages are available along with delicious chocolate cookies.


Ø Various promotional events are present at the Discovery ski area. This specially includes college students and regular skiers. You just need to get your identity card.

Ø Discovery ski area provides adaptive skiing. This has been specially designed for individuals with special abilities. The operating team here requests such individuals to inform the booking five days in advance. Adaptive devices, as well as manually powered mobility aids, are of great use in this category. This includes sit skis, mono-skis, bi-skis and outriggers.

Ø Lift passes have been made available in different categories. This includes bike park passes, day ticket passes and season passes. Bike park passes have been made for the interested individuals who want to ride bikes on mountain and parks. The minimum permitted age for these rides is 7 years of age. Also, group booking is available at the Discovery Ski area to ensure comfortable experience of the members who come to visit here in groups. The reservation procedure is much simple. Just you need to take care of informing the concerned team well in advance.

Ø Nordic skiing is a great feature available at the Discovery Ski area. Cross Country Ski will be a new experience for the interested individuals. The trails are taken care off in the best way to ensure good experiences of the visitors. You will also find the weather forecast to ensure a peaceful journey on the trails.



Skiing is a fun activity which re-energizes individuals doing this activity. Regularly performing skiing can lead to many positive effects on the body too. The bone health is improved by taking regular skiing sessions. The strength is of the body is improved manifold with skiing. The best part is that you can have real fun with your family and friends and gather memorable experiences. You can get relaxed from your mundane routine with the wonderful skiing sessions. Doesn’t all this sound interesting? Then you should take a step ahead and treat yourself with a trip to Discovery Ski area.

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