Disentis – Have a Soulful Retreat to Nature and Snow!

Winters are undoubtedly cold but then summers are worse with the scorching heat and sweat. Take a respite from the humdrum of the city and the scorching summer days in our winter escapades. Go on a vacation to ski resort towns and engage in a multiplicity of events from snowboarding to skiing to racing and have the time of your lives. 

Disentis Statistics

Located at the source of River Rhine in upper Surselva, the ski resort town of Disentis is a worth visit for it’s a harbinger of winter tourism and has the famed Benedictine Monastery. Besides, it is also known for its alpine vegetation and retro-romantic culture. If you’re looking for a ski resort town that allows you unlimited free riding, Disentis is the place to be. Can you imagine the stunning imagery of mountains against the sparkling sun? It’s worth a sight! Besides skiing, live to your fullest while you’re on your snowboards or sight-seeing the adjoining areas. 

Resort Details:

Disentis 3000 ski resort town is a smaller town to give you a more personal experience. It is perched at an elevation of 5,269 feet (1605 meters) at vertical drop and 9295 feet (2833 meters) at the summit level. The altitude of the resort is 4026 feet (1227 meters). In other words, it is located between altitudes of 4026 feet (1227 meters) and 9295 feet (2833 meters). The 55th largest ski resort town in Switzerland has an efficient system of ski lifts and cable cars lined up to effortlessly move its tourists and locals up and down the slope at convenient timings.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics:

The Disentis 3000 ski resort town is well-known for its perfectly prepared pistes and powdered snows against the beautiful background of a mountain. You can go skiing, snowboarding or on hiking trails, here with ease. This place boasts of well-groomed slopes and a skiable stretch that matches every level of expertise at skiing and has every available convenience for its visitors. It has a total skiable area of 60 kilometers (37 miles), 50 kilometers (31 miles) of cross country trails and toboggan running trails which can also be used for snowboarding. Besides, it has a terrain park. Let us have a quick glance at the facilities available at this small ski resort town of Switzerland:

For Beginners: Out of the total 60 kilometers (37 miles) of skiable area, 20 kilometers (12 miles) are laid out for the beginners. These slopes, which form about 33 percent of the total area are well-groomed and comparatively easy to help learners enjoy the sport while learning it well. 

For Intermediates: Out of the total 60 kilometers (37 miles) of the entire skiable stretch, 30 kilometers (18 miles) are allotted to intermediate learners. This forms about 50 percent of the entire skiable area. The skiing slopes in Dentis 3000 are best suited to intermediate learners and families. 

For Experts: The ski resort town of Dentis also boasts of challenging slopes and black runs that would give you an adrenaline rush if you’re an expert at skiing. Out of the total 60 kilometers (37 miles) of the entire area allotted to skiing, 10 kilometers (6 miles) are provided for expert skiers. Though this forms about only ten percent of the entire skiable area, it is sure to give you the time of your lives against a beautiful background of imposing mountainous peaks.

The trails and slopes of this relatively small resort town are well-groomed and in perfect condition, throughout the optimal months. This place has two skiable areas and free riders find a whole new range of opportunities here in the entire 180 kilometers (111 miles) of slopes available. You can take a break from skiing escapades in the cultural attractions of the place and have an exciting lunch at one of their exclusive sun terraces. You could also go on hiking trails and toboggan runs. 

Learn to Ski:

Are you a little apprehensive about your visit as you don’t know how to ski? Don’t fear when Ski schools are here! Disentis 3000 ski schools offers a variety of ski courses so that you pick up the sport as fast as your mates and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You can take private lessons where you can learn the most and enrich and enjoy yourselves. Private lessons for an adult costs $79 for an hour. You could also learn in groups and challenge yourself to gain the best results with your friends and family. Group lessons for an adult costs $65 for a day. They have courses for children, as well. Group lessons for children cost $45 for a day and private lessons costs around $75 for a day. So, dress warmly, buckle up and get on those slopes! Be ready to entertain and enrich yourselves with these trainings.

Ski lifts:

The entire region of Disentis 3000 is serviced with modern ski lifts and gondolas to help skiers travel up and down slopes almost in an effortless manner, throughout the day. There are a total of ten ski lifts throughout the 180 kilometers (111 miles) slopes found all over the region. Out of the total 10 ski lifts, you would find 3 chairlifts, 4 t- bar lifts, 1 rope tow and 1 aerial tramway to serve the region of Disentis 3000. All its ten ski lifts are open throughout. A ski lift pass for an adult costs $71 for a day. Ski lifts pass for a child costs $44 for a day and a ski lift ticket for a senior citizen costs $60. You could also subscribe to their passes which cost between $455 and $800 and have unlimited rides to and fro. 

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities:

When you’re going for an adventure-packed vacation in Dentis 3000, you deserve to choose the best accommodation that suits your very needs and budget. The multiplicity of travelers in the area every year has given rise to myriad lodging facilities. You can put up in comfortable and luxury lodgings which are equipped with all modern conveniences and give you the best of your time. You could also put up in rather affordable places, if you’re looking for a more authentic experience. Put up at a youth hostel or a comfy sports hostel or a holiday apartment that comes with log fire! The family hotels have stunning surprises for you, every day. In a sports hostel, get a unique sports breakfast and a biker’s café. Let’s have a quick look at some of the lodging facilities:

Hotel Posta – It is one of the traditional family hotels that have all modern conveniences to help make your stay a perfect one with new surprises every day. Choose what you want to eat from a multitude of cuisines offered. A single bedroom for three days costs US$ 205. You get access to Wi-Fi, cable television and also keep your pets at request.

Plauncas Sala Veni – One of the most famed holiday resorts of the area which is well-known for Swiss hospitability, beautiful mountain views, and spacious rooms with spa and sauna facilities. This five-star hotel has a direct ski lift access and is build right below the mountain slopes. A standard room should cost you around US$ 899.

A skiing trip will not only get your adrenaline rushing to your blood and bones but will also rejuvenate to the core. The serenity and bliss you’ll experience while on the top of the mountain can’t be expressed just by words. You don’t return home with just some snaps on your camera but with memories for a lifetime and a huge generous smile on your face. 
Go ahead, put on your warmest coats, pack your bags and come here for a beautiful and serene rendezvous among the hills. You won’t regret it, we promise that!

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