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Visit Donner Ski Ranch and enjoy upcoming winters to the fullest!

Winters are just a few weeks away. The coldest season of the year is characterized by falling snow and freezing cold temperatures, usually aggravated by strong winds. Just like animals, the human animals also go on hibernation. The thick blankets, firesides, short days and long nights, sunbathing, hot drinks and last but not the least the common cold are hallmark features of the winter season. One enjoys having hot tea near the fireplace eloped in a warm fur blanket. People stay at home most of their time. When winter arrives, and the first snowfall makes it appearance, life comes to a pause. People prefer to stay in solitude and enjoy alone time. But life is full of excitement and why to make it boring. While you might enjoy curling up in a blanket with a good book in your hands, it will surely also treat your soul and will be a cure for your soul but going out can be fun too. And when you are in a snow-clad city, you are in the best place to make winter the best season of the year.


Donner Statistics

Base Elevation: 7031 feet

Summit Elevation: 8012 feet

Vertical Drop: 750 feet

In pretentious winter areas of the world, several have outdoor and sporting activities that are specially created to make the most of this lovely weather and give people a chance to enjoy and have fun with their family and close friends. The most famous and very adventurous sport is skiing. Skiing rejuvenates both the mind and body of the performer. And what can help a school or college student or even an office employ more than this? Winter season is a break time too. And skiing is a good way to unburden your stress.

No matter which part of the world you come from, California is a beautiful place that lets you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing and much more! These little moments spent in the snow are memories for a lifetime. Pictures captured by the camera will never change and bring you back to the nostalgic time spent here. Snow all around, a couple of great friends, a lovely family or a beautiful spouse and skiing – you can combine any of this and enjoy your winter at Donner Ski Ranch like none other. Go to new heights of new experiences, and once you are there, you are sure to be awestruck by the majesty of it all.



Donner Ski Ranch: California’s family friendly resort

Though California’s exquisite cliff-lined beaches and redwood forest are far stretched and very popular among youth but this is a resort tucked away beneath the snowy sheets in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Donner Ski Ranch is a family owned, and family operated ski resort and is designed for families,  located off Old Highway 40 on Donner Summit, right across from the Sugar Bowl in the Tahoe National Forest of Nevada County, California. The resort is ranked no. 6 among all the skiing resort in California and is popular for its homecoming feeling.

The resort provides us with all kind of equipment required for your activities; the Donner Ski Ranch is proud of itself for its organizational skill. You don’t have to wait for hours in waiting for lines for your turn to enjoy the magnificent pearl season. There is no end to the services they provide you with. People of ages can enjoy the adventure sport of skiing. Right from fun and joy able sport to delicious dinner, Donner Ski Ranch offers so much that days spent here won’t be enough and you will always feel home.

The sparse qualities of the Donner Ski Resort:

At a peak elevation of 7,781 ft and a base elevation of 7,031 ft, Donner Ski Ranch is here to give you a new experience. A total number of 8 lifts to make the experience of skiing or snowboarding nuisance-free for you! With other facilities like lodging, ice skating, mountain biking, tubing hill. This place is like a golden necklace which when worn or used will adorn you.

The beauty of Donner Ski Resort will always stay with you. You can buy the souvenir to keep intact with the place. The roads are clean and good for driving, but you have to look up for weather forecasting daily. The resort provides with the facilities of cleaning roads.

Telemark skiing and Snow bobbing are famous features of this place.


Things to know about Donner Ski Ranch:

Donner Ski Ranch is California’s last family owned and operated ski resort, so this place has a special value. It is unique in itself as it gives you a chance to have fun with your family. Experience the happiest moments of your life in soft, white fur like snow. Skiing or snowboarding are the most popular activities. To make it accessible for you, Donner Ski Resort provides with a rental shop for all kind of equipment.

The Resort also offers a season pass in which you can add tubing only at $50. The pass is to be filled and can be availed online. The cost of the ticket in the season pass for an adult before November 15 would be $249 from November 15 to December 15 it would be $299, and after December 15 it would cost $359. After the season begins, the prices of tickets reach a much higher level.

You can book your tickets online so that you don’t miss out fun or keep on waiting in lines. And you should not miss out on all the fun just because you have never skied! There is a ski school that offers training to beginners, but it is still in progress.

The tubing cost for ages is $99. Tube hill or sledding aren’t all skiing or snowboarding; they’re getting in an enjoyable activity which induces thrill of a different sort. It can be experienced while zooming down a hill on an inner lobe or sled at a speed of sound.

Donner Ski Ranch also provides its visitors with lodging and T-bar so that you can enjoy your drinks and warm yourself in the cold weather. Snow bobbing and Telemark skiing are another key highlights. Snow bobbing is a winter sport it includes a bicycle frame attached to the skis instead of the regular wheels used and a set of foot skies. It is suitable for people of all ages specifically for old age since you can ski without strength in your knees that too in alpine skiing style. Telemark skiing combines elements of alpine and Nordic skiing.



An alternative to high priced corporate-owned resorts, Donner Ski Ranch, provides you with close, affordable fun that too with family. It also offers Mountain Sports School, retail shop, cocktail lounge, and cafeteria. Telemark lessons available and free ski/historical tours are also offered at the Donner Ski Ranch. One can become completely carefree and also get a chance to know about the history of this place and skiing.

Skiing gives energy and peace of mind at the same time. Hence, to be cured of student anxiety or office pressure, it is a must for you to make a trip to the snowy mountain. That adrenaline rush you get when you slide over the snow cannot be compared to any other adventure in the world. Enjoying experiences by sharing them with family and friends add life to those experiences. Donner Ski Ranch offers you exactly that. Once you are in your snow boots with your snowboard all you can think about is fun you will have the next moment; completely forgetting about the assignments you have to submits, projects and power points you have to make. It’s just you and your peace of mind. Spending time in snow is like yoga. Yoga relieves your mind and soul, and so does this beautiful and self-created experience of skiing; refreshing your mind, body, and soul.

One of the finest things about going to a ski resort is that you get a chance to observe and meet new people and interact with them. At Donner Ski Resort, you will meet people of all kinds. Quiet, adventurous or simply fun-loving, interactions with them will surely help you discover a lot about yourself. You will meet different families from the different culture and you will be able to know about their culture and can share about your culture. There would be a cultural exchange.

The skiing not only gives you new experience but a chance to interact with nature too. You can know more about the mother earth and its importance in our lives. Nature too speaks a language, and we can understand it by these adventure sports. Fresh, cold air air rushing past you face and ears. You won’t get anything better than this, especially for those who don’t like winter season. This is a way to enjoy and love snow cold winter season.

With so many fun activities to enjoy and have fun, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting the Donner Ski Ranch. Go ahead, pack your bags and hit the place with your family and friends this winter season and have the most amazing winter vacation ever!

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