Dr. Samuel Caruthers Found Guilty in ski rage attack on a boy-News

Posted On: 10 Oct 2019


Dr. Samuel Caruthers found guilty in child endangerment and assaulting related to attacking a boy who was 12 in 2016. It was the incident of ski rage when Dr. Samuel punched the 12-year-old boy after the child fell into him on a beginner slope at a northern New Jersey resort.


Samuel who is now 47 was accused of punching the boy and stabbing him with a ski pole on 14th Feb. 2016.  It was supposed to be a fun day of winter sports but ended up in a horrible child assault.  The child (Jacob Azemoun) who is now 15 was left with a busted lip and rip contusion after beaten several times by Samuel on the bunny slope. He was found guilty of assaulting the child and a weapon charge on Wednesday. But he was found not guilty of third-degree aggravated assault and fourth-degree unlawful possession of a weapon.


Samuel faces up to 7 years in imprisonment and sentencing is currently scheduled on 24th May. 

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