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Enjoy your winter holidays at Dry Hill Ski Area Skiing and snow tubing



Doesn’t winter make you feel the best? Isn’t it your favourite season? Whether it be sitting easily in a seat close to a fireplace or going outside and making a snowman from snow, winters continually bring euphoria. What a major alleviation it is to be far from the sticky rainstorm and the tiring and burning summer! Indeed, even the desserts taste better in winters. The fun that starts with the icy climate is unbelievable. Either going out for ice-skating or sipping hot chocolate while watching Netflix is one of the enjoyments during winters. One of the ideal approaches to appreciate winters or escape from summers is the Dry Hill Ski Area.


Dry Hill Statistics

Base Elevation: 650 feet

Summit Elevation: 950 feet

Vertical Drop: 300 feet

Any recreational moment amid the monotony of life is an absolute requirement. Dry Hill Ski Area is the most appropriate and as of, one of the recently built areas for trips and outings with companions, for families and newly-wed couples. It is the most engaging site giving a rare experience of skiing and skateboarding. The excellence of the nature encompassing the range abandons leaves one puzzled, surely with great experience. There are an unbelievable number of enterprise exercises and impressive sceneries which will doubtlessly engage one and give plenty to the right memories to cherish forever with dear ones.

Where Should you Head to for the Most Exciting Trip?



Since you and your companions have chosen to go out in the snow and appreciate the climate, the question emerges about your destination. What in your opinion is the best place for you to go? To appreciate a significant portion of your occasions, set out for Dry Hill Ski Area. It is a small area planned and worked out specifically for recreational activities that you can undertake with family and friends and make the most of a chilly winter day. Also, this place has fun activities for your kids as well, so your kids can enjoy their winter vacations in the best way ever.

It is situated on the Alpine Ridge Road in Watertown, New York. The range of the area is big enough to carry 12 skiing trails. The place is genuinely a dream come true and a happy holiday site for loved ones. It is a resort that even gives rental gear to snowboarders and skiers. Visit the place, and you will encounter no inconvenience, no holding up lines at all to back you off on your trip. What’s more, after an excursion you can sit and unwind at the nearby cafeterias and food joints.

Planning a trip for some adventurous winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing for this winter sounds like an excellent idea. However, before you go ahead and plan out your itinerary, you should know why Dry Hill Ski Area is so unique and also the best skiing area for beginners as well as experts. The journey to the resort begins from the lifts. There are a total three lifts. They offer Chair lifts and T-bar lifts. Riding the lift that the resort gives is a significant ordeal itself.

While setting out up to the skiing zone, you will not pass through the beauty of nature and not miss an inch of fun. Once you set your feet on the snow, you can choose your level of difficulty. For the beginners there are 33% trails which are easy to ride on, for others, there are 34% intermediate and 33% advanced trails on which only experts can enjoy their time. This makes a total of 12 trails named Wagon Trail, The Face, Rock and Roll, Suicide, Bump Run, End Run, Main Trail, Main Lodge, National Ski Patrol, Hefti’s Hollow, El Cid and Snow Tubing Park. Apart from this, the summit elevation is 650 – 950 ft. This makes Dry Hill Ski Area one of the best in the region that attracts so many tourists every week; the visitor count going up sharply over the years.

Ski and Snowboarding



  • The Dry Hill Ski Area and Resort offer its guests with numerous rental administrations as well. For skiers and snowboarders, rental equipment is accessible at a very low cost for the entire day and half day. Some other vitals like the protective cap, jeans, snowboards, poles and likewise are leased. You can rent this equipment from the resort store and return all the rented equipment on the same day.
  • To help you avail the best services, the resort offers numerous regular and seasonal passes and lift tickets. You can browse for the season pass, the first run through season pass and the family season pass. Likewise, exceptional rebates and rates are accessible for gatherings and school kids.
  • The ever-supportive staff is prepared to give you any help you might need. Moreover, they have prepared and authorized staff to watch over the skiers and snowboarders which help you be careful while skiing.
  • If you are going on a trip with your group of friends or family, you can benefit exceptional discounts on lift tickets, skiing and snowboarding lessons, ski equipment rentals, and other fun activities like snow tubing.
  • For anyone who is hitting the trails for the first time, you do not need to stress; the resort offers unique preparing lessons where you can figure out how to ski in a matter of time. These lessons incorporate two hours preparing with the Dry Hill Ski Area. These lessons include free lift tickets, helmets, and rental equipment. The classes for the beginners is called ‘never-ever.’ It starts at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. in the evenings and 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and the timing of 3 p.m. on holidays and weekends.
  • For the shy ones, they even have special one on one training. For tiny toddlers from age 3 to 6, they hold a one-hour private lesson. Also, there are group lessons for adults which are highly recommended for the beginners.

All these fantastic activities and services make Dry Hill Ski Area one of the best places to ski and have fun in the region. Also, since the place also has fun activities for kids and other age groups, you can visit the resort with your family and have the best winter time ever.

Closure with food



After spending a day full of enjoying fun activities at the skiing area engaging in recreational activities like skiing, snow tubing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and such activities, one usually gets drained out of energy and is empty stomach by the end of the day. To treat your taste buds and give you and your family a culinary delight, the fast food joints, and cafes near Dry Hill Ski Area offer delicious pizzas and burgers and soups which will not only keep you warm but also ensure to provide you the right nutritional nourishment you require during such an active holiday.  Overall Dry Hill Ski Area is the perfect holiday spot for your family and friends. You can enjoy all your holiday surrounded by nature and engaged in fun-filled activities.



So, go ahead, pack your bags and visit this fantastic place this winter and have fun with your family and friends. Go out there and enjoy yourselves to the fullest and return with memories to cherish forever!

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