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Eagle Point : A Gem atop Tushar



The Eagle Point resort, Utah has often been described by its guests to provide with the most natural, classic and overall authentic experiences.  In terms of the life cycle of a ski resort, Eagle Point is considered to be among the newer ones, situated over the majestic Tushar Mountains within the Beaver Canyon region of Utah. Herein you can not only ski over the fresh powder but also sharpen your snowboarding skills.

The resort is positioned just a distance of three and a half hours from Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. But will take you anywhere between 6 and 9 hours if you are travelling from southern California or Arizona.


Eagle Point Statistics

Base Elevation: 9100 feet

Summit Elevation: 10600 feet

Vertical Drop: 1500 feet

The Eagle Point ski resort comprises of a super massive 1,200 acres and provides you with stunning locations, a whole range of terrains which include the steepest of terrains south of Utah and all the required facilities for beginners, intermediates and experts. The region receives over 400 inches of what is known as the Greatest Snow on Earth. Herein, at the resort you will find everything that you could possibly dream of in terms of facilities and experience. Everything modern and leading you to an authentic adventure on the mountains.

A Glance through the Statistics



  • Vertical Lift: Over 1500 feet.
  • Area: Over 600 skiable acres.
  • Runs: At the resort you will find over 40 runs.
  • Days of Sunshine: Over 320 days on an average.
  • Snowfall: The region receives about 450 inches snowfall annually.
  • Lifts: The resort is equipped with 5 lifts.
  • Park: There is a beautiful Terrain Park at the resort.
  • Elevation: The top elevation of the resort is measured at 10,600 feet and the top elevation of nearby peaks is over 12,000 feet.

Eagle Point: The History and the Developments



At the current location there once existed a very popular skiing resort named as Mt. Holly which was run by the name of Elk Meadows throughout its existence. This resort commenced its operations in the early parts of the 1970s and lasted until the year 2000. Thereon came through the Eagle Point Resort. It was created in the year 2010 by three friends and their love for snow. None of them in-fact have any serious relation with the skiing industry as such. Their vision was derived out of will to create a high-end boutique resort. Keeping that in mind, they also wanted their resort to have facilities such as challenging terrains, modern facilities & amenities along with immense scope for entertainment. Their aim has always been to provide high end services to their guests.

Precisely because of all these reasons, Eagle Point has been like a hidden gem in Utah. Crowded slopes, perfectly lined trees, playgrounds, a wide ranging terrain and the most famous backcountry touring possibilities – the resort is everything more and exquisite.

Even before Eagle Point was conceived, the background Alpine setting had attracted adventure seekers not only from the neighboring Utah region but also folks from all around the States. The resort today has 40 runs which are considered to be the most challenging ones in southern Utah region. Its progressive terrain parks which have been specially designed to cater to the varied levels of expertise, it also has exceptional trails for snowboarding and provides with possibilities for the whole family to enjoy and have a great time in the freshness of the powder.

Here at the resort you can also avail the expert knowledge of PSI-AASI certified instructors. Particularly for children there are programs through which they can learn all the necessary details pertaining to snow, skiing and snowboarding. You will also be able to rent demo equipment’s and get access to quick tunes or repairs of any equipment.

Features of the Eagle Point Resort



Eagle Point and its 1,200 acres is privately owned and the administration along with the well trained staff members will leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing top notch services. Glance through the following points to understand what this beautiful resort offers:

Lodge – 1: The resort houses a 12,000 square foot lodge which is known as the Canyonside Lodge. It has been recently renovated and packed with a restaurant, a complete bar to keep the cold at bay, a lounge, a general store along with spaces where conferences can take place and something very exciting – a hot tub garden.

Lodge – 2: The second of the lodges is the Skyline Lodge. Herein you will find a store which is equipped to provide full service, rentals and repairs. The Skyline Lodge is also the place where you come to learn skiing at the snow sports school. It houses a great cafeteria and a complete retail store.

Other options for accommodation: Here at the resort you can also choose to live in a collection of 120 condos and cabins. The appearance of this sort of a settlement is nothing less than a village or a hamlet. Interestingly, there are a wide variety of rental options available as well. Don’t forget to enquire even if you are not interested, this space has a different kind of charm all together and you surely do not want to miss a chance just because you never asked.

The Lookout: The Lookout is a warning station located on the mountain. It otherwise will provide you with a magnificent 360 degree view of the superb Tushar Mountains. The sceneries that you get to see here is a rare sight and you sure will be proud to have taken the 18 mile long drive from the Utah State Highway # 153.

There is nothing more absolutely pleasing than walking on the snow. It might also get slightly embarrassing but all of that is worth it for the sheer joy of it. Now, unlike whatever city dwellers might think about people who reside on the hills, the resort and its nearby area is quite flourishing. The region is blessed with all that one may possibly need.

Also do not let the relatively remote location of the resort scare you away. Guests come here often just to seek the solitude and glare of the wild. At the resort you will find food, drinks, and a great nightlife too.

For more details you can always log on to their website or simply call them. They can assist you while you sit and plan out your stay at the Eagle Point. The following list comprising of the lodging areas particularly might prove to be a great incentive while you are on a vacation. Have a look:

  • The Aspen Suites: The best part one could say is the ski-in and ski-out access. It is indeed truly amazing for those who haven’t tried it out as yet. So, instead of the same old driving in and out scene you can get into your skiing gear and voila, do the very same. Could be very cool if you have not done it. Otherwise the staff of the suites are warm and gentle, you will not have any trouble sleeping and chilling-out.

These suits are like two bedroom condos and quite comfortable. There is no dearth of modern amenities that you may possibly want. Furthermore, following are its features:

  • Access to Ski-in and Ski-out.
  • The Canyonside Lodge, the most happening place on the resort is just a walk away.
  • Furnishings are of top notch quality and finish.
  • Fully stocked kitchen set
  • Free satellite TV.
  • Free access to the hot tub garden at Canyonside Lodge
  • The one bedroom suite has 1 bathroom and is of 640 sq. ft. configuration which can easily occupy 4 people.
  • The one bedroom suite plus sleeping loft has 2 bathrooms and is spread in an area of 940 sq. ft. It is capable of housing 6 people.
  • The two bedroom suite has 2 bathrooms and is 1300 sq. ft. in terms of area, and can easily occupy 6 people.
  • The Village Condos: They are quite conveniently located near the Canyonside Lodge area and provide you with every bit of authenticity when it comes to the lodging experience. Village Condos are available in a whole range of sizes so you can chose what you need without having to pay more. Its key features are as follows:
  • Centrally located in the lodging area.
  • Very close to Canyonside Lodge, the most happening place in the resort.
  • Some of these condos have the facility of ski-in and ski-out.
  • They have fully-stocked kitchen sets
  • Most of the condos have satellite TV services.
  • Vacations Homes: These are some of the most beautiful accommodations on the resort and are also the largest properties. In these vacation homes you can easily accommodate as many as 20 people without getting the feel of a crowd. Its key features are as follows:
  • Can easily accommodate up to 20 people making it the largest property on the resort.
  • These homes are retrofitted with all the modern amenities and facilities.
  • They have remote settings but still are at a convenient distance from the resort.
  • Most of these properties have Satellite TV and Wi-Fi facilities.
  • Beaver City Lodging: You can get some of the most exquisite views of the west from here. It is also in-fact the largest city in the county and famous for two people who were born here – Philo T. Farnsworth, he invented the television, and Butch Cassidy, probably the more famous of the two; he was a notorious western outlaw.

Scope for Adventure outside the resort



Now, just when you feel that the resort has nothing more to offer, then boom, in comes the surprise of the backcountry. The terrains of the backcountry are near fantastical and meant for a wanderer like exploration. You will also be glad to know that Eagle Point and the department of National Forest Services work in close cooperation due to which such a journey was made possible.

Furthermore, the countryside terrains can be accessed through any of the 5 gates of the resort. Skiers and riders are free to explore the vast lands and you can also scale up any of the peaks of the Fishlake National Forest.

If you really like the place, then might as well stay there for a while. There are condos on the slope side available for rentals and from here you can also ski-in and ski-out at any time of the day. Folks usually travel from these condos to the lodges on the Canyonside for drinks and dinners. There is the Outpost Grill wherein you can enjoy the bar and mouthwatering food delights. This place is well heated up and offers 2 fireplaces, a private lounge along with a dance floor.

The Current Season



Now, the previous season (2015/16) did close-up a little early due to the faulty Monarch Lift. One could quite literally see the disappointment on everyone’s faces but, all of that has been resolved and during the current season the Monarch and rest of the resort will be prepared to serve their guests yet again, in the best of their abilities.

Snowfall this year is pegged to be high which means that the terrains will have to be paved and a lot of work will have to be done by the folks of the resort. The Tunnel Vision and the Subway Bowl are undergoing the much needed refurbishment and you all can expect the resort to be in a brand new shape. Depending upon the weather conditions alternative routes might have to be created for the twentytwo runs and the three lifts. The resort all in good faith also guarantees to its guests who have booked their spots early for this season, that if the situation under any circumstances goes downhill they will provide you with a full refund.



The resort and its tree lined knolls inculcate a different kind of feeling altogether, something which is intrinsically American. In any case, here, the resort with the confluence of the wild and the modern keeps on reminding you of the age of yore and in a rather fluid, flakey manner brings you back to our contemporary times. Precisely because of this reason one feels a kind of jet lag, a hangover whenever one returns back to the daily, routine oriented lives. So, why not, while the journey lasts have a great time and soak in every bit of the scarce warmth of the sun and the soft coldness of the snow.

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