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Winter has arrived along with the jolly good mood. With the goodness of Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way, everyone is looking for a way to surprise his or her loved ones. Why not take them out for an adventure? What better way to spend a holiday making memories with some snow-packed fun at renowned resorts and glide away from all your tensions in life.  Tired of all the traffic, the internet and the expectations of a social life get a break with your family and book yourself a resort to create some everlasting memories. It is only once a year that we get to indulge in inches thick snow might as well enjoy it with a snow sport.


Eagle Rock Statistics

Base Elevation: 1260 feet

Summit Elevation: 1810 feet

Vertical Drop: 550 feet

Well, if you are planning a holiday with some fun in the snow, Eagle Rock Resort is just the thing you need that fits right into your budget. Eagle Rock is located in the neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles in San Rafael Hills, Los Angeles California. The Eagle Rock Resort is located 5 miles southwest of Hazleton, Pennsylvania Route 924. It is a private gated resort community in Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountains. The resort occupies over a 600 acres of comfort and security along with a few adventures. When you need a complete plan for relaxation, this is the place to go. It consists of golf courses, spas, swimming pools, skiing and snow sports. Onsite they offer deluxe accommodations, casual dining, and sandy beach area with conference and meeting halls.

The mountain base is 1260 ft., and the summit is 1810 ft. in height with a vertical drop of 550 ft. The mountain is divided into 12 lighted slopes for people ranging from beginner to expert level of skiing. These slopes offer a view that will be embedded into your mind especially when shared with their loved ones. The ski instructors at the resort are all professional and qualified. They will guide in private or as a group according to the plan you choose. The resort is open for skiing for 40 long days depending on the weather. The trails total 14 are designated into 8 for a beginner, 1 for the intermediate and 5 for the expert level. The resort consists of 43 acres of skiable land and 107 acres smaller than the average.




There is a total of 3 working lifts which are each Double chairs. The guest lift rates depend on the age whether they are qualified as an adult (ages 15 and above), junior (ages 7 to 15) or seniors (aged 60 and above). For all day rates, an adult is charged with $42 and a Junior with $28. At night time that is between 4 pm to 9 pm the charges for adults and juniors is the same cost at $28

For children aged below 6, the pass is free, given that they are accompanied by an adult who has paid for their pass. As for the seniors aged 60 and above the pass at all times will be at the cost of $15. The lift tickets here are less expensive in comparison.  The uphill capacity of the lift is about 4,000 people per hour. An adult season pass costs about $219 and that for a child is $169. The lift is operational from 9 am in the morning to 9 pm in the night. The season pass allows you permit for the entire season for the rides. To make a season pass worth it an adult would have to go skiing for about five days a week, and a child would have to go six days a week.


The latest machinery and improvement have made skiing experience much better. The most recent snowmaking equipment and snow guns ensure a powdered, uniformly snow covered mountain for some good skiing experience. These consist of short lift lines and a 1-mile long terrain park for some gliding action. The slopes are most enjoyable for beginners and intermediates. Though, the resort might not be much fun for the advanced level skiers, you can still have fun with your friends who slope down the beginner slopes while you help them hone their skills.

Rental Rates



Rates at Eagle Rock Resort are much cheaper in comparison with other resorts, the rates for ski or snowboard for an adult is $35 and for a junior is $30. The rates for other rentals for the remaining equipment are same despite the age. The helmet costs $12, ski or snowboard boots cost $15 and ski poles get as cheap as $10. Owners at the resort get the further privilege of an additional 10% discount.

Snow Tubing

Family fun with some snow tubing is a must for all those who crave for an adventure. At Eagle Rock Resort with a Panorama Grill view, you get the Snowtubing Hill. It is a recreational activity for both skiers and snowboarders to provide a different option. Many people across the region visit the Eagle Rock Ski Resort just to witness and enjoy this amazing fun activity.

Rental Rates

The ski lift ticket must first be purchased before moving on to Snowtubing. The rates depend on the time that one wishes to take up the ride. During day time the rate is $22 and for night hours (from 4 pm to 9 pm) it is $19. The snow tubing ticket upgrade costs up to $10. You can enjoy an amazing session of night skiing with your family and friends and gain a truly unique experience sliding down the slopes of this ethereal mountain during night hours.

Skiing And Snow Tubing Lessons



The resort offers for coaching in skiing lessons by certified professionals. The rate depends on whether you opt for a group or private lessons. An adult group training program costs $25, and for junior group training, the cost is $20. There are two private lessons for an adult it costs $48, and for a junior, it costs $36, for an adult 2nd private training course it costs $24, and that for a junior costs $18. The training happens on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are different timings for Friday starting at 1 pm and ending at 6 pm. On Saturday 10:30 am and ends t 5 pm. On Sunday the training batch starts at 10:30 am and ends at 3:30 pm. You can opt for one of these and hone your skiing skills and allow yourself to ski on the fantastic slopes and have a great time.

Eagle Rock Resort overall is a below average among ski resorts in the United States, though well suited for beginners and intermediates for good practice in skiing. It is ranked the 344th largest in the United States. Its longest run being 1 mile (1609 meters) takes about 4 minutes to slide down from the top of the mountain which is not very satisfying for most of the riders. The skiing trail falls short of at least 107 acres of land as compared to an average skiing resort in the United States.  The Eagle Rock resort continues to attract thousands of visitors every week during the winter season and enthrall them with the fantastic fun activities on offer.

The mountain contains one Terrain Park and one half-pipe for those who want to practice a few tricks. The number of lifts falls short of 3 lifts and carries 3,900 people less than an average resort per an hour. On a positive side, the total cost for the trip is reduced as the lift tickets are 14% less expensive in comparison. Day passes for children and adults are much lesser as compared to that of an adult ticket at an average resort. Tickets could get further cheaper if the days are not busy like non-holiday or mid-week. The season passes are about 54% lesser than that of an average resort. Despite the below average skiing experience, one can say that Eagle Rock Resort is a cheap place with a breathtaking view to offer and many services like golf and spa and a fitness center.


With so much on offer, Eagle Rock is one of the best places to head out to during the winters and have a great time with family and friends. So, pack your bags and head out straight to the Eagle Rock Skiing Resort and enjoy numerous snow sports and other events, and return with memories to cherish forever

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