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Ehrwalder Alm: The All In One Ski Resort


People often dream to do something epic and different. It is only natural to get tired and bored of the monotonous everyday life. Are you in need of some fresh enthusiasm and energy? Holidays provide the perfect time for refreshment. Many might think of spending their time at home, avoiding the cold winter weather. That’s like hibernating and will only make you duller. One should go out and explore the world during holidays.

So, what is the best activity to engage in during winters? The first thing that comes to your mind on hearing the word winter is snow. That’s what can give you an extraordinary experience. There isn’t a more exciting activity than accelerating down the snow filled slopes. Skiing is what we are talking about. Along with providing fitness and health benefits, it satisfies your hunger for excitement. Skiing is what you should do to get that renovation you are craving for. The experience will definitely be beyond expectation. Even if you have tried skiing before, it is the perfect time to relive those golden memories.



About the place

Ehrwalder Alm Statistics

Base Elevation: 3310 feet

Summit Elevation: 6309 feet

Vertical Drop: 2671 feet

When it comes to skiing, location and the resort you choose to matter a lot. Ehrwalder Alm is a ski resort located in Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, Austria that is worth your attention. This resort is at an altitude ranging from 1112 m (3648.3 feet) to 1923 m (6309 feet). The difference is altitude is enormous. The slopes here are well maintained and long enough stretching up to 27.5 Km (17.08 miles) for you to ski endlessly. With several other innovative facilities, this is an ideal place for your skiing adventure. All the standard facilities like ski lifts, snowpark, snow cannons, etc. are present in the resort. The main attraction of the resort is not only skiing but also snowboarding and other fun activities on offer. The resort is widely considered ideal for families. High-class accommodation facilities are present very close to the resort where you can comfortably relax after intense skiing sessions.

Without any further hesitation, you can check this place out. The atmosphere is family friendly. Even the elderly can ski with comfort. You are sure to meet some amazing persons here, who would have come along with similar mindsets as yours. Apart from Skiing and Snowboarding, there are many other unique activities to experience. The resort is your key to having some very good time with family and friends and make some beautiful memories.


The Amazing Slopes


The complete length of slopes is subdivided into various categories based on the skill required to ski on them. The slopes are wide and convenient to ski on. 18.1 Km (11.5 miles) of the slope comes under the easy category. This makes up the majority of the slope accounting up to 66% of the total length. People from all age groups and experience levels can easily use these stretches of slopes. There are slopes meant for professionals and other experienced Skiers too. 7.4 Km (4.6 miles), which is 27% of the total slopes, is of medium level difficulty.

Beginners can use this as a test of their skills to track their improvement. The remaining slopes of about 2 Km (1.24 miles) are the difficult ones to ski on. Making up to 7% of the slopes, they provide the real challenge for skiers. The most difficult run is the Panorama slope which is about 2 Km (1.24 miles) in length. Professionals can have some serious practice sessions here. 92% of all the terrain has artificial snow making facilities. There aren’t many problems regarding snow quality or quantity. The snow depth at the base averages at 75 cm (29.5 inches), while at the mountain; it is 110 cm (43.3 inches). The depth is more than enough to have a proper skiing experience. Valley run is also available. The snow park is also present in the resort.



The Ski Lifts available for Transport


The Ski lifts in the region are very modern and provide amazing service. There are eight ski lifts in total. The lifts have an amazing transporting potential of 14280 passengers per hour. The total lift length is 8.1 Km (5.03 miles). Some lifts have modern technologies equipped like weather protectors and seat heaters. The top company Doppelmayr manufactures all the lifts. There is an additional Sunkid moving carpet manufactured by Sunkid that can be used. The various types of lifts available are gondola lift (1 in number), Chairlift (3 in number), T-bar lift (2 in number), Rope tow (2 in number). You can get the longest ride from Ehrwalder Almbahm which has a lift length of about 2.275 Km (1.41 miles). This lift can accommodate eight persons per trip and has a carrying capacity of 2800 passengers per hour. The newly installed lift, Issental is a high-speed chair lift with the maximum carrying capacity in the resort with the efficiency of 2880 per hour. This lift’s length is 1.404 Km (0.87 miles). The available lifts have more than enough capabilities to assist the crowd. Skiing is never a complete experience without enjoys the ski lift experience.


The Other Fascinating Activities You Should Look For


Apart from skiing or snowboarding, here are the other things you should watch out for. In fact, there are several activities to anticipate. One could try out activities like Tobogganing. You could even go for cross-country skiing with your friends. As many as 28 skating courses extending up to 110 Km (68.35 miles) are available.

Another unique activity to take part in is Dog Sledding. Along with these, many more exciting activities happen around the resort. These include Curling, Sleigh trips, High altitude hiking trails, winter hiking trails, etc. You can engage yourself in many group activities and have loads of fun. In spite of a variety of opportunities around if you are still not satisfied you can visit the fun park, Betterpark Ehrwald and spend some quality time there. The park is situated almost at the center of the Ski resort at an altitude of 1.6 Km (0.99 miles) and 1.5 Km (0.93 miles). The park is located near the Kamil lift. You could have a quick snowball fight with your pals or do some snow modeling. Kids will love this place.



The Ski Tickets


The day tickets during the main season have standard prices. For an adult, a regular day ticket would cost 43 Euro during the main season. For youth, it is 38.5 Euro, and for children, it is a little cheaper at 21.5 Euro. Season passes and multiple day tickets are more economical if you plan to stay for a longer duration. A five-day pass for an adult costs 202 Euro. For children, it is exactly half the price. Always look out for special discounts for families and student groups. Senior citizen discounts are also available in the resort.


Additional Relevant Information


The general season time starts from mid-December and extends until early April. The daily operating times of the resort are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Making a note of these timings will help you plan your schedule properly. The timings may vary depending on many other conditions like climate. Apart from this, the resort is well connected to nearby towns and accessing the place shouldn’t be a problem.

Don’t miss to make the most of your holidays in a beautiful place like Ehrwalder Alm. You can come along with your companions and have the best getaway of your life. Skiing will surely cheer up your mood and give you a fresh energy of enthusiasm. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, pack your bags and head out straight for the Ehrwalder Alm resort with your family and friends and have a great time enjoying the fun activities on offer. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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