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Vacations are the best time of the year, aren’t they? So they have to be perfect. Nothing can go wrong during your best time of the year. So we avoid taking any risks with it and go to the same place we went last time, right? But there’s another way which has a plenty of options to select from too and that way is going up to the mountains d your friends and family. One can never get bored of being in the mountains and looking at the amazing picturesque views of nature and diving deep into the serene breeze. So once you go to the hills, there are a lot of things to do other than just sightseeing. One can indulge in winter sports like skiing. Skiing adds a dash of thrill and excitement to your trip to make it more memorable. A lot of ski resorts are available that offer skiing. One amazing option is to go for the Eibenstock ski resort. Located in the German Ore Mountains, Germany, the Eibenstock ski resort has a beautiful scenery to offer. The Ore Mountains form 130 kilometers long mountain range between Bohemia and Germany and hence offer great picturesque views that one can never forget in his life. It is an optimum location to head to with your family for vacation and get from the hectic daily routine.


Resort Details

Eibenstock Statistics

Base Elevation: 2133 ft

Summit Elevation: 2444 ft

Vertical Drop: 312 ft

For the people who know a little about skiing or the people who want to improve their skills in skiing, the Eibenstock ski resort is a very must choice. It takes care of all your needs. The winter sports area of the ski resort is situated at elevations of 650 meters (feet) and 745 meters (feet). The resort offers artificial snow making capability and valley run is also available. The resort even has night skiing. Because of all this, the Eibenstock ski resort is considered a truly divine family vacation site where you can relax with your loved ones. The snow park/Fun park available in the resort adds to your enjoyment.


How to Reach

The Eibenstock ski resort is accessible by all modes of transportation. It offers Ideal entry for day visitors. You can drive your car up there or use a train connection or reach there via air. One can reach the resort by driving to Adler Olsen-Bahn, Adlerfelsenweg, 08309 Eibenstock, Germany where a stone parking lot is already present and the parking is also free of cost and has a lot of space. One can use a train connection to Eibenstock and then take a bus to the resort which isn’t far from there.


Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics



The Eibenstock ski resort offers the slopes best for the people who want to learn the sport of skiing or enhance their skills in the sport. The resort has a total of 1 kilometres (0.62 miles) of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding. The slopes are divided on the basis of how much skills a person has. Beginners: Out of the 1 kilometres (0.62 miles), 0.4 kilometres (0.24 miles) have been assigned to the beginner level where people who know only a little about skiing can come and practice the sport to have a more firm grip on the sport. Intermediate: Out of the 1 kilometre, the remaining 0.6 kilometres (0.37 miles) are allocated to the intermediate level skiers. So, the people who want to improve their skills in skiing can go to the Eibenstock ski resort where there are expert trainers to guide you.

Ski lifts

Being a vital component of a ski resort, Ski lifts are required to transport guests up and down the slopes. A total of two lifts is available in the Eibenstock ski resort which has a total capacity of carrying 1980 passengers per hour and a total lift length of 0.9 kilometres ( miles). Out of the two lifts, one is a chairlift type with a carrying capacity of 980 passengers per hour and 520 meters length and the other is a T-bar lift with a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers per hour and 400 meters of length. The main season day ticket prices are affordable too. They are $(18 Euros) for adults and $(13 Euros) for children.

Learn to Ski

If you don’t know anything about skiing, you got nothing to worry about because the Eibenstock ski resort takes care of that. There are expert trainers that teach you ski courses from the very basics. The classes have been divided into the beginner and the advanced level. The Eibenstock ski school offers 45 minutes courses in groups of 2 and 60-minute private lessons in Alpine skiing and snowboarding as per your comfort. Also, there are special highly specialised trainers that you can safely rely on to teach skiing. In other words, the safety of your family is taken care of.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

A lot of options for accommodation are available near the Eibenstock ski resort. The ski accommodations available range from inexpensive to luxury so that one can select the most suited one as per his budget. Some of the accommodations are:

Staudacherhof Hotel:

Located at a distance of 600 meters, you can reach the resort by going on a walk with your family. The hotel offers all that you might be looking for on vacation. It has all the modern facilities like free Wi-Fi, multi-cuisine restaurants and what not. It is a family resort known for its ambiance.

Rheinischer Hof Hotel:



Located at a distance of 4 kilometers from the resort, one can reach the resort easily by bus. The hotel is known for its hospitality and hence is an excellent choice to spend time with your family. So without any more doubts in your mind regarding the vacation spot this year, head up to the Eibenstock ski resort and have an unforgettable experience with your family this winters.

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