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The Perfect Winter Getaway - Elferlifte Neustift


Winter is all about spending time with your family, friends and close ones. Whether you prefer staying indoors hosting various family functions and simple get-togethers or you plan on taking a vacation skiing and snowboarding over the thick layers of snow, winter is all about FUN. It’s the season and the atmosphere which compels us to go out of our ways just to experience the satisfaction and happiness of engaging in something enjoyable. Isn’t it fun to build a snowman or just lay down on the snow making snow angels or indulging in that hot dessert that you couldn’t otherwise in any other season! Well, winter is all about surprising yourself.

You work hard the entire year fulfilling all the duties and responsibilities that are expected of you. So why not let loose and give yourself a break? It’s time just to step back and surrender yourself to the bliss of breath-taking mountains and lush green valleys. Located at Hochstubai Liftanlagen Ges.m.b.H, 11er Lifte Neustift, Moos 12, 6167 Neustift, Tirol, Österreich, the Elferlifte Neustift ski resort is one happy destination for you to rewind and relax. It is the ideal place for you to spend quality time with your family or friends and take a break from your mundane life for once. It’s a ski resort situated at the heart of the country Austria- What’s not to like about it!




Trail Map Details


Elferlifte Neustift Statistics

Base Elevation: 3281 feet

Summit Elevation: 6824 feet

Vertical Drop: 3543 feet

The Elferlifte Neustift ski resort is perched at an elevation of 981 meters (3219 ft) to 2080 meters (6824 ft) and accommodates 7 kilometers (4.34 miles) of slopes for skiing and snowboarding activities. An additional mogul slope has been added to the total number of slopes available since 2015/2016 season. Also, the ski resort provides three toboggan runs on the Elfer which is a delightful attraction for first-timers at this resort.


Skiing Activities


The entire 7 kilometers of skiing and snowboarding slopes are of intermediate level. These slopes are designed for the athletic skiers who are well familiar with the sport of skiing and wish to enhance their level, movement, and tactics or maybe just indulge in skiing for the fun of it. These trails or “pistes” are specially developed for an average skier and involves a standard level of challenges which will not only help you to practice and increase your art form but also ignite an exciting thrill for the sport of skiing.



It is the responsibility of the skiers to maintain a sufficient level of safety and diligence and sincerely not engage in something dangerous.

Remember to notice the weather and temperature conditions before you head out for any outdoor activity; bad weather conditions are a definite NO to any sort of outdoor sport.

It is prohibited to ski or sled in the forests as animals and trees may be exposed to damage, and that is something which would not be accepted at this resort.

Be sure to communicate with the respective offices in the event of any accident or injury and mention the exact location for your rescue.

Do observe the display panels and signs at the lift stations as well in other points of transport within the resort.


For all those lazy bones out there who just want to kick back and relax, Sledding is your perfect choice of sport! The Elferlifte Neustift ski resort boasts of its exclusive and the most beautiful slopes for sledding. As you swish down 8 kilometers (approx. 5 miles) through the dense Tyrolean mountain forests, these slopes are amongst the longest and picturesque in Tyrol. Night sledding is another major attraction on the Pinnis sled run that is brightened with petroleum lamps to give you an ethereal experience. Gondola lifts and Toboggans are available to help you reach your point of convenience. For single rides sledding, adult ticket prices cost 8.30 Euros, for youths (up to 18 years) costs 7.20 Euros, for children (up to 15 years) costs 4.20 Euros and for seniors above 65 years of age, ticket prices cost 7.60 Euros. Sleds can also be rented at the Valley Station for 5 Euros each.



The Elferlifte Neustift ski resort offers ideal thermal conditions and facilities to engage in the exciting sport of paragliding. With several numbers of cable cars, Paragliders are able to reach the starting venue of their flights both quickly and comfortably. In fact, the Elferlifte Neustift ski resort is reputed as one of the pros among its contemporaries for providing the most suitable conditions for Paragliding.  For single rides, paragliding tickets cost 10 Euros, from 12-noon tickets costs 22 Euros, day tickets costs 28 Euros, for ten rides tickets costs 91 Euros and season tickets 215 Euros.


Day Tickets and Prices

Day tickets help you to travel all across the slopes and trails and will also aid you to avail any form of transport with which you can engage in such winter activities. One day ticket prices for adults costs 28 Euros, for children 14 Euros, for youths 21 Euros, for seniors 23.80 Euros and for families (valid for two parents and all their children up to 15 years), day tickets costs 64.40 Euros. For half-day tickets (11 am to 2 pm) adult ticket prices costs 25 Euros, for children 12.50 Euros, for youths 18.80 Euros, for seniors 21.30 Euros and for families, half-day tickets costs 57.50 Euros.


Lift Tickets and Passes

Lift tickets are a must-have for when you embark on this skiing and sledding journey. These will help you to avail the three lifts and take you to the position from where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding activities. Prices of lift tickets from 9 am for adults cost 14.60 Euros, for children 7.60 Euros, for youths 10.60 Euros, for seniors 12.50 Euros and for families 33.50 Euros. From 12 pm, lift tickets for adults cost 11 Euros, for children 5.60 Euros, for youths 8.60 Euros, for seniors 9.40 Euros and for families 25.50 Euros.



The Elferlifte Neustift ski resort is at the prime location of Stubai, Austria and offers a host of charming lodging facilities and hotels available at reasonable prices and packages for your convenience. Take a look!

Sporthotel Neustift: This 4-star superior quality hotel is the perfect blend of tradition meets modernity. Its exclusive array of wine and culinary delights along with premium packages for rooms and wellness centers make it the first choice amongst several tourists. Packages start from 72 Euros per person per night.

Der Stubaierhof Neustift Hotel: Also a 4-star quality hotel at Stubai, Austria, this hotel is referred as the certified hiking hotel in this beautiful countryside. It is their special objective to make their guests feel at home whilst their stay in this amazing city. Packages for this hotel cost72 Euros per person per night inclusive of bed and breakfast.

So there you go! This is all you need to know before traveling to this beautiful country for your winter getaway. Right from skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and a wide array of other snow sports on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun. So haste not, start packing away and be ready for a spectacular vacation amidst the snow covered mountains! You won’t regret it, we promise!

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