Elk Mountain Ski Resort-USA

Visit Elk Mountain Ski Resort and Explore the Heaven of Adventure This Winter Season!



The winter call has come, and we are all ready to welcome the soothing chilly air of the weather with open arms. Sitting by the window side enjoying the morning cup of coffee and enjoying the snow bed laid outside is just perfect! Isn’t it? But why you have to be a follower when you can do something really fascinating even in the winters instead of becoming a couch potato. With so many adventurous activities on offer and so much to do, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun. And Elk Mountain Ski Resort is the best place for the adventure lovers in this frosty weather.

A Peek Into The History of The Place


Elk Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1693 feet

Summit Elevation: 2693 feet

Vertical Drop: 1000 feet

Pennsylvania got its first commercial ski area in 1959 in the form of Elk Mountain Ski Resort, located at 344 Elk Mountain Road, Union Dale, PA 18470, USA.  Featured a small base lodge, a 2,200 foot T-bar and several slopes and some rope tows in the beginning years of its opening. In the year 1961 technology took its turn around, and the double chair lift was installed, allowing the additional trails.

In the next coming year, snowmaking entered the premises of the resort along with a new ‘A’ frame Lodge at the base of the mountain. In 1966, Night Skiing made an entry in Elk Mountain which resulted in the expansion of trails in 1972. Elk Mountain also built a 4,000 ft. long quad chairlift in 1994. With the coming years in its row, it emerged as the proven leader for quality skiing in Pennsylvania and this place is reviewed positively by the Ski Magazine.

Activities for the enthralling audience



The hidden gem of skiing in Pennsylvania, this place has summit elevation of 2692 ft. and a base elevation of 1692 ft. with a vertical drop of 1000 ft. And the list is endless here because this place has so much to offer the thrill lovers. The place has 27 trails which are going to be a fascination for the bold spirits who want to grasp all the fun. With the skiable area of 180 acres and the longest run of this area is 1.75 miles (2.816 km), this place is perfect to explore every fold of the ski world.

The snow covers the area at the range of 60 inches (1.5m) every year. The enthralling list of things doesn’t end here as there are 7 active lift systems which have the capacity to carry 5,400 people/ hour. If you are still not convinced to visit this place in the vacation, then you should take a look at the massive terrains of the ski area. There are two terrain parks for the undaunted people who want to enjoy every bit of the fun here.

The resort also offers a special arrangement for the night lovers with the night skiing facility. You cannot go disheartened from here if you are busy in the morning. Rather just wrap up all the chores in the day and have fun in the midst of the snow with this special night facility. Night skiing is one of the most fun activities out there on the snow, and you can enjoy this amazing activity here at the Elk Mountain Ski Resort without any fuss.

Adventurous trails



Okay! The fun doesn’t end there because the real excitement is still inside the box. The beginners don’t have to scrap their mind hard, and they just have to grab a ticket for this amazing place because they offer a package for amateurs. Out of the 27 trails, 25% area is for the beginners who want to explore the dimension of the skiing world.

Now the intermediates come in the limelight after the beginners. There is 30% area for the intermediates to learn again and polish their skiing skills. Exciting right?

And at the end comes the heroes of the skiing world who wants to reach the heights of every trail in the resort. They can easily move on their own will in this place and discover the new heights in the 45% area especially kept for them.

Lift up to the mountains

The real fun lays at the snowy mountains and gliding to the beauty of nature is just you cannot miss by any chance. This place has seven lifts from which one rope tow and six chairlifts which are just an addition to endless fun this resort offers. The fixed quad chair lift and five double chairlifts will give you access to the heights of the mountains. Four of the lifts and the quad as well runs from the base to the summit to give you that mesmerizing view from the top.

Buy the tickets

Well, it won’t cost you much, and it’s worth it to spend some money to experience this adventurous place. Starting from the adult tickets, in the day it will cost $66 on the weekends and $54 on weekdays from 8.30am to 4.30pm. The afternoon tickets will cost you $47 on the weekends and $39 on the weekdays. And if you are interested in going at night then it will cost $32 on the weekends and $31 on the weekdays.

Now the children of age group (6 to 12 years) and super seniors of 75 & above age can equally have fun just like the adults. Starting with the day tickets, it will cost $50 on the weekends and $42 on the weekdays. The afternoon tickets will cost $38 on the weekends and $33 on the weekdays. For the night lovers, the tickets will be $26 on the weekends as well as on the weekdays.

Now if you want to enjoy the lift rides for consecutive days, there are different packages available to avail. If you want to spend your weekend amidst the snow from 8.30am to 10 pm, then it would cost you $117 and the weekdays will cost you $96. But the only condition here is the days should be consecutive.

For the children and super seniors, there is some rebate in the price. They can enjoy their weekend without any burden with a negotiating price of $84 and $71 if they want to come on the weekdays.

Ski School



If you are the beginner in this world of snow skiing, then you are in the right hands. The Elk Mountains proudly launched its Ski school which is a blessing for so many amateur skiers. And it’s not only the place for the beginners, the trained and learned skiers or snowboarders can also take part to polish their skills. In the hands of professional American ski instructors, this place also has seventy-five trained staffs working under them. The sizes of the class are kept limited to ensure quality learning.

Time and rates for the classes-

All the beginners will be asked to assemble at the bottom of the beginner’s slope fifteen minutes prior. The timing of the classes is 10 am, 2 pm, 6 pm, and 7.30pm for the age group of 8 years and older. For the first timers, the class timing is 12noon. A one hour lesson will cost $35 while a private one hour lesson will be $94. A two-hour private lesson will cost $153 which increases with each additional person.

This place is a one stop shop for all the wanderers who wants to experience real fun in their lives. With a calm ambiance in the lap of the Elk Mountains, this place is the best choice to make your winter vacations memorable for a lifetime.

If you need a break from the hectic schedule of your life and have some fun, then this place will definitely rejuvenate every cell in your body and make you feel alive. So you don’t have to think much and pack your bags for this enthralling fun experience at Elk Mountain Ski Resort. Go ahead and visit Elk Mountain Resort with your family and friends and make the most of a chilly winter day. Have fun!

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