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Elko SnowBowl: The Quaint Ski and Bike Park

It’s winter. The first snow has made its appearance. And it wouldn’t be fair if you don’t enjoy the snowy season to your heart’s content. And what can be a better activity to make winter the best season of the year, other than skiing and snowboarding? Not only skiing down the slopes is fun, but it also makes you finally feel free from the mundane tasks of life. Fresh air, great heights and beautiful sceneries, a mountaintop and an incredible slope lets you experience and enjoy all of that! Every season of the year comes with its perks. And winter is no different. 

Live the season in all its glory at Elko SnowBowl, a ski and Bike Park, a non-profit hill run by volunteers at Elko County. Located merely 15 minutes away from Elko, Nevada, Elko SnowBowl is just the ideal destination for people seeking to enjoy the essence of the season. 

Elko SnowBowl: Elko’s Snowy Pride:

With the base elevation of 6300 Ft and the peak elevation of 7000 Ft, Elko SnowBowl is the only ski resort in the county of Elko. Owned by the people living in Elko County, SnowBowl thrives even 25 years after it first opened because of the vibes it offers to the visitors. Friendly, casual and entertaining, SnowBowl is just the kind of resort you should head to if a quiet, uncrowded holiday tops your wish list.

SnowBowl has two lifts and ten runs, of which 8% are beginner runs, 90% are intermediate and advanced plus expert runs makes up for the rest of the 1%. But Elko SnowBowl is not just any ski park; it is the place where you can enjoy and love every moment of winter. 

Elko SnowBowl Statistics

Base Elevation: 1932 m

Summit Elevation: 2130 m

Vertical Drop: 198 m

If you are at Elko SnowBowl, a visit to the Mammoth Mountain is a must. You can have a great flight from three major cities to Mammoth. Or drive on US HWY 395 and enjoy the scenic beauty of the California on the way. Travel through valleys and witness the Mountain loom in all its glory. A bus/taxi/ shuttle is also one of the best transport means to make you reach Mammoth. Easily accessible from all major towns and cities in the region makes Elko SnowBowl a preferred ski resort in the region.

Ski and Ride:

Elko SnowBowl has 60 acres of skiable land. Being a non- profit Hill, it is smaller than the average ski park; but other services offered at the hill makes it a place one must not miss when in town. The best part about visiting Elko SnowBowl is its pricing. You just have to pay $20 for a single day lift ticket for an adult, i.e. 59% less than the average ticket prices at other resorts. And day passes for children and senior citizens are even less than that of an adult’s! 

Adult season passes are available for $150, a whopping 69% lesser than what season passes at other resorts cost. With such affordable prices, skiing becomes an even more enjoyable experience for the entire family! With 90% trails dedicated for intermediate runs, hitting the slopes is just the right mixture of a cake walk combined with some challenges.


While you are at Elko SnowBowl, you experience luxury at its finest. And with affordable accommodation, Elko SnowBowl provides you with an environment you will not want ever to leave behind. Four hotels are within a range of 6 to 8 miles from the hill. Shilo Inn Elko Suites, the closest to the hill at just a distance of 5.5 miles, offers you a comfortable accommodation starting from just $98. Oak Tree Inn Elko starts from $79, Thunderbird Motel, from $49, and Townplace Suites by Marriot Elko, 7 miles away, is by far the most expensive at $299. 

So, no matter how many days you plan to stay at Elko SnowBowl, the Hill makes sure that you get the best of the snow and the suites. In addition to that, lip smacking food offered there will make you feel like the king of the world

What’s more? 

Elko SnowBowl might be a small ski park. But it is by no means less amazing than the others. It offers its members a 10% discount on season passes. A preseason ski swap also takes place at SnowBowl. You can buy unused gears from the last season, or sell and purchase other people’s used gears. You can also use SnowBowl’s rental services for ski and snowboard rentals. The rental services are quite affordable and this is what makes it a favorite skiing destination for people from all walks of life. The resort receives a large number of visitors every year, and the number is constantly increasing by every passing year. 

SnowBowl also offers instructions and training for skiing and snowboarding. And when you are tired from practice or from actually hitting the slopes in winter, you can relax and rest with refreshments from Skips Snacks Shack at the ski area. Right from hot dogs to beverages, sumptuous delicacies are always available to please your appetite. 
SnowBowl has its own shop where you can buy amazing merchandise, right from socks and hoodies to phone cases and mugs at affordable prices. At SnowBowl, skiing isn’t the only fun activity you will indulge in. With shops and restaurants all around you, winter becomes all the more memorable. You can spend a day at this beautiful resort with your family and friends and make the most of a chilly winter day. It can be a perfect break from studies for your kids as well, who can enjoy skiing down the slopes of this beautiful ski area. 

If you love a small town, family friendly ski resort, SnowBowl is the place for you. A hill that has kids learning to ski, cowboys roaming around in their jeans and boots, and guides enjoying the slopes, SnowBowl is one destination that oozes of friendliness and familiarity. Operating on donations from the world over, SnowBowl has been an attractive resort for hundreds of people for 25 years. 

Affordable lift tickets, season passes, and accommodation rates, delicious food and beverages, combined with open, uncrowded spaces make SnowBowl the perfect place for ski lovers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a local or an international visitor, SnowBowl caters to everyone’s needs in the best way possible. People's Park, SnowBowl is much more than a snow clad hill. It is a destination that feels like home away from home. 

From a different perspective, skiing is a sport that sets you free. It helps you to rediscover yourself at the top of the world. Skiing and Snowboarding require you to control the movements of your body and mind in a particular direction. This skill is not restricted to sport. It goes beyond an entertaining moment. Mastering skiing or snowboarding can help you to focus in stressful situations as well. And if there is resort near your locality that allows you to explore the snowy terrains at incredible rates with even more amazing facilities, you shouldn’t miss out on it. 
With a number of fun activities on offer, Elko SnowBowl is one such ski resort. More than that, it is a hill that lets you experience all the great things about winter at great prices. Small and straightforward, Elko SnowBowl offers the best of winter without the glam. If you prefer a solitude filled holiday with a few loved ones, Elko SnowBowl is one resort you should definitely visit!

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