Engadin – St. Moritz. – The Ultimate Paradise of Ski Resort Lovers. 

Winters are special. They might not be the typically favorite season for everyone but the best part about winter is snow. Winter is like a treasure house of fun activities. We could go skiing, skateboarding, horse racing on frozen lakes and pavements and have the time of our lives. Build a snowman or throw a snowball at your best friend while you sip some hot chocolate or go skateboarding in ice skating rinks, one cannot simply not like winter.

Yes, it is cold in the winter months. But that isn’t sufficient reason for you to stay indoors and do nothing. A vacation is one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself and take a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Winter is always about adventure and you can engage yourself in thrilling ways of spending this soothingly cozy season by skiing, skateboarding, ice skating, tobogganing or swimming in a hole. 

About the Place

Visit the abode of winter sports – Engadin St. Moritz. Located in Engadin – amidst a range of high alpine mountains, it is undoubtedly the biggest winter sports area of Switzerland that is reputed to be the cradle of winter sports since its inception in the 19th century. The beauty of this place which remains wrapped in snow and faces the southern sun captivates not only visitors and travelers but also residents and dwellers. Have an unforgettable winter holiday in the alpine resort of St. Moritz with your special someone or your family or your best of friends and live to the fullest this winter.

St. Moritz Statstics

Base Elevation: 1720 m

Summit Elevation: 3022 m

Vertical Drop: 1302 m

St. Moritz ski resort is located at an elevation of 1573 meters (5160 ft.) at the vertical drop, 3300 meters (10826 ft.) at the summit and the resort altitude is 1800 meters (5910 feet) from sea-level. This hub of winter tourism is situated to the south of Swiss Alps, often addressed as the “roof of Europe”. In terms of a recent statistical report, it is believed to be situated between altitudes of 1730 meters (5679 ft.) to 3302 meters (10836 ft.). It is a high altitude ski resort mainly remarkable for its glacier skiing options and the place is served by a legion of the fast and detachable quad and six-seat chair lifts. A total number of fifty-six lifts and thirteen cable cars serve the region. 

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics:

The sunniest region of Switzerland with its dry climate, high altitude, panoramic view of the slopes and artificial ways of creating snow is a skier’s paradise. Moreover, it offers around eighty-eight exciting slopes and trails to skiers to do what they love most on their snowboards. A total of 350 kilometers (217 miles) of ski runs, 220 kilometers (136 miles) of cross-country tracks and 150 kilometers (93 miles) of winter hiking trails with its four tallest peaks and thirteen-holiday destinations makes this place the perfect spot for every vacationer in search of adventure. Let us have a quick glance at the skiing and snowboarding facilities that this resort offers:

For Beginners: Out of the total 350 kilometers (217 miles) of the ski area that this place boasts of, 70 kilometers (43miles) has been provided to beginners. The slopes provided to learning skiers are comparatively easier which help them to learn the sport with ease while relishing it all the way. The slopes of Corviglia, Salastrains or Survetta are optimal slopes suited to beginners. Nursery slopes are limited and easy runs only make up for ten percent of the total ski area and this isn’t the best place to learn skiing.
For Intermediates: The ski resort of St. Moritz is best-suited for intermediate skiers. A total of 245 kilometers (152 miles) is offered to the intermediate skiers. Thanks to impeccably groomed slopes, a total of seventy percent of the ski area is denoted for the enjoyment of intermediates. The Corvigliafunicular followed by easy runs to the top are the most preferred for skiing. The Piz Nair Run to Celerina is one of the major highlights of the 245 kilometers stretch. 

For Experts: St. Moritz holds brilliant opportunities of skiing for experts as well. Out of the total 350 kilometers (217 miles), a total of 35 kilometers (21miles) of skiing area is kept aside for advanced skiers. The black runs are challenging slopes that are spread around many skiing areas. The twenty percent devoted to expert skiers span around the challenging slopes of Corviglia, Corvatsch, Diavolezza and Lagalb. 

The trails and slopes are extremely well maintained and groomed on a regular basis. And thanks to artificial snow creating systems, the places are always full of snow and have optimal weather conditions to help you ski almost in an effortless glee. The place is also noted for its cross country skiing beside snowboarding, winter horse racing, snowshoeing, snow cricket and bob sledding. 

Learn to ski

Are you afraid you won’t be able to enjoy your ski vacation because you don’t know how to ski? Do not worry. The Ski School St. Moritz is here to provide lessons to learners on a regular basis while helping them to learn and revel in the sport at the same time. You could learn in groups if you want to have some fun while challenging yourself to compete with other skiers or could take private lessons if you are keen on learning the sports in all its charm. While a private lesson for an adult should cost you around 345 Euros approximately for a day, for a child it will be 345 Euros for a day. A weekly pass deluxe lesson that spans 6 days costs 355 Euros is available for children. A group lesson spanning over 3 days costs 261 Euros for adults while that of a child costs around 79 Euros for a day. 

Ski lifts

Ski lifts are an essential necessity in the world’s largest ski resort town which spans over 350 kilometers (217 miles) of skiing area to travel up and down the slopes efficiently and effortlessly. The largest ski resort town is well serviced by a total of 57 ski lifts which have a capacity of carrying 67,480 passengers every hour. There are 21 chairlifts, 25 surface lifts, 7 cable cars, 3 funiculars and 1 gondolas to serve the entire rugged terrain. It encompasses a total area of 26.2 kilometers (16 miles). At St. Moritz ski resort town, ski lift prices for adults are around $78 a day while for children, it is $26 a day.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities:

The ski resort town of St. Moritz, popularly known as “the festival hall of Alps” was the first of its kind in winter sports and tourism. The place attracts travelers from all around the world to witness its stunning beauty, partake in the celebration of tradition and life and participate in the wide range of outdoor activities. The place abounds in hotels and guest houses. You could put up in pristine luxury hotels with or go for rather affordable hotels. In the peak season, you could find affordable lodging in the vicinity of the ski resort town. Have a glance at some of the best hotels of the town.

Kulm Hotel – It is known for its rich history of 150 years, Swiss hospitability, and cultural authenticity. It has one of the most famed nightclubs called the Dracula. A standard room for two adults per night costs $1,124.

The Suvretta House – It looks like a castle in a fairytale and is one of the leading hotels of the world with 189 rooms and suites. It is the only hotel with its only private ski lifting system and ski school to help you have the best experience in St. Moritz. A standard room for two adults per night costs around $1,250. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out straight for this amazing ski resort with your family and friends and make the most of the winter season. Have fun!

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