Engelberg Ski Resort-Switzerland

Engelberg Ski Resort

Switzerland, the most serene and breathtaking place on earth; the ultimate destination for tourism, also happens to host one of the most magnificent snow-covered hills. The pristine snow of Mount Titlis is not only picturesque but also hosts one of the most visited ski places in the world, the Titlis- Engelberg ski resort. An hour’s drive from Lucerne, Engelberg, this place has unparalleled treasures of snow sports, games and soul-satisfying snacks.  
About the place

Engelberg-Titlis ski vacation will be the perfect Alpine respite. Engelberg-Titlis Resort has thrilling experiences in store for you, like The Rotair, the world's first revolving cable car, the Titlis Cliff Walk (highest suspended bridge in Europe), and the Ice Flyer a six-person chairlift. The ski resort also offers sledding, snow tubing, snowshoeing, winter hiking and cross-country skiing.
This Engelberg ski resort sprawls both sides of the town, and the high-quality chairlift system provides skiers with easy access to each area. Titlis glacier skiing is the main attraction and can be enjoyed anytime from October to May, but is best reserved for expert skiers and snowboarders. 


Boasting 82 km (approx 51 miles) of slopes, the Engelberg-Titlis ski area offers plenty of variety. The downhill route is 55 km (34 miles); one of the longest slopes in the Alps leads from Titlis to Engelberg.
The base level is at about 1050 meters and a vertical path of almost 2000 m takes you to the summit.
Don’t know skiing? No problem. The 82 km ski area is conveniently divided into -
- 25 km (15.5 miles) for beginners, near the lower lying slopes around Truebsee and Gerschnialp which are safer and easier runs for less experienced visitors.
- 53 km (approx 33 miles) for intermediate skiers; and 
- 4 km (2.5 miles) for advanced skiers separately. 
The longest run is a huge 12 km (7.5 miles).

There are a variety of transportation media from the resort to the ski area-
24 ski lifts
5 cable cars
2 funiculars
2 gondolas
7 chairlifts
8 surface lifts

During fresh snow falls, Titlis is a haven for free riders. There can be as many as 20,000 people skiing along with you in an hour. The ski area's unique location provides visitors with a unique snow powder experience that they really enjoy with their family and friends, especially the off-piste enthusiasts.

 1 day Pass
For adults (20 years and older) and senior citizens - 65 Swiss francs (CHF). 
For youth (16-19 year-olds) - 46 CHF
For children (6 years to 15 years) - 26 CHF.

 2-day Pass 
For adults and senior citizens -121 CHF
For youth- 85 CHF 
For children- 48 CHF.

 3-day Pass 
For adults costs 172 CHF
For senior citizens- 138 CHF
For youth- 120 CHF
For children- 69 CHF

*Senior citizens (64 and older) are eligible for a 20% reduction from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays
Check at your train station for economical rail fares including day pass.
10% off regular rates for groups of 10 or more. Tickets must be collected and paid for by one person.

The Cross-Country Skiing

Clip on your and take to the track. You can glide along with parallel skis or set your pulse racing with an energetic skate.

Ski for recreation or do it for your passion, the cross-country is ideal for all kinds of skiers. The route between Gerschnialp and Untertrübsee alternates between short, intense climbs and flat stretches and gives you a non-pareil view of the marvelous Swiss snow-covered fields and hills.



Live your childhood memories or fantasies by rushing downhill on safe and fun toboggans. With a distance of 3,500 meters (2.2 miles) and an altitude of 250 meters (0.15 mile), toboggan run is sure to set pulses racing. Once you have a toboggan pass, you can have as many goes as you like. The run is open daily from December to early days of March.


If you are not a big fan of hardcore snow adventure, visit the Truebsee snow park, next to Truebsee Alpine Lodge for some snow-entertainment! Try out balancers, minibobs and snow tubes and have a great time whipping snow!

Snowtubing is an all-round hit. This fun winter activity will see you racing down the track on a rubber tyre. Sit or lie, set off facing forwards or backward, it is totally your call. Simply sit back and enjoy the ride!

The best part is that the Entry is free! The sledding devices are available in place and can be used by all.
It is open from December through until April, depending on weather and snow conditions. 


The Air2bag is a specially adapted air cushion for all kinds of freestyle sporting activities. Skiers and snowboarders can prepare and practice jumps in the presence of trained professionals at the AIR2BAG that is a special air cushion for all kinds of freestyle sports.

The cushion measures 15x15 meters (49 ft x 49 ft) and is an ideal size for professionals and novices alike.

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Another place for unmatched snow entertainment! You could rent an electric snowmobile and have great fun racing around closed circuits. Reach your drifting limits and use all your physical strength to negotiate the snowmobile around the tight turns and steep slopes.
The unique driving experience and exciting racing atmosphere make the SnowXPark the highlight of the place. It is a perfect place for enjoying with your family too. Just switch the snowmobile to the junior mode and kids can use it too!
Avalanche training center

Titlis – Engelberg is concerned for the visitors’ safety. Through The Avalanche training facilities, they provide an opportunity to practice with avalanche transceivers under realistic conditions, to survive an avalanche. The training facility is very user-friendly. There is also a control mode for experts wishing to carry out special exercises. This means that the level of difficulty can be adapted to suit each user group. 

The training ground comprises an area of approx. 100m x 100 m (328 ft x 328 ft). Hidden under the snow are 10 avalanche devices with a 40cm x 60 cm probe button. The transceivers and probes are devices used for search purposes. The probe detects an active transmitter and this gets displayed on the searcher's avalanche transceiver as well as at the control center.
The center is open throughout the winter season.

Winter walking
For those who love long walks, Titlis offers a network of winter walking trails spanning around 50 km (31 miles). Take a walk through sparkling snowfields and ice-encrusted forests and enjoy the breathtaking view of the immaculate snow.

Snowshoes help you make great progress through the snow on foot.  Numerous trails beckon on the slopes of Titlis.

For example, walk the short stretch of the snowy road from the Gerschnialp station to reach the start of the Gerschnialp-Untertrübsee Trail. Through this route, you cross the magical snow-covered Gerschniwald forest and an open snow-covered terrain on reaching Schlegi where you can walk across the large meadow towards Untertrübsee. This circular trail ends at Restaurant Ritz. Time for walking the full trail can be around 2 hours.
Igloo village

Want to experience the life of Eskimos? A lovable destination for children, the small village made of ice is located in the heart of a magnificent mountain landscape, on the edge of the frozen Truebsee Lake. After a warm day of high-speed skiing, Titlis is a haven of peace and tranquillity in the night. The temperature in the rooms is a constant zero degrees. However, your expedition sleeping bag will be sure to keep you warm. Inside your warm and cozy sheepskin bed, you could be dreaming of your very own polar expedition. Private two-seater rooms are also available for a romantic night on the ice.

Here’s the perfect winter trip if you want to make a memorable individual trip in the hills or go for a vacation with your family or have an adventure of a lifetime with your buddies. Set in the heaven on earth, Titlis-Engelberg awaits you with a wide variety of snow entertainment and lots of adrenaline rush. So grab your backpack and make the most of the snow!

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