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If we give it a thought, people don’t easily understand the need of vacations. According to them, we believe that vacations are a ‘once a year thing’ which might not even occur if they think they don’t need it yet. They are wrong. It doesn’t matter who they are and what they do for a living, but everyone needs an escape from all that fuss of the schedule that is now their life. Getting tired of your schedule is easy. Making up your mind to take a leave it all behind for a week extended the period of time or so. And even if you do, the question clicks up, what place should be in the escape plan? Erlbach, Kegelberg will be undoubtedly the best place for your perfect escape. It will give you breath-taking views as well as breath-taking adventures in line. Erlbach is an idol place for visiting as it is tiny. Hence, it is assured that you can explore every corner of the resort and leave no part unseen.


About the Resort

Erlbach Statistics

Base Elevation: 570 m

Summit Elevation: 755 m

Vertical Drop: 185 m



You will find the ski area in Erlbach in the valley of Schwarbaches. It offers you 0.5 kilometres (0.31 miles) of ski routes. Then it has 2.9 kilometres (1.08 miles) of slopes. The place has both natural snow as well as artificial snow when needed. Given the favourable size of the resort and the ski area it holds, it does pretty well in the context of lifts. Now cutting straight to the chase, the main reason one must choose this place is that of the skiing. There is no one who wouldn’t want to try the sport at least once during his or her stay. The sport is that tempting! And underestimating the area by judging it on the basis of the numerical will just be a bad option. Erlbach never failed to bestow an enjoyable ski experience for its guests. Ski area sits at an altitude of 570 meters (1870.07 feet) – 755 meters (2477.03 feet). For the physical well-being of skiing, two farms are provided.


Ski Lifts

It has three lifts which transport the resort visitors comfortably around the area and top. There are one plate lift and two exercise lifts. The lifts are capable of taking up to 1500-1700 people in a total of one hour. The total length of their lane is 0.9 kilometres (0.55 miles). The lifts are open from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily, during the peak season. The above transportation facility gives you a chance to marvel at the view of snow- covered grounds. The services are smooth enough that will not let you wait for a long duration in queues.The resort sports modern technology transportation system. The lifts won’t give you shaky or bumpy rides.


Ski Runs

The guests can enjoy both levels of difficulties, light and medium. None of the slopes is dangerous which makes the skiing experience all the more better and definitely safer. Out of the total of 2.9 kilometres (1.08 miles) slopes, the guests who are trying skiing for the first time have 1.5 kilometres (0.93 miles) of easy slopes. For those of the guests who still have tried a bit of skiing and can hold their balance well get the 1.4 kilometres (0.86 miles) of slopes. The guests who are pros in skiing get both the levels of slopes at their disposal. They can choose from either of them. The resort understands that not everyone enjoys the hustle-bustle during the day. Some just like rave night life on the slopes. To satisfy this demand, Erlbach has given its guests a length of 800 metres (2624.67 feet) of illuminated slopes so that the guests can enjoy a serene and beautiful night skiing moment. The prices for ski-passes vary on the basis of age. The adults are to pay € 16. For young people, the price is € 14. Coming to children, the price is set at € 11. Furthermore, the resort sports a snow park named 9pinsnowpark which allows the guests to enjoy ‘family-friendly’ winter sports. THINGS TO DO AT ERLBACH




Skiing is the most indulged in sports of all time. The small area of the resort ensures that you enjoy every part of the resort and skiing down from each slope. Specific ski runs are present for all levels of skiers so that everyone gets the fun they came for.

Cross-country skiing

It does not cover a wide area, but it is enough. You will surely enjoy the adrenaline as you ski through fantastic set of view of nature.You get approximately 5 kilometres (3.10 miles) of slopes to have a good time cross skiing.


It acts as a supplementary sport for people who are not very enthusiastic about skiing. Get your snowshoes on and enjoy a walk in and around the resort. Enjoy the white cloak of snow everywhere you take a step.


Erlbach is best crowded during its season which begins at the beginning of the month December and remains that way till the end of the season, that is, by the end of March. The prices of accommodation, as well as the tickets to various sports and spaces, are subject to change during the peak season of the resort. The slopes are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. One must not try skiing or any other winter sport after closing hours as the lift operator will not be held responsible for any unfortunate event on the slopes that occurs after the closing hours. The opening times are decided by ski resorts, depending on the weather conditions of the region. On severe weather conditions, the resort will most likely stay closed to ensure the safety and well-being of its guests. The night skiing is enabled given the weather conditions. Again, it would be strictly prohibited to stay on the slopes if the weather worsens. The tourists are allowed to stay on the slopes (if the weather is favourable) till 9 p.m. After 9 p.m. individuals will stay on slopes at their own risks. The Erlbach Resort has emerged as the most preferred destinations for winter vacation owing to the several above-mentioned facilities it offers. It is a perfect pick for enjoying winter vacations with friends and family. In these winters refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul by visiting this beautiful Mountain Resort in Germany. A trip to this scenic mountain resort will be a perfect gift for your family. The trip to the Erlbach Resort will give you several memorable moments to cherish for a lifetime. So, why wait? Plan your vacation to this beautiful place right away. You won’t regret it, we promise you that!

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