Visit the Land of Beautiful Winter Scenery at Fageralm

The cold weather turns out to be extremely hard and lethargic for the people who have to run to the office every day. Even children find it exhausting to go to the school in the morning. It seems like there is no inspiration left to do anything. However, working is necessary and slowly, working without motivation sucks out all the glow and vitality from us. This way of living is not sound, and it stops our development as a person. To engage ourselves and discover an inspiration in life, we ought to go out and explore the world. Taking a break from work and school, may help you feel fresh and you may find new motivation to work hard even in the cold.

This winter season, gather your belongings and solicit your companions to go out on an excursion. You could simply go for a drive at night, or  climb the mountain, swim in the nearby lake, play cricket, learn ice skating, make snowmen or have a childish snow-fight. These small trips can be more interesting if you visit a ski resort. Ski resorts have a wide range of recreational activities for individuals of all age. Ski resorts are not expensive as they offer many rebates for people visiting in groups or with family. Wouldn’t it be pleasant to invest some energy reviving your psyche on the snow tops as opposed to being at home?

Where can you go to have the best skiing and snowboarding experience?
To make the most out of your vacation, you must look into all the details of the ski resort you decide to visit. There are numerous resorts all over the world and it can be confusing to choose the best one. However, all you have to look for are the activities that the resort offers, nearby food joints and the location and safety of the resort.  For someone planning to visit ample of snow and pleasant mountain tops, Fageralm is the most wonderful vacation spot. It is easily accessible and very easy on the pocket. The resort is best suited for a family holiday providing a panoramic view of the Dachstein. You can stay at the Goliath’s lookout point and relax and have a view of the amazing surrounding with a telescope without paying a penny. Fageralm is located at the heart of ‘Ski Amade’ region. ‘Ski Amade’ is said to be the largest skiing Association of Austria.

Some important facts about Fageralm-

Fageralm Statistics

Base Elevation: 930 m

Summit Elevation: 1885 m

Vertical Drop: 955 m

Located in the middle of the ‘Ski Amade’, the Fageralm pistes are wide and surely a dream come true for all those who love skiing. The main five ski resorts are Salzburger Sportwelt, Schladming Dachstein, Gastein, Grossarltal, and Hochkonig. These resorts in total include 25 villages, 760 snow pistes, and 270 modern lifts. Fageralm lies in the Schladming Dachstein region. There are total 9 runs in Fageralm- Forstau Skiing with the longest run about 1 minute long. The difficulty level of these trails is 53% intermediate and 47% advanced runs.

These slopes are well connected with 7 lifts named Forstaubahn which is a 2-seater chairlift, Jagerlift (again a 2-seater chairlift), Foreman I, Exercise Lift Valley, Forefather II, Mitterfager, and behind the dog lift. You can take the Hinterfager lift which goes up to the highest point of the Fageralm and enjoy the magnificent and breathtaking view of the mountains. The summit point of Fageralm is 6184 ft with a base of 3051 ft and a vertical drop of 3133 ft.

The slopes are closed from 5.00 pm to 8 pm, and it is strictly prohibited to enter the pistes during this time. The trails are Hunter’s Lift, Forstau-Valley run, Ski Trail Downhill, Ski track Jagerlift, zForecasting I, Forwarder II, Mitterfager departure, Hinterfager departure, Cabins and cabins, Permanente Rennstrecke fur Jedermann, Winterwanderweg, and Grabs W-Lan.

What is so special about Fageralm skiing area?

The New Year offers many rebates and arrangements for individuals going to the resort. One can benefit from these rebates, there are selective offers for the riders which let them have a pocket-friendly excursion. These offers are usually available for a limited time period only, so book as soon as you can.
While you are at the trails, having a great time, you can leave your kids at the care centre where they can make the most of their stay with children of their age. They can play in the playroom with toys, hang on swings and slides with the helped staff who love to keep an eye on them at an extremely negligible cost.
The resort is thoughtfully built, with ensuring that everyone who visits has a good time there. If you are a beginner and do not know how to ski, you don’t have to worry. There are many instructors available at the site who help you ski and be safe. You can take skiing lessons to improve your skills with beginners’ class in a group or even private and semi-private lessons.
There is an abundance of packages available to make your trip easy and cost-efficient, you can check out all the details and choose the best-suited package and visit with your family at any time you want. These packages help you save the extra money you could have wasted.
You will never get bored in the snow topped mountain slopes at Fageralm. There is not a single dull moment as this the best place for winter sports and all skiing lovers. The location of the skiing area is perfect providing you a view of the magnificent alpine region.
You can visit the nearby parks and fun slopes like Superpark Planai, Superpark roofing, Funslope Hochwurzen, Funslope Planai, Funcross Planai, reiteralm XPoint, Funslope Galsterberg, and funslope Hauser-Kaibling. These snow parks are the perfect place to have fun as these have small jumps, waves, bridges and tunnels. They help everyone, even beginners, to enjoy riding the slopes without much difficulty. The snow parks are home to international freestyle ski riders. They compete and practice on these slopes while having fun.
Fageralm has numerous winter activities including cross-country skiing, Ice skating curling, Horse Sleigh ride, Snowshoe hikes and Tobogganing. Tobogganing rides are specially built for the Ski Amade. The cross-country skiing experience there is very unique. You will not only improve your physical strength but also freshen your mind with beautiful winter landscapes around you. You can rent the equipment from a rental shop and start your first cross-country skiing experience to be never disappointed again.
By visiting Fageralm, you can easily turn your vacation into one of the most unforgettable trips of your life. Apart from the numerous physical recreational activities, you can spend time relaxing in hot thermal baths and spas. You can experience the most wonderful holiday by ice climbing, riding a hot air balloon or even paragliding. Fageralm has something for everyone. Welcome this change in your life and have a leisurely vacation at Fageralm.   Because with so much on offer at this amazing ski resort, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun here. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, pack your gear and head out straight for Fegeralm with your family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winters. You won’t regret it, we promise you!

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