Falkenstein: A little resort for all the big adventures



Overview The Falkenstein ski resort area – located right about in the Bavarian state of Germany is among the smaller snow resorts. However, as is generally said, don’t judge a resort by the number of mountains or slopes, this rather impromptu adage is indeed a truism for Falkenstein. It is situated in the Falkensteiner Vorwald region within Bavaria and is surrounded by the legendary Bavarian Forest or Bayerische Wald, as it is locally known. This forested area holds a considerable amount of significance in German history and culture as well. To be precise, it is the Nature Park in the Upper Bavarian Forest where the resort is precisely situated. Now, geographically speaking, the region holds a significant amount of advantage which results in the snow quality being the freshest in the whole of Germany. Here at the Falkenstein ski resort area one get 0.4 kilometer (or 0.24 miles) worth of slopes and the entire resort terrain can be covered by the single lift transport system. And, the range of elevation here varies between 600 meters (or 1968.5 feet) to 670 meters (or 2198.6 feet). The slopes are all easy and allow challenges for all skill levels. However, the resort does welcome people of all skill levels but if you will, it is best suited for the younger lot or for those who have just begun with their powder journey. It is a great place if you and your family want to enjoy a quick holiday or even if you are resort hopping, that is, going from one resort to another within a single season. Take a look below to quickly glance though the facts and figures: Slope: The Falkenstein resort area has slopes that measure 0.4 kilometer (or 0.24 miles) in length. Elevation: The elevation here at the resort ranges between – 600 meters (or 1968.5 feet) at the base and reaches 670 meters (or 2198.6 feet) at the summit. Vertical Drop: The vertical drop is a straight 70 meter (or 230 feet approximately). Terrain: The terrain here is 100% for the beginner’s category. Lift: There is one operational lift on the mountain. Tickets: The ticket prices here range between Euro 6 for adults and Euro 5 for children. Season: The season at Falkenstein resort area usually begins right after the New Year’s celebration in the month of January and then the season concludes by first week of March. This is however, contingent on the snow conditions. Timings: The resort area commences its daily operations by 10:00 am every day and then closes by 17:00 pm. Night Skiing: No powder destination is complete without night skiing. In the same regard the Falkenstein resort area for all you powder lovers provides bright flood lit slopes. You can participate on Wednesdays and Fridays between 19:00 pm to 22:00 pm.


Falkenstein Statistics

Base Elevation: 600 m

Summit Elevation: 670 m

Vertical Drop: 70 m

This is another major topic of enquiry rather, concern. This classic ski getaway provides its valuable customers with adequate opportunities in this area. If you do not find anything that you like within the resort area then try and explore the neighboring picturesque area. You surely will find something to suit your pocket and most definitely, a trip of a lifetime. To just give you an idea, you can easily find a bed and breakfast, holiday apartment, holiday farm or a luxury hotel. On the other hand, there is the warm and comforting hospitality of Germany which surely will want to make you come here over and again. Wherever you happen to stay, make sure that you try out the local cuisine. It surely is a paradise for all you meat lovers. Secondly, when it comes to the access of the ski and snowboard area it might at first feel challenging because it does not have direct train connectivity. But you can always plan a road trip. The best part about this journey could very well be the adventure that one undertakes. You can reach the nearest city which has a railway station via the train and then rent a car from there to Falkenstein ski resort or even a bus. There are so many of them. Finally, please find below the contact information of the resort. You can call or email them and they are at all times happy to help you: Krankenhausstraße 40, 93167 Falkenstein, Germany. Telephone: +49 / 9462 / 1626 Email: tourist@markt-falkenstein.de

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