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New Resolutions at Fairy Land- Falkert Heidi-Alm Bergresort


Every New Year starts with endless resolutions, most of which we are ultimately unable to fulfill. Resolutions are like promises we make to ourselves, and perhaps the worst kind of treachery is not keeping the promises we make to ourselves. Resolutions are forgotten and lost in a heap of more urgent responsibilities.

We promised to live our life to the fullest, and yet we do the exact opposite. We promised to do those things that challenge us, make us feel alive, and yet we stick to a routine. All these things collectively take away from us the precious time we have, when this time could have been used for the activities that make us genuinely happy.

So what if this year, we make another resolution- one that we will keep. This year we will promise to enjoy ourselves to the fullest, seek the thrill of adventure, and lose ourselves in nature. However, unlike other years we will promise to keep this promise. In honor of this resolution, it is imperative that we begin by choosing the best resort, where we can really relax and be adventurous, all at once.

That best resort is none other, Falkert Heidi-Alm Bergresort a one-of-a-kind resort in Austria, covered in a blanket of snow and home to snow sports.



Location of the Best


Heidi Alm is located at Falkertsee 2, 9564 Falkert, Austria. Spending a winter vacation at the Heidi-Alm Bergresort at Carinthia (Falkert) is a special experience: resting at an altitude of 1700-2300m above the sea level, at the very crown of an alpine pasture one can enjoy not only pastoral bliss but also the winter pleasures like ski tours, skiing, winter hiking, cross-country skiing, tobogganing or snowshoeing away from the busy hustle and bustle of routine and regularity.

Falkert Heidi-Alm Bergresort Statistics

Base Elevation: 1850 m

Summit Elevation: 2300 m

Vertical Drop: 450 m

The Heidi Alm mountain resort Falkert in winter is the tip for families and connoisseurs. The offer with specialized children hotels and children’s ski school is tuned for families with children. From the children’s ski instructor to the Liftwart, all care for the well-being of the little ones. Moreover, the Heidi Alm ski park impresses with its straightforward and stress-free slopes for all skill levels and its specialization in children.


The Land of Fairy Tales


How many of us remember the Heidi story? In the lap of the snowy mountains, encircled by untarnished, fresh air, healthy crystal-clear water from a spring and the serenity of nature, Peter and Heidi lived together with Almohi. Heidi is a work of children’s literature that was published in the year1881 by Swiss author Johanna Spyri. It was a story about the incidents in the life of the protagonist, a young girl who lived with her grandfather, their home being the Swiss Alps. It was written as a book “for children and those who love children.”

Heidi, often treated as both a fairy tale and a classic, is one of the best-selling children’s fiction ever written and is among the most notable works of Swiss literature.

The mountain resort at Falkert borrows its name from this very resort. It is surrounded, much like in Heidi, by the Carinthian Nockberge and known for the healthy, pure environment – this mountain resort at Falkert is in every sense the perfect Heidi Alm. The sheer altitude, the fascinating view from over the mountains and valleys, the wind in your hair and crystal clear spring water together constitute Heidi’s abode. It is almost as the Resort’s geography has miraculously shaped to be the backdrop of fairy tales.

The other attractions of the resort include well-equipped chalets, cottages, and apartments situated in a private atmosphere. At the height of 1700m to 2300m, the hands of the clock seem to relax as much as the inhabitants of the Resort, and these add to the charm and serenity of the place.



Lifts and slopes at Fairy land


The resort provides five different kinds of lifts and slopes. The first one is the Falkert-Lift which forms the ski center of the area. The second one is the Sunlift, and Sunlifting is one of the favorite tourist activities, mostly because it welcomes beginners. The Sunlift with its two breezy (and thereby easy) runs (10,11) provides every beginner with the opportunity to imbibe the skills required for skiing while making it a joyous process simultaneously. However, even the Carver and practiced adventurers know the advantages of an easy lift. The third one is the Wholesaler or the Spitzlift, which takes you to the very pinnacle of the Falkert, at an altitude of 2308m. The fifth one is the Zirmach lift. With its two extraordinary slopes (12, 13), the Zirmach lift ??moves swiftly through an enchanted pine forest.

Its sheer beauty, as well as the unmatchable experience it offers, makes it worthy of a special mention. People from all across the region flock to this resort thanks to its amazing lifts and adventurous slopes on offer.


Heidi's Skipark and Peters Schneeland

The famous ski school at Falkert has grayed its hair with the years of experience of teaching children. Apart from the various other factors that contribute to the resort’s attraction, Peters Schneeland, and Heidi’s Skipark are two added reasons. It is an unforgettable experience to learn how to ski in the child-friendly and safe Heidi Alm Bergresort at Falkert.




The Value of Fairy Tales

The tickets at Heidi Alm are very customer-friendly. They have two kinds of tickets: day tickets and multi-day ski passes. Day tickets from 9 am vary from 29.50 € for adults to 16.80 € for children. Similarly, day tickets from 11 am and that from 12-noon range from 28.50-26.50 € for adults and from 15.80-14.80 € for children. The tickets for youths generally vary from 21.00 to 23.90 € for daytime. The multi-day passes range from 57.70 € for two days to 280.90 € for 14 days for adults. The multi-day passes range from 47.30 € for two days to 226.70 € for 14 days for the youth. The multi-day passes range from 29.70 € for two days to 143.50 € for 14 days for children.

They also have special family packages for parents and children, consisting of day tickets (that range from 49.90 € to 71.90 € depending on the number of family members and age of the kids) and 3-hour tickets (that range from 39.80 € to 55.80 €).




Delicious Food

There are six different eateries and restaurants scattered throughout Heidi-Alm. Here you can find quaint little cottages for your stay as well as comfortable restaurants and inns with a great atmosphere and an exquisite cuisine for the both lunch and dinner. Guests are also welcomed in the individual restaurants within the hotel. So, you can enjoy truly lip-smacking cuisines on offer here, with your family and friends by your side.

Keeping resolutions, especially the ones that challenge you and encourage you to push your limits is a daunting job. However, doing this daunting job is very important. Take that leap of faith and dare yourself to seek an adventure, and it is guaranteed that you will never regret your decision. Instead, you will end up finding out a new side to yourself. As difficult as it might be to leave aside work, and set out for your adventure, you must do it.

So start out for Heidi-Alm, and rediscover yourself, keep that unfulfilled promise and that forgotten resolution. The land of the fairies awaits your arrival. Right from skiing to snowboarding and a wide range of other activities on offer here, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, plan your visit, grab your passes and head out straight for the Heidi-Alm and enjoy the winters with your near and dear ones. You won’t regret it, we promise that!

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