Feichteck-Brandlucken: Experience of a Lifetime


Feichteck-Brandlucken Statistics

Base Elevation: 1000 m

Summit Elevation: 1300 m

Vertical Drop: 300 m

The south eastern section of Austria has been endowed with a geological phenomenon which has resulted in the region becoming a skier’s paradise. In this very region, located in the state of Styria or Steiermark within the St. Kathrein am Offenegg constituency is the Feichteck-Brandlucken ski area.

The Feichteck-Brandlucken ski area is unlike most ski destinations of the Americas – it is quite small in size and dedicated towards the beginner’s category of visitors. Its slopes measure 3 kilometers (or 1.864 miles) and the elevation here ranges between 1050 meters (or 3445 feet) and 1220 meters (or 4002.6 feet).

This area is quite secluded and offers you with the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You will not entirely be away from the grid but still be far enough to find peace. You will have a one of a kind opportunity to gaze far and wide across the white slopes and mountainous terrain. Here you can choose from a limited number of accommodation spaces however the nearby village areas and towns can substantiate the lack of options here in the resort.


The International Ski Federation (FIS) mandates certain Austrian region and requires all the visitors and athletes to maintain them at all times. It is not only about your safety but also about the safety of everyone else present on the slope. Furthermore, on the same lines, the Feichteck-Brandlucken Ski Area also prescribes the same for its guests. Kindly take a look below and know about their responsibility code:

Know your own ability: You must be mindful of your own safety when skiing and only use the ski slopes that are suitable to your skiing ability. The routes are divided up into blue (novice), red (intermediate) and black (expert) slopes. Each official ski slope is prepared and checked regularly.
Recognize when the material is in proper condition: Part of a safe skiing experience is having the model of skis or snowboard that is right for you and having an expert adjust the bindings. Trust your specialist dealer. The experts will gladly assist you.
Know your own limits: Ski at a speed adapted to the slope and the weather. Avoid jumping into the fun when you are fatigued or do not have the proper technique.

Know the FIS rules. The rules for conduct from the international Ski Federation apply worldwide. They are mandatory and enhance skiing safety.
These rules also apply to experts or powder sports professionals and also to individuals of all age groups. Always keep in mind the following points:

Be considerate of others and help them in emergencies.
Only ski as fast as your ability allows.
Choose your lane and pay attention to signs and markings.
Be considerate when overtaking, and watch out for other skiers when entering, starting and moving upwards on the slopes.
The careful when stopping, ascending and descending.
On the ski slope, personal identification or an identity card is to be carried.

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