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Planning to go out on a family vacation this winter, then a Ski resort is an amazing destination for fun and adventure. Activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating with family on special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s Eve can definitely make your winter holidays much more special. We get a chance to start the upcoming year in a profound and joyous mood. Back in the 1980s, the snowboarding was introduced as a sport in Ski resorts and from then onwards Ski resorts have become a favorite destination for spending time during winters with family and friends. Only thinking about the thrill of going down the hill is capable of sending chills down our nerves, the excitement gets to us, leaving our heartbeats pacing.

Getting the wind up regularly at the office in a formal dress code sometimes seems a bit too much. It gives life a sense of being mundane. Trying activities like snowboarding and ice skating along with your family and friends are both challenging as well as great fun. It reduces stress and revitalizes the otherwise boring life by bringing the missing gratifying feelings of fun and adventure back. These winter activities are also good cardiovascular exercises that toughen up the heart and other cardiovascular muscles. Skiing with family rather than skiing alone, not only increases love but also strengthens bonding with your loved ones. Just think about the fascinating beauty of the snowy white mountains that you will get to explore once you are surfing down the slopes. You will not only have the best time of your life but will also feel the utmost serenity connecting with nature.

Resort Details

The world has recognized the beauty and thrill of Ski resorts which is evident from the latest developments in the industry. There are numerous services which are offered by different ventures to make your holidays at Ski resort unforgettable. The industry has experienced a boom with the establishment of increasing number of Ski resorts all across the world. The Ski Resort Mutta at Feldis/Veulden is a well-recognized and known ski resort in Eastern Switzerland. It is located in Viamala and has approximately 10 km (6.214 miles) of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding. Switzerland, also known as heaven on earth, is considered as one of the most beautiful places to visit. Mutta Ski Resort in Feldis, Switzerland is a wonderful place for family vacation with snow covered mountains presenting an almost unbelievable sight.

Sking Stats

Feldis Statistics

Base Elevation: 1485 m

Summit Elevation: 1950 m

Vertical Drop: 465 m

The resort which is one of the best in the category is an absolute destination if you are looking for an extraordinary life experience. The resort offers an area for skiing and snowboarding which is elevated from 1500 to 2000 meters (4921 to 6562 feet) above the sea level. There are different skiing levels which altogether covers approximately 10 kilometers (6.214 miles). There are 4 transport lifts available for transferring tourists between mountains. While doing so you can also enjoy the great view of the Piz Beverin and Tödi. Beverin park is well recognized for its scenic beauty, creating the most astonishing sights to see. Regular and experienced skiers will love the beautiful view that they will get to witness while leaving their trails throughout FeldiserHochland. Many describe the experience as forever etched in their hearts. Also, there is a fascinating view of an ice rink near the resort area, tourists along with their loved ones come there for ice skating. The beauty is enormous and is distributed in each and every inch of the land, constantly proving as a salvation. 

Skiing and Snowboarding facilities at Mutta

Mutta, which is the highland of the Feldis village can be reached via chairlift. The Mutta Ski Resort offers a total of 10 kilometers (6.214 miles) run in which 1 km (.621 miles) is specified for beginners and 9 km (5.59 miles) is for adults. The skiing and snowboarding both are the gutsiest adventures to practice, leaving the adventurers in a complete exhilarating thrill. Both these ice sports are equally popular but are advised to be carried out after a little training. The experience of cutting the wild snow winds with the speed is enough to revitalize life.

The skiing level here at Mutta varies from easy to intermediate. 

Easy: This is also the preferred level for the beginners. It includes the 10% of the total available area which is 1 km ( 0.621 miles) wide.

Intermediate: This is the next level of the skiing field. It consists of the remaining 90% of the available area. This 9 km (5.59 miles) area is little sloppy and is for the people who have prior experience in the skiing. 

Ski Lifts:

There are in total 4 ski lifts available for the tourists. These are further classified as an Aerial tramway, chairlifts, and rope tow. These lifts altogether have a capacity to carry 1820 passengers/hour. The lifts are enjoyable as they pass over the exotic locations presenting a surreal outlook for the passengers. 

Other Attractions

Apart from the captivating mountain view and the adventures of skiing and snowboarding, there are a few more attractions here which tourists can enjoy. Prominent is the Bavarian Curling, this yet another ice sport is totally a breathtaking experience. Played by 8 people per lane and 3 lanes per game, this ice sport is worth trying your hands at. Paragliding is another spine-tingling sport which is a great tourist attraction at Mutta ski resort. Mutta is popularly called as the perfect starting point for the sport. Walking trails again are favored by most of the tourists because of the wide-open plains covered in the beautiful and ethereal snow, in the village Feldis. The tourists also enjoy tobogganing, which is more fun because of the panoramic view of the Feldis.

Climate and best time to visit

The snowy land is its beautiful best in the winters. The average season in Switzerland lasts for 121 days. The visit can be planned anytime in between December 13 to March 13. The month of January witnesses an average of 18 sunny days and is the sunniest month of the season. The climate in the village Feldis is chilly and is perfect for the adventure seekers.

Accommodation and Tourist amenities

Due to CHF33 day pass at Feldis, the Feldis Ski resorts are fitting to the moderate budget, in fact, they are amongst the cheapest ski resorts in Grisons. Here you can avail the accommodation and the lodging facilities at a very affordable price. The best of the culture and heritage can be experienced by staying at the rental apartments available in Feldis village. Some of the best services are offered by the following hotels:

Hotel BerghotelSternahaus: Well equipped with all the modern facilities, Hotel BerghotelSternahaus is the best stop for the tourists. Situated in the close vicinity of the area, the hotel is hugely preferred for its Sun terrace and the Ski school facilities.It will cost 158 Swiss Franc per night for two people.

Axel apartments: These self-catered ski apartments in Feldis are packed with the historic values. This two-floor apartment resort promises a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains, adding excitement to each day of your stay.

There are various camp facilities for the tourists who enjoy the closeness to nature. For these absolute nature lovers, there are also various events which are organized throughout the season.
Now, all the adventure crazy people out there who are thinking of diving into the beauty of nature, the Feldis Ski resorts are calling you. We hope that this picturesque description has triggered all the right notes and you are already on your way, packing your bags and hitting the rails.  In the wild of the mountains, there is the ultimate adventure waiting for your equally wild souls. Visit Feldis Ski Resort and have a great time here at the resort. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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