Fellhorn / Kanzelwand – Kleinwalsertal: For the Ultimate Powder Experience!



Overview Located in Kleinwalsertal is one of the most unique powder destinations in Germany – the Fellhorn / Kanzelwand ski resort is ideal for those powder hounds that are into hardcore snowboarding and skiing. This resort area offers as much as 34 kilometers ( or 21.12 miles ) worth of fantastically prepared slopes and their 2 kilometers ( or 1.24 miles ) of magnificently straight ski route is also available for those who would want to trod straight into 100% pure powder pleasure. In the following ski area – Fellhorn / Kanzelwand, it facilities slopes that are easy to drive on and they furthermore act as a link between skiing areas that are located in the nearby establishments. The Kanzelwandtal descent is still possible along with the Fellhorn valley run. Though all the travelers are required to validate the opening and closing schedules of the respective runs that interest them and the resort in general as well before they embark on their journeys. Another interesting factor that might interest some of you who are travel enthusiasts, that is the summit railway at the Fellhorn. Through this rail network you can get a chance to travel through the mystical and sometimes eerie mountainous terrains. Travelers can reach the very summit of the mountain of the resort using this railway system and to one’s surprise there also exists a rather nice and interesting looking summit restaurant. It is again advised that you call them and enquire about their opening hours. The winter hiking trail at the middle station at the Fellhorn is also open (mostly throughout the season) and invites you to winter hiking trips.


About the resort area

Fellhorn Statistics

Base Elevation: 920 m

Summit Elevation: 1967 m

Vertical Drop: 1047 m

To begin with – there are 14 fully operational lifts on the mountain which is capable enough to carry as many as 22,000 passengers, if not more on an hourly basis. One can understand through this fact that the slopes will at no given point in time make you feel claustrophobic. Take a look below to know more about the lift system that measures a total of 15.1 Kilometers ( or 9.38 miles) in length: Aerial tramway / reversible ropeway: There are 2 of them on the mountain Circulating ropeway / gondola lift: There are 2 of them on the mountain Chairlift: There are 6 of them on the mountain T-bar lift / platter / button lift: There are 3 of them on the mountain Rope tow / beginner lift: There is 1 of them on the mountain The gondolas here are capable of easily accommodating 8 passengers at once. The cable car is big enough to accommodate 6 people. Clearly there is enough space and you can thus easily cover the entire mountain with them. Moving on, when one talks about any powder destination, the first enquiry that comes up is in with respect to the slopes. Take a look below to understand the slopes here: Easy: 13 Kilometers ( or about 8 miles) which is nearly 38% of the entire slope area. Intermediate: 19 Kilometers ( or 11.8 miles) which is about 56% of the entire area. Difficult: 2 Kilometers ( or 1.2 miles) which is about 6% of the whole slope area. Now, coming to think of it, the spread seems quite nice and even. There is something of people of all skill levels. Even if you are a novice or have no clue about how to put on the skiing equipment or also how to sit on a sledge, well, worry not because there is also a small but effective school here. Moreover, what can one say about the instructors here but that they are not only knowledgeable but entertaining as well. They surely know how to grab the attention and at the same time dispense knowledge and insights out of their years of experience, just as easily as they glide on the slopes. The Fellhorn-Kanzelwand ski resort has the following run configurations: Challenging: The most challenging of the runs at the resort are – Zweilaender route and mogul slope. They together measure 0.6 Kilometers ( or 0.37 miles ) in length and are located at an elevation of 195 meters ( or 640 feet approximately ). Tip of the Slope: The slope tips are as follows – Faistenoy valley run Zwerenalp run Parks: The two snow parks in the resort area are – Snow park/Fun park, and No halfpipe Night Skiing: Probably the most important feature of the resort is the night skiing facility which is available on – Night skiing offered Kesslerlift – Riezlern Schwandlift – Riezlern





For an all rounded vacation experience – all you have to do is just show up and the rest will be taken care of and provided by the resort itself. For instance, they have an amazing in-house store which provides its customers with top notch powder gear and equipment’s. You can book everything that you require online and once you are there at the resort just collect your stack.

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