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Fichtelberg im Erzgebirge: Way to the mysterious Ore




Overview Centrally located within the German Ore Mountains – Fichtelberg im Erzgebirge is considered to be an important destination for powder lovers. People from within and around the surrounding areas flock here every season and run wild on their skis and snowboards. The slopes on Fichtelberg im Erzgebirge measure close to 15.5 kilometers (or 9.6 miles) in length. You will find as many as 7 fully functional and best in class lift systems that will transport you to and fro from the base, the summit and every other direction possible. When it comes to winter sports there is a dedicated area designated for the purpose which exists between the elevation band of 911 meters (or 2988.8 feet) Fichtelberg – the mountain with two peaks is located right in the middle of the Ore Mountain range which borders between the German state of Saxony and the Czech Republic. The Fichtelberg Mountain measures 1,214.6 meters (or 3,985 feet) in length above sea level which makes it the highest mountain in Saxony and the second highest in the entire Ore Mountain range. The sub-peak of this mountain is at an elevation of 1,206 meters (or 3, 957 feet). Furthermore, another highlight of the area is Oberwiesenthal which is otherwise known as the spa town of Germany. This town is located right on the border of Germany and Czech Republic. The region is well endowed with snow therefore making it one of the most preferred powder destinations in the region.

Fichtelberg im Erzgebirge is equipped with all the modern and well maintained lift systems in the country. There are 7 lifts at the moment installed on the mountain that is able to handle approximately 7384 passengers on an hourly basis and cover a total distance of 5.8 kilometers (or 3.62 miles).

These lift systems can be listed as below:

Fichtelberg im Erzgebirge Statistics

Base Elevation: 2989 ft

Summit Elevation: 3986 ft

Vertical Drop: 994 ft

Fichtelberg Schwebebahn (YOC 1924), 45pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway. It measures a length of 1175 m (or 3855 feet). Its carrying capacity hourly is about 640. This lift system is manufactured by VTA Leipzig. Vierersesselbahn (YOC 1999), 4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble. It measures a length of 985 m (or 3232 feet). Its carrying capacity hourly is about 2000. This lift system is manufactured by Girak. Großer Sessellift kleiner Fichtelberg (YOC 1963), 1pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip). It measures a length of 734 m (or 2408 feet)· Its carrying capacity hourly is about 360 and is manufactured by VTA Leipzig. Höhenlift (YOC 2014), T-bar. It measures a length of 300 m (or 984 feet) and has a carrying capacity hourly of 1000. Furthermore, this system is manufactured by LST Loipolder. Kurvenlift kleiner Fichtelberg (YOC 1994), T-bar. It measures a length of 800 m (or 2625 feet). It has a carrying capacity hourly of about 1000 individuals and has been manufactured by Heuss. Himmelsleiter (YOC 1994), T-bar. It measures a length of 1184 m (or 3885 feet) and has a hourly carrying capacity of 1200 individuals. Furthermore, it was manufactured by Heuss. Nachtskilauflift (YOC 1994), a T-bar lift system. It measures a length of 735 m (or 2411 feet) along with an hourly carrying capacity of 1184 individuals. It was manufactured by Heuss Sunkid Moving Carpet. At the moment there are 2 of them on the mountain.



The most attractive feature of any ski resort is its slopes. As far as the Fichtelberg im Erzgebirge is concerned one can find the slopes here to be of varied capacities. This allows individuals of every skill level to find something to engage with. You can find the details listed below: Easy: 6.8 km (or 4.22 miles) which is further approximately 44 % of the total slope area. Intermediate: 6.1 km (or 3.79 miles) which is further 39 % of the total slope area. Difficult: 2.6 km (or 1.6 miles) which is further 17 % of the total slope area. It is also important to note that approximately 75 % of the slopes are retrofitted with artificial snow making equipment’s. This system further allows the visitors to ski and snowboard even in drier conditions.

Further features of the mountain are as follows:


Run location: The runs here are under tree line Longest run: The longest run on the mountain is Fichtelberg. It is located on the base station of cable car number 3. It measures a length of 2.5 km (or 1.5 miles) in length and creates an elevation difference of 303 m (or 994 feet). Most difficult run: It is the racing course under cable car R measuring a length of 1.2 km (or 0.7 miles). It creates an elevation difference of 300 m (or 984.25 feet). Slope tip: Fichtelberg-Himmelsleiter Nr. 10 and Kleine Fichtelberg-base station Nr. 6. Snow parks: Snow park/Fun park and Halfpipe Night Skiing: Yes, it is offered on Fichtelberg – Oberwiesenthal.

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