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The Abode of Skiing and Airboarding - Fideriser Heuberge

Winter is here! It’s that time of the year when you can sit back and relax all tucked up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite weekend television show to keep you company. Nothing gets better than the peaceful confines of your own home, right? Well think again! If you liked all the fun you can get in summer then you would love what winter has to offer! The vanilla white snow, the crunch of ice under your feet, the thrill of snow fights, frozen delights and all the family fun time you can spend, the possibilities are limitless. It’s that perfect time of the year for that long awaited escape from the monotonous schedule of your everyday life. There are so many adrenalin thrills to choose from. Feel the strong gush of wind on your face while skiing your way down a snowy slope, if you ever tried skate boarding then put your skills to the test in air boarding, then there are also sledding and ice skating and so many other fun winter sports to choose from. Don’t forget to live the moment. Just as the color of winter destinations are filled with white and blue similarly the memories you make will be no less cherished!

Fideriser Heuberge Statistics

Base Elevation: 1950 m

Summit Elevation: 2333 m

Vertical Drop: 383 m

Other than choosing the thrill, which you want to tick off from your bucket list, deciding the best location to spend the days of your trip that offers a delightful view filled with magnificent mountain scenery, a peaceful and serene atmosphere and loads of fun sports that fulfill your need for an adrenalin rush, is also quite essential. The ski resort of Fideriser Heuberge gives you just that. Located in the Prattigau Valley of Graubunden, Eastern Switzerland, the ski resort Fideriser Heuberge gives you 13 km (8 miles) long slopes of pure, icy white fun. This is the place where thrill meets calm. A cozy cottage evening, delicious fondue and even the mesmerizing view of the Alps, Fideriser Heuberge ski resort gives you everything that Switzerland has to offer.

Resort Details:

The Ski resort of Fideriser Heuberge is situated at an elevation of 1672 meters (5486 feet) at vertical drop, 2717meters (8914 feet) at the summit level and 1045 meters (3428 feet) being its altitude. The area for all of the resorts winter sports is situated between the elevations of 1950 meters (6397 feet) and 2333 meters (7654 feet) to be more accurate. Three T-bar lifts are available to assist people up the slopes and also 20 kilometers (12 miles) of cross country ski trails.

Skiing, sledging and Air boarding statistics:

The Fideriser Heuberge ski resort offers the best experience in skiing, with slopes that suits the needs of every level of skier. The slopes are extremely well maintained and fraught with natural snow. The skiing slopes cover a total area of 13 kilometers (8 miles) which makes it optimal for trying out free riding, sledge runs and even ski tours. Air boarding which is the latest trending winter sport is also available in top fashion at this destination. All you have to do is get on your belly and ride the board by using your weight to shift directions. The resort staff will also light up the slope for you in the evening to give you an all round experience. Now let us have a quick look at the facilities they provide:

For beginners:
A total of 5 kilometers (approx. 3 miles) , which is about 38% of the total 13 kilometer (8 miles) of slope is available the kiers at the beginners level. This gives them the perfect opportunity to grasp all the basics of skiing since these slopes are relatively easy for those who haven’t skied before.

For intermediate:
For the skiers who have some experience and want push their skills a bit further, 7 kilometers (4.35 miles) which is about 54% of the total 13 kilometers, is provided. This gives them an even finer edge in practicing skiing, sledging and air boarding.

For experts:
Now for those who wish to take their skills in these winter sports to the next level and replenish their thirst for excitement, 1 kilometers (approx 0.62 miles) which is only 8% of the total 13 kilometers, is reserved specifically for them. These slopes and ski runs are designed especially to provide the pro with the adventure the need to further their skills and express their passion for the sport.
All the slopes available in this area are well-groomed and have snow throughout the year. The weather conditions are optimal and tourists flock to this ski resort village, every year. Besides skiing, air boarding is also a major highlight of this place.

Ski school:

If you think you don’t know how to ski and therefore, a ski resort is not the place for you, well you don’t have to worry about that because Fideriser Heuberge has its very own Ski school. Don’t let the urge of trying something new swing away just because you don’t know it. It’s never too late to learn something new and it’s even more fun to try out a new sport like skiing or air boarding. Feel the chill while you move smoothly down a white snowy hill, especially with your friends and family, nothing better than learning together. The ski school at the resort is working in close partnership with SAAS ski and snowboarding school. The instructors at the school offer to teach in either groups or individual lessons according to day, half a day or per hour basis. You get to learn a large range of sports from skiing, snowboarding, air boarding, and free riding and even snow shoe walking.

Ski lifts:

The ski lifts are prerogative to any ski resort predominantly as it the only means of for both upward and downward transport along the slopes for any skier. The ski resort of Fideriser Heuberge has total 3 T-bar lifts (a T –bar lift can carry around 4 people at a time) which can carry around 2700 passengers per hour. The total length of the lifts extends up to 3.1 kilometers (1.9 miles). The Gams T-bar lift has a length of 748 meters (2454 feet) and has a total carrying capacity of 1000 per hour, the Arflina lift lengths up to 1230 meters (4035 feet) and can carry around 900 people per hour and final the Heuberg-Marlargis lift is about 1120 meters (3674 feet) long and can carry at least 800 people per hour. At Fideriser Heuberge the lift tickets for adults cost 41$ (39 Euros) and for children it costs 27$ (26 Euros).

Accommodation and loging facilities:

The ski resort of FIderiser Heuberge provides you with not onlya sporting experience but also the perfect location for a refreshing family vacation experience at their cozy and comfortable lodging facilities. They ensure that your stay with them is the best experience, not only because of their homely rooms but also they give you the best view of the Alps, just imagine the view! 

Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Hotel Arflina: In order to provide a humble and cozy experience the rooms are decorated with fresh linen and towels are available in both double rooms and multi-bed rooms. Pets such as dogs receive a warm welcome at the hotel for only US$9 and you are even allowed to take him sledging with you. A standard room for two adults for a day costs around US$150.

Heuberge: It gives you a stunning view of the mountains and is equipped with all modern conveniences. It is one of the most preferred luxurious hotels of the area. A standard room for two adults for a day is priced around US$120.

So pack up and hurry because I am sure that a trip into these mountains is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and exceeds all our expectations of a perfect holiday. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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