Finally, France Comes to the Aid of Ski Resorts Answering the Losses Due to Climate Change-News

Posted On: 27 Feb 2020

With the warm winters melting down the snowy slopes, the ski resorts in France have no other option but to witness the damage it brings to their business. The unsettling warmness in the climate has robbed the slopes of mountains from the snow. This makes activities like skiing practically impossible. This has brought ski resorts towards heavy losses as they are losing customers.

France stands as one of the top destinations for ski resorts. The declining business of resorts will also bruise the economy of France. To prevent any further damage, the environment minister of France, Elisabeth Borne has stepped in to find a concrete solution to the persisting problem. Earlier this month, a ski resort in the Pyrenees was heavily berated for bringing down snow from the mountains in helicopters and spread it in their resort stations.

However, this brought the largely ignored issue to the forefront. Laurent Reynaud, the general delegate at Domianes Skiables De France has accepted the adverse effects that warm winters have brought to the business. He praises the move by Elisabeth Borne and believes the meetings on the issue could forge a way to tackle the problem.

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