The Ultimate Fun destination: Snow-space Flachau

Every region has its own winter. One place, where it snows and the other, where it is minimal or zero snowfall. The people who are so used to everyday snow do not find it any more fascinating. However, for the people who live in areas without any snow, the time of winter for them is recognized as the time when they lay chairs and tables in their backyard or veranda and just enjoy being under the warmth of the sun, sipping a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. However, isn’t it like a routine for a few months? If people who are used to snow can get tired of it, it is not wrong to think that some people just might yearn to spend at least a few days enjoying the snow, letting it fall on the skin and just get dazzled by the amount of chills that little snowflakes can give to the spine.

Traveling within your own country to several hill stations is great. However, traveling to another country is awesome! You get to see a whole new place with no familiarities. You experience a whole new culture which is an amazing feeling. Moreover, the best thing about traveling to a cold region in a foreign country is that it is totally out of routine. One such place that will give you the experience of your life is an everlasting memory, and you will have fantastic tales to share. One such place which is a remarkable destination to have a wonderful time of your life is the Snow space Flachau.

The snow heaven is situated in the middle of Salzburger Mountains, Austria and doesn’t fail to astound you with its amazing slopes and view. Prepare yourself for the dazzling ski areas of Flachau and never get bored because each day that you spend there will guarantee something new on your table.



About The Destination

Flachau Statistics

Base Elevation: 950 m

Summit Elevation: 1990 m

Vertical Drop: 1040 m

Flachau is a part of Salzburger Mountains in Austria. The place has an elevation of 3116 ft. (949.7 meters) – 6528 ft. (1989.7 meters). It has a total of 44 lifts: 11 Trams and Gondalas, 3 eight person lifts, 11 High-speed sixes, 2 High-speed quads, and 17 surface lifts. Snow Space Flachau is extremely famous for its well-groomed 150 hectares of pistes. It has 25 percent intermediate runs, 71 percent advanced runs and 4 percent expert runs. The pistes are further categorized into three levels: Light- 30km (18.6 miles), Average- 85km (52.8 miles) and Difficult- 5km (3.1 miles).


Why You Should Choose Snow Space Flachau?

Can you imagine all the things you can do if you are surrounded by gigantic mountains entirely covered with snow? Leaving behind your office, school, college or whatever you were occupied doing back home, will be the best decision of your life if you finally convince yourself to take a break and spend it here in Snow Space Flachau.

Its major attractions that will never let you get tired of endless snow are:

  • Excellent and safe lift technology for you to travel around and to take in the most of the view.
  • Offers slopes and runs for all levels of skiers. It does not matter if you are trying skiing for the first time or you are the one who is ambitious to become the next World Champion of Skiing, you will have your type of runs and slopes as per your comfort so that you never miss out on the amazing adventure.
  • There is snow guaranteed, literally everywhere. All thanks to the baffling snowmaking technology so that you never must wait to ski or snowboard.
  • Easily accessible ski areas for people to have a gala time on the slopes.
  • It stands firm as an attraction because of the modern cableway installations, cozy ski mountain lodges and ski bars which will give you both, peaceful and thrilling experience to add in your memory lane.



Skiing In Snow Space Flachau

The place is so vast, you can ski everywhere as per your level or expertise in skiing. The ever-lasting snow spreading throughout the region not just gives you a remarkable adventure but also a breath-taking view. You are surrounded by snow-capped peaks and the village at the bottom of the mountains, which also acts as a starting/ending point, will give you all the traditional vibe that there is.


Snowboarding In Snow Space Flachau

Along with a captivating view, the Snowboarding in Flachau will definitely make you feel younger and the young ones as pros. A number of snow parks and fun parks guarantee the best snowboarding experience for you. To get high on the adventure, you also get to try your skills on obstacles and half-pipes laid for you. All in all, a row of superb evenings awaits you here in Flachau.




Not everyone is a fan of sliding zig-zag down the slopes. Not everyone is the fan of getting kissed by the wind on their way down the snowy slopes. Some, just love the adrenaline rushing through their veins while they pull off tricks on good pipes, kickers and to test the limits of thrill they can handle on deep snow slopes.


Cross-Country Skiing

There is skiing. Moreover, then there is cross-country skiing. This is an entirely exotic experience, and you just can’t afford to skip it. With a surrounding area of 260 km (161.5 miles), you will have plenty of room to show-off your ski skills and have the ultimate fun. Reitdorf loop is recommended for all those who are pretty new to this sport. For those who are good at the cross-country skiing and can want to have the real fun, can always climb the Tauren loop which is about 60 km (37.2 miles).


Some of the cross-country tracks are:

  • Hochbifang cross-country skiing track which stretches up to 6.3 km (3.9 miles). (Moderate)
  • Flachauwinkl cross-country slope is stretching up to 17.5 km (10.8 miles). (Moderate)
  • Village cross-country ski track which stretches up to 4.1 km (2.54 miles). (Easy)
  • The Ennstal track is stretching up to 5.5 km (3.41 miles). (Easy)

Snow-Shoe Walking

What’s the best way to have a closer look at the view which others are looking at from a distance? Snow-shoeing! Not only is it a great exercise but it also gives you a “me” time, and if you are with the family, then this sport promotes some really healthy bonding hours. As you walk through the tracks, the last thing you should worry about is losing your way back. The tracks have signposts on almost every turn which offers a great deal of help to all the tourists who are visiting the snow space for the very first time. You will find several shops to get all that you need for your snow-shoeing venture.



Snow Parks And Fun Slopes

Not everyone had the privilege to live in a place surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains. Some of us are born in regions where the winter feels like just another windy day. So, it is obvious that some people may never even had the chance to get their feet in a skiing gear. Moreover, for those people, Flachau has fun slopes. These are for beginners and children.


The Snow Parks, on the other hand, are what offers you to indulge into skiing, snowboarding and freestyling with all the tracks and obstacles put in their respective places so that you can have one awesome time in the snow. The Snow Parks are for everyone. However, people who know what they are doing, appreciate the set-up of the space.


These two make sure that no matter what level you are at, you will have a great time during your stay.


Ice-Climbing In Flachau

We all love taking risks at some point in our lives. The tingling sensation running down our spine and a pounding heart in our chest tells us two things, either we are scared to death, or we are having the ultimate thrill of our entire life. When you are in Flachau, the latter takes control. Get all your gear ready and climb an icefall. If you are not a fan of such thrills, you must not try this sport. You must have a trainer who is going to accompany you through the climb.


Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides

If you are not a fan of snow-shoeing, don’t worry, no one’s going to judge you or tease you over the fact that you will miss out on some captivating views and a good peaceful time; because of you won’t. The best alternative and a light adventure of its own, horse-drawn sleigh rides is the best solution for you. Be it children, be it a young couple or the old, this surely will give you a great time as you ride through space and let all that beauty of the view sink in.


Things To Keep In Mind

  • Skiing or walking on pistes from 17:00hrs to 8:00 hours is forbidden. You must not be there during this time-period as if there were to happen any adverse consequences; the lift operator will not be held responsible for it.
  • 400 free Wi-Fi hotspots are all set for you to access the internet
  • The rate of ski passes vary on four bases : Day tickets, Multi-day passes, Season passes and junior weekend discount.

Right from skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing and a wide range of other snow activities, Flachau is the perfect winter destination to escape the monotony of daily routine lives. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and visit Flachau with your family and friends this winters, and enjoy yourselves to the fullest! Have fun!

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