Let’s Make Winter Holidays Phenomenal

Winters are here, the most awaited season of the year is finally back. Everyone is excited about winters. The warm blankets, the hot coffee, the hot fireplace, the classic novel and last but not the least is the freaking, funky holidays. The chilly winds and long sweaters make the winter season more lovely and exciting. However, some of you might find it dull and boring. For them, it is miserable, depressing, and dreary. The white blanket of snow cover every hilltop, for dome white is upset, but then for some this white, this snow is peace, rather life. So, don’t think winters are a waste, make them worth this time, by planning a good trip to skiing in Austria.

Skiing is a popular and famous winter sport. Very common and appealing to the youth. Moreover, the most interesting thing is that you do not have to go very isolated place to feel the prettiness of winters. You just have to book a flight to Austria. Flattnitz offers you exactly what you desire. This coolest resort is located in Carinthia, Austria. You can relish your season with this happening place. They are here to provide you the best that they have. They are here to bring back the hidden musketeer in you. Come to Flattnitz; they will make your winters happening and catastrophic.



Flattnitz: A Promising Resort

Flattnitz Statistics

Base Elevation: 1400 m

Summit Elevation: 1860 m

Vertical Drop: 460 m

Austria is a federal republic and a landlocked country, famous for its roman architecture. A German-speaking country in Europe, distinguished by baroque architecture, mountain villages, rugged Alpine terrain and Imperial history. Vienna, the beautiful capital, is worth thousands of sacrifices. Northern Bohemian Forest, Traunsee Lake, and eastern hillside vineyards are all the hallmark places of this mesmerizing and astounding country. Austria is no less than any dream destination. Flattnitz is one of the most alluring cities in the world specifically in winters.

Flattnitz is one of the unbeatable skiing resort of Austria. Exactly situated at 9346 Flattnitz, Austria. The resort is ranked no. 1 among all the ski resorts in Austria. Moreover, will definitely bring out the funny, loving, freaky, spunky guy hidden somewhere inside you. They provide you with so spectacular facilities like summer hiking, accommodation and cross-country races.


The Atypical Qualities Of Flattnitz

At a peak elevation of 2,441 ft. and a base elevation of 1,460 ft., Flattnitz is here to take to a whole new level of thrilling experience. A total number of 4 lifts to make the experience of skiing or snowboarding menace-free for you! With other facilities like sledding, seasonal discounts, cross-country races, summer activities like hiking along with winter blast. This place is like art, which you will continue to adore till the end.

Flattnitz receives a snowfall of 30 cm in the mountains as well as in valley region. Almost 60% of skiers take intermediate runs while 10% are beginners and 30% are the advance.

Summer hiking and winter hiking trails along with tennis facilities are the hallmark of this place.




Qualities one can look for:

Flattnitz is here to give you the best experience in skiing. They provide you with the most spectacular and mind-boggling skiing, curling and winter hiking. They have light powder snow and strange tiny crystals glisten cheerfully in the sun. They are higher, a little drier and a quite sunnier. They have a fantastic terrain park, and our staff is famous for its hospitality.


Snowboarding and skiing are received more actively by everyone. But not everyone can have accessories that is why they provide you rental shops so that there is no hurdle to the happiest experience of your vacations. Snowboards, skis and snow boots – everything is on offer to make an easy access to you joyful experience at the resort. Not just the rental shop, they provide you with a proper training session from experts.


Not all of us know how to ski, that is why they bring you daily lessons from the most skilled and experienced agents. Not only this they offer private lesson also for those who need special attention and wants to pursue in skiing, and we also have a special session for kids of 3 to 12 years. Kids are best learns, start grooming your child from the beginning only. The offer all of this at a very pocket-friendly price.


Flattnitz is an ideal place to hang out with your gang. Whether friends or family, they offer special group discounts not only on tickets but rental equipment also. You have to make arrangements before your visit so that they can also prepare themselves to provide you with the best that they have. They have a family pass which is also designed to get you and your family skiing experience in a way that won’t be too heave on your pocket.


They offer senior citizen offers that are very friendly. So age is now no more a limit. Because Flattnitz has removed all the hurdles.


They provide you with the best of all time. They provide you with four different Lodge, which within themselves offer a luxurious way of life in their own terms. The comfort of first-class service and amenities is here to please everyone. Reconnect with you family or friends or spare time in solitude. The place is perfect for both. With infinite activities that they provide, they offer truly the best place for your vacations.


After you are set in and done with skiing, you must be very hungry and craving; Flattnitz serves you with world class cuisine. They have a wide range of hotels offering an extensive variety of food that will delight your taste buds. The world class food is best tasted with some amazing drinking, which is also available here.


Cross-Country skiing is another rare feature of Flattnitz. A 15 km of double track Sonnenloipe will delight cross-country skiers. Sledding, ice skating and curling round off the facilities provided. A life=timing experience but only for trained people.



Summer Special

The environment is still intact and the holiday season is continued. The beautiful gardens and flower valley marks the ‘dream vacations,’ and this vacation gets a new dimension. Where the word “tourism” is not really existing and replaced by the word and meaning of “hospitality,” the recreation seekers get involved in and makes the days light-hearted and enjoyable.


The summer here offers you with a lot of activities from tennis to fishing to hiking. Not just this they also provide you with beach volleyball, inline skating and cycle paths. The most interesting and impressive part is the rental shop for all the activities, whether it is hiking or cycling, they will give you everything to make your trip easier.


And, last but not the least they also provide lessons in riding, which make it much more attractive even to those who does not like an adventure. Now you can just learn and take full part in what you love doing the most.


Skiing gives you the energy to deal with the nuisance of life. Hence, it is the best activity for all the peace seekers. The ones who love to travel and meet new people, skiing, can be a potential option. Skiing is not only for adventure seekers, but it can be one’s potential career. The field of sports has a very vast scope in future. Moreover, skiing being a new one has a far way to go.


Flattnitz offers you exactly what you want. Once you are with here, you will forget everything, but just the snowy mountain will revolve in your head. Your heart will be filled with desires of joy. Moreover, what is the most amazing thing? The memories you will make will last long forever. So that you get old, you can use you can narrate long tales of your daring and bold experience in your primes. Telling tales to strangers and your grandchildren too will bring a kind of relief and joy that no one can. Don’t think again just book away with Flattnitz.

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