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When winter is knocking at the door, every person in the family is busy talking about which place they are going to visit this winter. The busy schedule, hectic work life often leaves us with no time for ourselves. The only way is to plan a vacation to enjoy some peaceful and memorable moments. Winter season is the most beautiful time of the year as it brings with it Santa Clause and New Year Eve’s lighting and decorating up the city like a twilight sky. Winter is truly a fun time of the year - so put on your boots, pack up your bags, shift the gear of your car and go on a memorable journey.
While planning up to the winter vacations one idea that clicks one’s mind instantly is snow,
snowman, skiing, snowboarding etc. leaving your mouth watery. Although there are many places to visit in winters but one should decide to visit Flumserberg once in their life as it would put the value of Swiss Franc you have invested on your trip and it would be the most amazing vacation on your list of tours. So, you should not miss the boat.

About Flumserberg

Flumserberg is a resort in Swiss Alps, located in the canton of St. Gallen, which is composed of villages at an elevation of 1160 meters (3805 ft.) and 1344 meters (4409 ft.). It is a family-friendly resort which offers a number of attractions for children too. It is the biggest winter sports area in eastern Switzerland. One of the top attractions of Flumserberg is Tectonic Arena Sardona (Eastern Switzerland). Flumserberg is described as a wonderland of snow and also as the largest winter sports destination between Zurich and Chur. The depth of snow there is 60 cm (23 inches) and 50 cm (19 inches) in the resort, and the snow condition is spring snow. It offers pure zest for life!

Activities and events:

Flumserberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 665 m

Summit Elevation: 2222 m

Vertical Drop: 1557 m

No place is completed until and unless it offers you games, festivals, same is the case with Flumserberg.  It offers a number of interesting and full of fun activities like sledging, snowshoe hiking, night riding etc. For snowboarders, there are fun parks and a half-pipe. Prodalp is known for its cross-country trails of 18 km (11.185 miles) for all cross country skiers.  For even more fun, there is Fun Park, the real park which offers a number of thrilling activities, is a highlight of the resort. 
The world of sled dogs will surely leave all the dog lovers tickled pink. Not only this, Have you ever thought about a day just for the boys? No? Then visit Flumserberg, Men’s day is one of the most accepted events there.  On this day all the action and sports programs are offered, especially for men, obviously. This very day is well planned and all the details are provided regarding the winter snow sports day so that all the participants can have unlimited fun.

Fasnacht (carnival) adds a feather to the cap of Flumserberg. People wait for this event all the year held from “Schmutziger Donnerstag (“Dirty Thursday”) through to Ash Wednesday. This festival is described as a traditional festival in the Sargans region. There is no admission fee in this carnival as it distributes free passes to the people who are dressed up in costumes and all the people who are well dressed can enjoy Flumserberg’s cable cars and lifts free. Above all, there are parties held in this festival and various carnival bands can be heard in every restaurant, every hut, leaving you freak out. The ski and snowboard school there organizes a costume contest every “dirty Thursday”. Awards are given on the basis of the funniest and the most original costume. 

Next famous event is Alpine Cheese Market and Cows Race, a cheese market where the cheese is distributed as samples and people buy it from the most decorated stalls. For fun loving people, this mountain festival and the cow race is incomparable. The people participating in the event of cow race bet on their favorite cow. The cows are beautifully presented and the riders of those cows are first of all introduced to the crowd and then bell ringers there will signal the start the race in their traditional way. The fastest cow wins and is awarded a prize.

Snow-How for everybody!

One cannot step into the snow until he/she has no access to its know-how so, for a safe and injury less, risk-free vacation, there are many schools which provide you instructions regarding the activities you are interested in.  The team of instructors helps you enjoy in any snow condition. They guide all the snow lovers in the simplest way which helps them to be an expert in snow activities. There are more arrangements of groups’ lesson to schools or clubs as a group. All the groups are divided on the basis of the activity one has to learn, whether it is carving or races or Snow Park, in brief, and unlimited snow sports. The school charges different prices to different groups on the basis of time. 

The timings of the groups are for morning 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon and then in afternoon it is 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. and last one is for all day i.e. for 5 hours a day, the charges are 290.00 CHF, 270.00 CHF, and 470.00 CHF respectively.  The instructions given by the team depend on your level of expertise. Like if it is for beginners they teach all the basic directions related to skies and snow, and if it is for advanced they will teach them some steps and tricks those related to turns, traversing, all about changing the directions and to the end, for experts they teach all the jumps or carved parallel turns. 


In most of the hotels, the facility for children is paramount. The number of hotels and restaurants offer playrooms for children and a friendly environment. Different hotels offer different special packages like a weekend special, mid-week special and lot more. Some of them also offer packages that may include ski passes with it. Like if the package is weekend special then they, may offer 2 nights stay at the hotel i.e. from Friday to Sunday including the ski passes for Saturday and Sunday and if it is mid-week special then they may offer as many as night stay as the tourist wish whether it is for 2, 3, or 4 days and also include the ski passes charges with it for the same days of the stay. The most common charges there demanded are CHF 184.00 per person; else it depends on the hotel or number of stays there.


For the convenience of the visitors in Flumserberg, it provides the facilities of lifts, so that people can move from one place to another easily. The mountain has access to 17 lifts and all of them are operating. On an average, the number of lifts in Flumserberg is more as compared to other ski resorts. 

Flumserberg has 65 acres of skiable area and the mountain has 3353 feet vertical area from base to peak. The resort offers various activities like skiing and Terrain Park. Division of trails is done on the level of expertise one owns i.e. beginner trails, intermediate trails, advanced trails and expert trails.  The longest run in the mountain is 4828 meters (15,839 ft.) that would take you 12 minutes to ski down. The trails are 65 km (40.389 miles) total, out of which 10 are easy, 38 are intermediate and 17 are an expert. The prices of tickets vary from adult to children 

 All these and what not, Flumserberg proves to be a favorite destination for family-friendly winter vacations. The part which differentiates it from other destinations is the services which it provides for the children, related to games in the resorts and food in the restaurants. Flumserberg takes you to a peaceful life, shows you nature at its best, and offers snow adventures and a memorable vacation for a wholesome time at the resort. Now, when the pin to plane information is available, one can plan a hassle free vacation. So, one should go the extra mile and add an adventurous vacation to their schedule this winter. Have fun!

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