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Snow Much Fun- Fontanella - Faschina Ski Resort

Ah it’s the season of snow! The cosy atmosphere prevailing during the winters make all things extra special and joyous. We see children playing in the snow for endless hours, building a snowman or an Eskimo hut and spending their holidays involving in all sorts of outdoor activities. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tobogganing, ice skating- these are all the activities which makes our winters each year so memorable. The season begins with the oncoming of holidays and festivals such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve and we find ourselves amidst family and friends having a gala time together and making memories for our future inspirations. Of course, the prospect of taking a vacation is also something which a lot of people enjoy because come on, it’s the only time of the year when you get a long deserved break from the monotony of life. So winters are all about creating memories and having fun!

A vacation seems like a good idea to rewind and relax while you are frolicking around the mountains and chilling (I mean, literally) in that awesome weather. Imagine the beauty that you get to witness as you open your eyes to see the snowy mountains glistening in the sunlight and skiers and snowboarders whoosh down the slopes forming freshly covered tracks. Located at Faschina 104, 6733 Fontanella, Austria, the Fontanella-Faschina Ski Resort is an extremely reputed ski resort and a common favorite amongst tourists, residents, visitors and guests alike. The country of Austria is in itself a sight to behold, and resort situated at such an exclusive region of Fontanella is every traveller’s paradise. The resort is suitable for families, couples and friends alike. It is an amazing destination for every vacationer who is looking for some peace and quiets away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.



Resort Details

Fontanella Faschina Statistics

Base Elevation: 1486 m

Summit Elevation: 2000 m

Vertical Drop: 414 m

The Fontanella Faschina ski resort is perched at an elevation of 400 meters (1312 feet) at the vertical drop, 1900 meters (6234 feet) at the highest lift and 1500 meters (4921 feet) being the resort altitude. According to a much more accurate statistic, the resort is situated between the altitudes of 1450 meters (4757 feet) and 1980 meters (6496 feet). The Fontanella-Faschina ski resort takes pride of its lifts and cable cars which are active since 60 years and recent technological upgrades helped to build the quad chair which is an additional feature of this resort.


Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

The Fontanella-Faschina ski resort offers ski slopes and trails which are apt for every level of skier and accommodates the needs and requirements of all its guests and tourists. There is a total of 14 kilometers (approx. 9 miles) of ski slopes, 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) of downhill trails and 15 kilometers of Cross-country ski slopes. Here’s a look at the skiing and snowboarding facilities available at this resort.

For Beginners: A total of 9 kilometers (approx. 6 miles) of slopes and runs are allotted for skiers at the beginner or amateur level. Such trails and slopes are of a relatively easy standard and help the new skiers learn the sport appropriately and with the necessary ease.

For Intermediates: Out of the total 14 kilometers, 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) are provided for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. These ski runs and slopes are suited to the likes of intermediate skiers who wish to develop their skill and aptitude with respect to this winter sport.

For Experts: From the total 14 kilometers, 3 kilometers (approx. 2 miles) are reserved for the privileged use of expert skiers and snowboarders. Such trails and ski runs are specifically designed to provide that much-needed thrill and rush of adrenaline to the pros who are adept at handling the dangerous twists and curves available in these trails.

All the trails and slopes provided at this resort boasts of perfect weather and snow conditions to facilitate both the sports of skiing and snowboarding. Cross country skiing is also a featured highlight of this resort as you experience the expansive grounds of specially groomed and prepared ski runs and slopes for magical cross country skiing.



Learn to ski

Visiting a ski resort and don’t know how to ski? Not to worry my friends! The Fontanella-Faschina ski resort organizes special lessons for all those non-skiers who are willing to give it a try. Recreational activities such as skiing and snowboarding make you feel alive as you descend down the slopes with utmost speed and thrill. You can opt for group courses and lessons which will give you that competitive edge and excitement as you learn this sport or you can avail the private lessons which will focus on strengthening your ability to grasp this form of winter sport. Group courses of adults for 4 days cost 232 Euros and for children cost 203 Euros. 1 day private ski lessons cost 250 Euros, 2 days private ski lessons cost 500 Euros, 4 days private ski lessons cost 1000 Euros. 1 day private snowboard lessons cost 250 Euros, 2 day private snowboard lessons cost 500 Euros, 4 day private snowboard lessons cost 1000 Euros, and 5 days private snowboard lessons cost 1,250 Euros. You can opt for one of these lessons and ensure that you are well adept with skiing before you go down the slopes.


Ski Lifts

Ski lifts are a vital part of any ski resort as these will help you to travel up and down the slopes conveniently and efficiently. The Fontanella-Faschina ski resort provides a wide range of 4 ski lifts which have a total capacity of carrying 4750 passengers per hour, and the total lift distance is around 3.6 kilometers (approx. 2.2 miles). There are two chair lifts, one carrying four persons at a time and the other carrying 2 persons at a time, a T-Bar lift and a J-Bar lift. At Fontanella-Faschina ski resort, lift ticket prices for adults cost $43 (approx. 41 Euros) and for children cost $27 (25.47 Euros).



Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

The Fontanella-Faschina ski resort is located in a fantastic location which also presents superior hotel and lodging facilities around the area. These lodges and apartments are a stone’s throw away from the resort and provide a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Such hotels are also in the vicinity of towns and cities which would be readily available for any of your requirements. Take a look!

Hotel Roessle: The Hotel Roessle offers accommodation and lodging facilities bringing in the essence of Austrian hospitality and cultural significance. It has all the modern amenities of free Wi-Fi, multi-cuisine restaurants, playground for children, accommodation of pets, garage parking and beautifully decorated and cozy rooms. Standard rooms for 2 persons per night cost 376 Euros.

Pension Madrisa: Pension Madrisa is essentially an apartment cum guest house and lodge which provides a homely atmosphere for all its guests and tourists. This hotel is best suited for families and large groups who come to spend their days and enjoy in the lap of nature. There is a sauna available, a ski storage room, a drying room, parking space and free Wi-Fi. Standard rooms at this hotel start at an average range of 80 Euros per person per night.

Therefore, you can go for an accommodation type of your choice and enjoy your stay at the resort with your family and friends.

Now that you know all the nitty gritty details about vacationing in the beautiful land of Austria, it’s time to book the flights and hotels and start packing your bags as you will be departing for the ethereal abode of the Austrian valleys and mountains. Because with endless fun on offer, not visiting this amazing ski resort will not be a good idea. So pack your bags and head out for this amazing ski resort with your near and dear ones and make the most of the ongoing winters. Have fun!

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