France Braces for Another Wave of Strike from Ski Resort Workers-News

Posted On: 28 Feb 2020

Problems just don't seem to leave the ski resorts in France. After the warm winters completely ruined the business, now they face another issue coming from their workers. Ski resort employees had gone on a nationwide strike on 15th. This greatly disturbed the service balance of the ski resorts. The customers too suffered inconvenience due to the strike. While the resorts are trying to recuperate from the damage, the trade unions have called for another strike.

The root cause of the worker’s agitation is the new law on the unemployment benefits system introduced by the French government. As against the earlier system where a seasonal worker had to work for 4 months to claim the benefits, now they have to work for 6 months. This has been considered as farce and arbitrary by the trade unions and seasonal works alike.

The second strike is going to hit France on 24th February. This certainly comes off as very bad news for the ski resorts who might have to close down their unit for the day. The first wave of strike hit many parts of France with workers marching the streets in a display of protest against the new changes in the unemployment system.

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